The Comforts of Family Members Part 1- The Son Comes Home


 Vikki was excited, squirming in her seat in anticipation. Tommy, her 17 year old brother was coming to visit, and she had missed him terribbly the many months he was away living with their Dad. She was but 14 months younger than him, and they were very close. They had a strong emotional and physical connection, and shared every part of their lives with each other.  When they were younger, Tommy would take her hand as they walked together to protect her, and as they grew older, no amount of teasing from their friends could break them of the habit. Such was their bond, that she was the first to see, touch and taste his first hard on, and as her body began to blossom into womanhood, he was the first to fondle her budding breasts, suck with her now very sensitive nipples, and sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy, tasting the nectar there. Now she was lush with the fullness of young womanhood, and Vikki knew he was going to be surprised to see how she'd changed. Her breasts were now large and firm, with large nipples that swelled to puffy domes when she was excited, complete with pencil erasor sized nubbins at there tips. Her pussy was covered with a soft red down that matched the flaming red hair on her head, her face was round with soft features, her eyes a remarkable emerald green, and her lips soft and full, just begging to be kissed.
 Before he went away Vikki had begged, pleaded and used every feminine trick she knew to try to get Tommy to fuck her, but he had insisted they wait until she was 16. Well now she thought, that birthday was long  past and she planned to feel his cock deep inside of her, and would not accept any excuse why they couldn't or shouldn't. As their mom, Tess pulled up to the Bus Station, Vikki saw him and jumping from the car, rushed into his arms, remembering at the jast minute not to kiss him passionately on the lips, but demurely on the cheek. Pressing her lush body against him in a tight hug, she subtly rubbed her hard, erect nipples against his chest, and was rewarded by the bright red flush that came over him. She was amazed at the changes in him. He had grown a couple of inches, so was now a full 6' tall, and the hard work on the farm had trimmed him down in the middle and broadened his chest and arms with new muscles. His hair was bleached  blonde from working in the sun, but his smokey gray eyes twinkled as mischeviously as ever.

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   Vikki felt her panties grow moist just thinking about her buff, sun bronzed brother slamming his cock into her wet pussy!
 Vikki nearly laughed out loud as this now confident man walked straight up to their still shapely mother, slipped his arm around her, drawing her to him, and kissed her hard, full on the mouth, as his hand squeezing and caressed one soft, plump ass cheek. Releasing her, he stood holding the door for her as she struggled to regain her composure.  Watching her Mom's sureptitous looks at Tom on the way home, Vikki knew she was going to have competition for his affections during his visit. This became all the more obvious when they stopped at Tommy's favorite restaurant for dinner on the way home. Tom slid into a booth, and instead of letting her sit next to him, Tess cut Vikki off and slid in next to her son. Vikki could do nothing but fume silently all through dinner as Toms face would turn bright red, time and time again, and as her mother squirmed in her seat, and her nipples became very erect from Tommy's subtle rubbing them with his arm. When they went to leave, Tess slid out of the booth, and had to quickly pull her loose skirt down, as it had gotten bunched at her waist. Later Vikki wanted to throw a screaming tantrum, but could do little but swallow her resentment and give Tom an evil glare when Tess said, "Time for bed Vikki, Tommy and I are going to sit  awhile and catch up!"
 Vikki had barely slid between the covers when the low murmur of conversation from the other room ceased. Getting up and peeking out her door, she saw some odd pieces of clothing on the floor but no Tess or more importantly for her, no Tom.  Padding silently down the hall, Vikki listened to the unmistakable sounds of two people chatting, flirting  and giggling together before making love. Slipping silently into the kitchen, Vikki opened the utility closet door, and went to the peephole that looked into their parent's room Tommy had drilled years ago. The peephole Tom and Vikki both received the balance of their sex education, watching while their parents fucked each other, and a variety of other people in many different ways.  Putting her eye to it, she was dismayed to see Tommy laying back on Tess's bed, his jeans and shorts around his ankles on the floor, and as she watched, Tess lowered her head, mouth wide open and took the head of Tommys hard cock into the warmth and moisture of her mouth. Tommy arched his back upward, and soon Tess had the entire thick 6" cock in her mouth. Her head was rising and falling in a steady rythm, and her sucking and slurping could be heard through the thin walls as she sucked her son's cock.

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   Tommy was moaning softly, and Vikki watched as Tess increased her rythem, one hand moving to allow her fingers to stroke and fondle Tommy's balls. Tom's ass was dancing on the bed, his moans merging into one as Tess moved her mouth up and down the length of his cock faster and faster. Tom suddenly arched his back with a howl of delight, and his mother ceased moving her head alomg his rigid shaft. Vikki could tell from her Mom's cheeks compressing inward, and the movement of her throat that she was sucking ever bit of her son's cum and swallowing it, savoring every drop. as his moans ceased and his breathing retuned to normal/