The Babysitter Lesson


Stacy was a big girl, they kind of female you don't mess with. She looked like a body builder, dressed in tight black leather jeans, tall, with a very firm muscular figure. As soon as the adults left, Stacy laid down the law to Chad and Jenny. She told them there would be absolutely no fighting, arguing, or any other type of negative activity permitted. If they got out of hand just once they would have to face the consequences. Chad and Jenny saw the seriousness of Stacy, and tried to control their tempers. But after only 5 minutes of silence, they were back to their ways. Stacy calmly walked over to the bag she had brought with her. Out from the bag, Stacy pulled a 8' long black leather bull whip. Without muttering a word to Chad and Jenny, she lifted the whip into the air, swiftly and skillfully she snapped it causing a loud crack. Immediately Chad & Stacy stopped and looked with fright at Stacy. "I gave you your chance!" Stacy said boldly, "now I'm going to teach you how to get along!"Stacy commanded Chad and Jenny down the hall and into Bob and Carol's bedroom. To scared to disobey, they followed her command. Once in the bedroom, Stacy threw her bag to Chad and told him to empty the contents onto the bed. Obediently he followed her directions. "Jenny, lay on the bed, face up!" Stacy demanded.

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   Jenny, not knowing what was happening, tried to resist and headed for the door. One huge crack of the giant whip convinced her she better listen. Jenny tearfully laid out on the bed as ordered. "Chad, grab those leather straps and tie your sister's hands and feet to the bedposts!" Stacy barked. Chad, who was scared shitless, did as she ordered. Jenny was now balling like a baby. "I promise I won't argue with Chad anymore Stacy, please don't hurt me" she cried. "You haven't learned anything yet, shut up and just lay there you little bitch", Stacy snapped back. "Chad, tape your sister's mouth shut with that duct tape, that'll keep the little cunt quiet!" she said angrily. Chad carefully placed a big piece of tape over his sister's mouth and proceeded to tie her to the bed. "I want her legs spread wide!" Stacy yelled, "and make sure the straps are tight!" Chad did as he was told. "If you hurt my sister, I'll kill you!!" Chad fired at Stacy, "wait till we tell our parents, you spend the rest of your life in jail!!". Stacy cracked her whip, catching Chad on his ass. It hurt like hell, he immediately backed off. Chad figured he better just keep quiet and listen to get this over with.

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   He would call the police on Stacy himself later. Jenny was squirming to get out of her bondage to no avail. Chad had tied her too tightly. Tears were flowing like a river from her eyes, her muffled cries going unanswered. No one could hear her, no one was going to come to her rescue. She was at Stacy's mercy. "Pick up the scissors", Stacy told Chad, "cut off your sister's blouse!". Chad did as commanded. "Now cut off her shorts!" said Stacy. Chad started to ask why but was quickly put back in his place with a crack of the whip. "Rip off her bra and panties!!!" he was again ordered. Chad carefully did as he was told. Jenny was now completely naked, her large firm breasts and soft furry pussy fully exposed to her brother. Jenny just sobbed helplessly. "Go and suck on your sister's big tits!" Stacy demanded, "and rub her pussy until I tell you to stop!"Chad, scared by the situation, was obedient to his aggressor.

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   He was however, becoming aroused at the same time. Sucking on his big sister's gorgeous tits was something he had even fantasized a few times, when he wasn't fighting with her. He gently took her tit between his lips and sucked, flicking his tongue over her erect nipple. His hand found her clit, and in slow circular motions, he began to massage it. Jenny, although still whimpering uncontrollably, was beginning to moisten at his touch. Jenny was unable to, even under these harsh conditions, prevent herself from becoming aroused by her brothers efforts. Chad's cock was rapidly increasing in size as he continued to work on his sister. His now rigid member was now dying to be released from its confines. "Drop your pants and underwear!" Stacy told Chad as she lifted his shirt off. "Take that big cock of yours and put it in your sister's mouth. . . and you open wide Jenny!" she told them. Jenny obeyed, and Chad slid into his sister's warm mouth. It was a feeling he had never experienced before, he was beginning to enjoy his babysitter's efforts.

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   Jenny skillfully licked and sucked her brother's long shaft, she wasn't enjoying the situation, but kind of liked her first touch of a cock. The salty taste was exciting her curiosity. She wondered if Stacy would stop him before he came in her mouth. "How do you like sucking your little brother's big cock Jenny. . . do you want him to shoot his load in your mouth?" Stacy asked. Jenny shook her head frantically side to side. "OK, if that's what you want, you slut, have it your way!" she replied. "Chad! Pull your dick out of Jenny's mouth right now!" Stacy again commanded, "now put it in there!" she said pointing to Jenny's virgin pussy. Jenny was shaking her head wildly, indicating her disapproval. "Sorry bitch, you asked for it," she yelled at Jenny. "Fuck her now!!" Stacy told Chad, "fuck her until I say stop, I want to see your cum running out her slit and down to her ass before you stop!!"Chad placed the tip of his engorged cock at the entrance to his sister's tunnel. He slowly ran the tip over her wetness and then began to enter her. Chad was to the point where he would have fucked her even if he wasn't being told to.

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   Carefully he eased the tip of his huge cock between her silky smooth lips. As it disappeared into her he looked into Jenny's eyes, he saw a look he had not seen from her before. Her eyes seemed to be welcoming him into her, and actually seemed as though she wanted him to do this. Chad, although he had never fucked before, manipulated his cock up and down like a pro as it slowly sank deeper and deeper into his sister. Stacy just stood back and watched, she now figured she had accomplished her goal. As Chad pushed past Jenny's cherry, she let out a small cry, but was soon moaning with pleasure. Chad ripped the tape from Jenny's mouth, and engaged her in a deep passionate french kiss. Jenny was no longer resisting, she was fucking Chad. They quickened their pace, both rapidly approaching an orgasm. Stacy had now removed Jenny's straps and she was free. Instead of pushing Chad away, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled his ass into her with her strong legs. Chad could feel his cock was ready to explode, he told Jenny he was going to cum. Jenny told him to please not stop, to fill her with his cum. She was also ready to explode. Chad tried but couldn't hold back any longer, his balls started to release their cargo deep in his sister's fertile womb.

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   Chad spasmed uncontrollably as gobs of his white sperm laced goo filled his sister. Jenny erupted into her own extremely intense orgasm. They collapsed together wrapped in each others arms, still engulfed in each other, and fell asleep. Stacy collected her toys, covered her students, and went out to watch TV. When Chad and Jenny awoke 2 hours later, they couldn't help falling back into each others arms and making love again. Chad and Jenny now realize how much they truly love each other. They never argue anymore, if they start to fight, they make love instead. They thanked Stacy for showing them the errors of their ways. Stacy said not to mention it, she said that when she was younger, she had to be given the same lesson with her brothers, she was glad to pass it on. More Taboo Incest Hardcore AtREAL INCEST&INCEST CARTOONS&INCEST THEATER.