The Adventures of Michael Tekal : Part II


The Adventures of Michael Tekal.
II. First Time With Sister
I never intended when I was younger to have a relationship with my sister. I never even thought about it until it happened actually, it was totally unexpected. But this started my incestious relationship with my entier family (only the women) and I soon learned how wild my sister could be.
It actually started on one day when my mother had to go to work, I was dateless because my girlfriend was out of time on a cheerleading trip, and my father is in the military so he was in Iraq during this period. It all started with VH1 believe it or not. . . .
"Bye mom!" I kissed my moms cheek as she stood up from the couch in her shrubs and waved to my Sister on the top of the staircase and walked outside teh door. As soon as the door closed I turned back up the volume of my television in the living room as I watched VH1. . . There was a concert of the White Stripes on live at Blackpool, London. It was pretty good.

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  . .
As soon as the concert ended I heard my sister's hairdryer. I hadn't talked to her in awhile so I walked up the staircases and into her room, which was across from mine. She was clothed, in jeans and a tanktop, drying her blonde, long hair over her sink in the bathroom we shared. My sister is pretty attractive she has D cupped breasts, a slim form, a nice bubble-butt, long blond hair, green eyes, and tanned skin. Her hair style was feathered and she was wearing little make-up, just lipstick, mascara, and some blush.
"Hey Alexis. " I said as I walked inside her room, she turned to look at me and smiled. "Hey Mikey, no date tonight?" My girlfriend was out of town, like I said previously, "Nope. . . what about you?" She shook her head as she turned off her dryer.
I didn't know what really to talk about because it was pretty bland between me and her, but we hung out a lot. I walked to her dresser and saw a romance novel.

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   "Woah. . . what's this. . . Illicit Sins? Alex why are you reading this?" She blushed and snatched the book, "It's interesting, aight?" I snatched it back and turned to a random page reading, "Johnny slowly slipped the pink niple inside his mouth and rolled it with his tongue. . . " She tried to grab it again, and she hopped on my back trying to reach it from me.
I smiled and threw her down on the queen bed she had as she hit me, I pinned her down and she began fighting back. I began to pinch her love-handles and she started to squirm, and laughing histerically. While doing so, as I was pinned ontop of her, she in one point rubbed the crotch of her jeans up against my crotch and I became half-limp, half-hard. I paused and then thought nothing of it but then fighting back and worth she pressed her large breasts against my chest.
She paused as I fell silent.

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   She was still smiling from laughter but soon her mouth ceased and became relaxed, my penis was almost fully erect against my jeans , but tilted down. I always hated wearing jeans when I had an erection,, especially since I was abnormally large for my age, 16 and 8 1/2. I've always been 8 and a half though, since I was fourteen.
It seemed like forever that we just stayed still but then she ignored it and started to fight back again, I began clippin' her sides once more and my hand slipped up her shirt against her bear nipple (she wasn't wearing a bra). . . I began to rotate my hand, rubbing the side of her breasts and she moaned. . . Woah. . . this was kind of weird.
"I'm. .

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  . " I began pulling my hand out, "uh. . . um. . . so-" She interrupted my by leaning up and brushing her lips against mine. This was a bit sinful not because incest, but because she had broken up with her boyfriend the previous day and I was essentially her rebound.
I didn't think much of it at the time though, I tilted my head and kissed her back, massaging her tongue with my own. A small moan escaped her lips as my hand slipped down her pants slipping against her slit.
After a few minutes of making out and fingering her she broke the kiss. She smiled and pulled off my pants, as hers were already half-off because of my hand down them. I kicked off the rest of my pants as she pulled hers off, I leaned forward and removed my shirt quickly, as the cloth flew over my head I noticed hers was off faster then myne.
This was my perfect view, though I never realized until then.

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   She straddled me, and all I saw was the bed, her room, and her nakedness sitting on my cock looking into my eyes with lust. We didn't even speak, just let nature take over.
I quickly flipped her over to wear she was on her back of the bed quilt and spread her legs wider, she was extremely flexible do to cheerleading. She was on JV cheerleading though, while my girlfriend was on Varsity.
As her legs spread I bent them forward to where her knees bent and were up against her shoulders, well a little to the left and right of them. I pushed my 8 and a half cock inside her of her as she moaned, I apparently wasn't her first. This didn't bother me though.
I began to pump myself in and out of her as she laid back moaning and grunting, jirating her hips to the motion of my dick thrusting inside of her. Her tan body was so shiny and slick from the sweat in the room. It felt like a a hundred degrees. As she moaned I grunted a few times myself.
Her snatch felt like velvet, and was extremely wet with my cock getting mixed in her juices. A wave of her cum squirted over my cock and out of her snatch, but I wasn't close yet.
She moaned loudly again and grabbed my finger sticking it into her mouth and began to suck it, humming, "Mmm. .

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  . " My breath was getting very heavy as sweat poured from our skins, rubbing against each other. I pulled my finger out of her mouth and began to suck on her soft, pink nipples as she grunted in pleasure. I didn't stop thrusting though. She moaned deep once again as I was almost reaching my peak.
My cock ripped through her flesh, stretching her cunt as I gave one magnum thrust, and began to shoot my load, but I didn't stop pumping. I kept on thrusting inside of her as I jizzed inside my own sister. She leaned back arching her back in pleasure as another orgasm hit her, her jism spilling all over my dick still inside of her.
She pulled herself from me and just panted, I grinned and laid down next to her. Why didn't I do this sooner? I have no idea. But this was the start of a great relationship between brother and sister.
(( I hope you enjoyed it I have a entire series written about Michael, whom is formally based upon me, with his relations at school - at with his family ;). anyways look for more on the series! ))