Tammy and Dave


"hey dave, do you know where my blue tank top is?"
the beautiful brown haired, blue eyed girl yelled down the stairs
" yeah, its in the bathroom, you took it off before your shower remember?"
"oh yeah"
tammy came out of her room and darted into the bathroom to retrieve her blue shirt. . . dave loved these moments, his sister had beautiful full D cup breasts, and whenever she would forget her shirts in her bathroom she would either run or walk across, and no matter what, her breasts bounced in there lacy confine. dave almost always got a hardon after watching this, even though he never though of tammy as a sex object, her hot body could not be beat.
"thanks bro!"
tammy said as she went out the door with her boyfriend Kal, dave and tammy were brother and sister and when they turned 18, they got an house together because they were going to the same college. well it was summer so it didnt matter that tammy was leaving the house at 10 oclock in the night to go have a midnight fuck session with kal. Dave went into the living room and he pulled a blanket over him and put in one of his porn movies, and before he knew it he was asleep. but he heard a door open and shut and he knew tammy was home. as she walked up, he pretended to be asleep and as he looked at her he couldnt help but think that she was only in her bra and skirt. he looked closer, and his assumption was correct. all she was wearing was her black bra, and her black mini skirt. the hard on he had had before while watching the movie was apparently still there and it grew as he looked at his sister. he had never thought of tammy as a sex object, but as he watched her, his body knew that he had to fuck her. he closed his eyes again as she looked his way. .

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   he was totally embaressed because he knew his dick was creating a very interesting tent under the blanket. then dave felt her presence closer to him and then he felt the cover being drawn back. he didnt know why she was doing this, but he knew one thing, she knew if dave was asleep, it took alot for him to be awoken. dave felt her hand slide from his black hair down his 6 pack stomach and end right on his hard on. she started to move her hand up and down it, something in daves mind told him that was she was doing was morally wrong, but another part of him said," she is a fucking hot bitch, fuck her pussy!" dave then felt his sisters lips on his dick, as she started going down on him, he forgot that he was supposed to be asleep and moved his hands to her head and started to push it down on him more.
"uhhh" he groaned aloud as he felt his dick being deep throated by his sister.
he came into her throat, and she swallowed every spurt. then she looked him in the eyes.
"youre still horny after having a four hour fuck session with kal?"
dave said to break the silence "kals parents decided to make a drop by, at the worst moment, i was about to climax" "that sucks" "ahh, you still dont seem like you are going down" "thats cause you are still bent over me, wearing a bra and a skirt, its bound to happen" tammy looked as if she was going to get up and leave, but all she did was bend backwards and reach her arms behind her and slowly start to take off her bra. when they were finally released and dave saw them in there full glory, he couldnt believe how fast his already hard hardon, got harder. then tammy stood up and turned around and started to slowly take her skirt down. it dropped to the ground and dave felt his body wanting to cum so bad over her sexy body, she wasnt wearing any panties, so her bare ass shown out. then she turned around and dave was faced to his sisters sexy shaved pussy. dave took the covers off of the rest of his body and got up. He stood infront of tammy.

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   "lay down, my tits are just dying for a good fucking" dave got on the floor in record time and waited for his beautiful sister to put her tits around his dick. when she did, it felt soo good. her D sized cups squeezed it so tight. she started beating up and down on it. and in no time dave was moaning. . "oh tammy. . . tammy. . . thats it. . titty fuck my dick.

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  . " and a minute afterward, tammy stuck her head down on the head of his dick and started to suck as she rubbed up and down. that was too much for dave. he spurted 5 times, 2 went into tammy's mouth but the other three landed on her boobs, and back on his dick, tammy started rubbing it together along with her still titty fucking him. the feeling made dave cum again. tammy got off and went into her room. when she came out, she was holding a pair of hand cuffs. the look on daves face was priceless, " i saw your officer outfit and thought maybe you could play nakie officer with me" dave took the handcuffs and picked tammy up with ease, she was light, she only weighted 130 pounds and most of her was muscle. and plus dave worked out. as he was carrying her, tammy started to play with his brown locks, he looked down at the girl replica of himself. this was going to be a night of the best fucking anyone could experience. dave threw her onto the bed. and climbed on top of her and started to hook her up to the bed post. she laid there. .

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   dave stood up and looked at his prize sister. she looked so hot with her brown hair stretched across the pillow and her hands cuffed up on the bedpost. "spread your legs" "dave" he was suprised at her saying his name so soon into the love making but he looked up "eat me out, and spare me no mercy" he didnt take another second to think about it. he put his tongue between his sisters legs and started to suck on her clit while he put two fingers in her pussy, then he started to lick up and down on her cunt. all the way from her pussy lips to her crack and back up again. she started to have an orgasm. and dave loved it, she screamed so much "shit dave!!! she started screaming instantly, " dave fuck me!" he pounded her so hard, he could hear his balls slapping against her sexy bottom. he started grunting as he started cumming," OH FUCK" they werent done yet. dave un did the cuffs and made tammy climb on top of him and she started riding his still hard cock until he came, and then she got up and started sucking her pussy juices off of his now limp shaft. After she was done, she fell down next to him. "dave, im so happy we live together. . . "

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