Texas Heat Part 1


  It was the middle of July, and hot.   Jen sat out on the front porch of her grandmother's house in south-west Texas and tugged at the top of her tank top, trying and ventilate some of the sticky, humid air.   She sighed and shook her head briskly, sending her blonde ponytail and about half a gallon of sweat flying.   Even the crack of her ass was sweating, a new, and extremely unpleasant, sensation that made her want to change out of her cut-off jeans and white cotton panties every five minutes.   She had come out her on the invitation of her grandparents, who wanted her to attend the annual family reunion.   At the time it had sounded like fun, a chance to get to know relations whom she had never known existed, make some new friends, and possibly get laid by a hot cowboy.   How wrong she had been dawned on her the moment she stepped off the plane in Fort Worth.   Having lived in Wisconsin her entire life, Jen was used to summer weather around 70, maybe 80 degrees at the highest, so when she set foot outside into the 110 degree sauna that was a Texas mid afternoon, she swooned.   Half an hour in the airport medical office, where she was treated with a cup of Gatorade and a damp towel, was enough to bring her back to some semblance of life.   As she met her grandparents for the car ride to their house, she swore that after this trip she would never again travel any further south than Racine. . . maybe not even past Fon du Lac.   The reunion itself was a disaster.   Most of the relatives who showed were either dusty old relics or middle aged couples with gobs of screaming, roughhousing kids.   She spent almost the entire time tucked away in the corner listening to grumpy old Aunt Agnes complain about her raging case of piles.

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   Jen was somewhat interested until Uncle Roy mentioned that piles was just an old word for hemorrhoids.   After excusing herself as quickly and politely as possible, she spent the rest of the day wandering around trying to avoid packs of howling eight-year-olds.   And that brought her to the here and now, sweating in the late July heat.   She stood; ready to go back inside where the ceiling fans made things at least marginally cooler, when she heard a car pulling into the gravel driveway that led to the house.   Curious, she stayed to see who it might be.   A minute later, a huge, black van pulled up.   The doors opened, and out poured the largest family Jen had ever seen, a middle-aged man and woman, whom she would later learn were her aunt and uncle, twice removed, six kids ranging from three to eleven, and one girl her own age.   All of the girls had flaming red hair, including the eldest, who wore a grey halter and bicycle shorts that showed off every inch of her marvelous physique.   Jen felt a twinge of jealousy at this gorgeous young woman who could attract men just by walking past.     A little later, after the introductions were made, Jen felt a little ashamed of her jealousy.   Michelle, it turned out, was smart, friendly, and extremely bubbly, and soon they were close friends.   She explained the reason they hadn't been at the reunion was that the family van had broken down on the way, and it had taken most of the day to fix the problem.   They had decided to travel the rest of the way anyway, just to visit with grandma and stay the night before the long ride home in the morning.   That evening, as sleeping arrangements were made, Jen learned that she would be sharing a bed with one of her cousins because the vast number of people had overflowed the two-story’s three bedrooms.   It was then that Michelle suggested she and Jen could share the bed in their grandmother's old camper-trailer, and Jen jumped at the idea.

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    The two of them could have an old fashioned slumber party together, just two new friends gossiping the night away.   -End of part one. . .

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