The Continuing Sibling Saga


It was a quiet afternoon. The three of us had the day off and this was unusual. Naturally, being pent up for so long, I wanted to make the most of it. Jessica, however, seemed to be dozing in her bedroom and Amanda had disappeared somewhere. I sat on the couch in the living room playing with my dick just waiting for something, anything at all, to happen. Sure enough, Amanda, who I thought was not at home, came in the back door. Our house was small and the living room was adjacent to the kitchen – the place where the backdoor led into the fenced in backyard. With the privacy of the yard Amanda had apparently thought she would tan topless and so when she entered the house her one-piece bathing suit had been stripped to her waist. Her beautiful, tanned B-cup tits were bare and her large dark nipples erect. The sight of her was more than enough to inspire an erection. As she entered, she spotted me on the couch. “Playing alone, Mark? Where is Jessica? The two of you used to always be all over each other. ” Realizing she was teasing, I replied simply, “I think she is sleeping. ” “I was just nodding off too when I noticed that the kid next door mowing the lawn was spying on me. ”“You can’t blame a kid for taking a look, can you?” Amanda began rummaging through the refrigerator. I took the opportunity to remove my hard dick from my pants and to begin stroking slowly.

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   “Do you think this might hit the spot?”, I asked. She looked over and allowed a slight smile. “You haven’t changed. ”“Judging by the state of your undress, neither have you. Want to give this a try?”She stood up and closed the fridge door, her bare tits settling against her chest, her succulent nipples hardened from the cold. “I guess I haven’t spent any time with you all summer. . . what the hell. ”She approached slowly but with a strut that made her tits jiggle seductively. I was absolutely hard now as I was certain that I was going to get everything I could want of her. As she approached, she knelt before me, allowing my hands to roam over her tits and hard nipples. She then grasped my dick with both hands, smiled wickedly while looking into my eyes, and then bowed her head to take my stiff member into her mouth. I immediately grasped for the long, dark hair that cascaded over my pelvis. After playing with my dickhead a moment she used her tongue to lubricate my shaft.

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   Once it was drenched, she took my bloated dick into her mouth completely, all fat 6. 5 inches. All I could do was close my eyes, breath deeply, and hold on to her slowly bobbing head. Sadly, this lasted only a moment as the phone began to ring. After the fifth ring Amanda became distracted and stopped sucking me off to find the telephone. By the seventh ring she had the phone in hand, her bathing suit still around her waist, but she was being drawn into a conversation. I was left to consider how much she had learned about giving head since leaving for school. Soon my dick began to shrink and so I thought of ways to keep it hard. I thought I would drop by Jessica’s room since it was on the same floor and nearby. I left the couch with my pants and underwear just around my knees. When I reached her room I found her wide awake while watching the television. “I thought you were asleep!”, I said in mock surprise. She responded without looking at me. “Just watching a movie before I take a shower. ” “I don’t suppose you want to fool around before you shower?” She thought a moment.

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   “We’ll have to make it quick. I have to work later this afternoon. ” That immediately brought back memories of our first encounter. I had seen her flipping through our father’s porn collection, looking for some bedtime reading. Seeing her the night before being eaten out by Dad, one of his arms wrapped around a her leg to hold her squirming pelvis on the bed and the other hand over her mouth to stifle her pleasure-induced moans, and then afterwards their wild, merciless fucking, her legs and ass being completely supported by his strong arms and thrusting dick, I knew her to be ready for a sexual relationship. So I took the initiative to approach her then and there as she prepared to settle for masturbation. She required no coaxing. In no time the bathrobe she wore was on the floor, exposing her young flesh, small but developed tits with dark, tiny nipples and a well groomed bush. I directed her to the bed and knelt before her to eat her out. She writhed about easily as much as when with Dad the night before. All I could do to control her twisting was wrap my arms around her thighs as my father had. And it was a good thing that Mom and Dad were away since her moans her plenty loud enough to attract unwanted attention. And, to satisfy my cravings, we fucked crazily in multiple positions. We started simply. First, she laid back on the foot of the bed, spreading her legs apart to reveal her cute little pussy, and I plunged my dick into her missionary style.

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   I enjoyed seeing the way her small breasts almost disappeared into her chest as she lay back and the way our pelvis’ met, our pubic hairs merging almost indistinguishably. Still, I was not satisfied. I turned her over to fuck her doggy style, pulling her tiny ass into my pelvis as quickly and often as I could. In retrospect, it was a pretty rough fuck for her but we were both young and the passion was uncontrollable. My mind had for seemingly forever been conjuring ideas about great ways to take her and so there were more positions I wanted to try before loosing my first load. Without allowing my swollen member to escape its cradle, I helped her raise herself until kneeling on the foot of the bed, pulling her against my chest. I was then able to hold her tightly with my arms around her waist as I nearly picked her up by the strength of my thrusts, or to hold her delicate tits, kneading her nipples with fingers that cupped her breasts. Her moans became louder still and I began to loose myself completely. When her pussy clenched suddenly it became too much for my inexperienced loins to handle and I let loose a torrent of cum into her slutty little cunt. We left the master bedroom immediately for the shower, where she have me my first blowjob ever under warm cascading water. It remains one of my most memorable nights. It was the night that touched off everything that followed between us. Years later, my response to her invitation was still as eager. I had been working my dick to make sure it never went limb but the simple knowledge that I was about to lay my youngest sister after so long a wait was now enough to keep it hard. She needed a moment to get ready so I withdrew to check on Amanda.

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   She was still on the phone though she appeared bored as she sat on a chair fingering herself. She could be hours on the phone for all I knew. I needed to be satisfied. I returned to Jessica’s room to find the bed removed of its clutter and her pants and underwear removed. All the remained was her light t-shirt. Through it I could see the form of her tantalizing titties, their nipples poking through the worn material. She was still cute and innocent looking, even if I knew her lustful history. She sat on the bed and using the remote turned the television volume down. “It’s been so long…Do you think we could start with a blowjob?”, I inquired. “Oh, I don’t know,” she mocked. “Sit yourself down. ”I complied as soon as I could. First I had to fully remove my pants and underwear. “You look as fucking hot as you did that first night when you were ransacking the porno stash,” I said. “You still reliving that memory?” She seemed surprised.


   I couldn’t imagine how the memories did not still stir her. As I sat down, she wasted no time getting started on my hardened rod. Its head was almost a blistered purple as she grasped the shaft tightly. I had plenty pent up anticipation since Amanda’s interrupted blowjob. She took my head in all the way, right down to the shaft – something I was unaware she was capable of doing. She had always been the more sexually aggressive of the two girls but this was something she must have learned while away at school. “Shit, girl…That’s pretty hardcore…” I was in awe of her new talent. Her saliva, applied thickly to my rocklike member, was dripping through my pubic hair. This girl had become a regular pornstar. After a few more minutes of this she pushed me back and climbed onto the bed. She crawled upward until her pelvis was level with my head and then she swung a leg over my face. Her intent was obvious and I was happy to oblige. She slowly lowered her hot box over my face as I used my hands to position her hips. My tongue touched her pussy lips lightly, sending a shiver through her that was accompanied by a moan. In no time she was mashing her pussy over my face, my tongue playing with her clit and sometimes penetrating as deep as it could.

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   She began to rotate her hips over my face which was as exciting for me, I am sure, as it was for her. Her tiny five foot two body writhed in the air as she played with her A-cup titties, still covered by her shirt. Her sex juices flowed, covering my face. That is when Amanda apparently hung up because I heard her from the doorway. “I thought you were waiting for me!” she called. I stopped eating to respond. “There is room for more, I think. Jess is ready for a good fucking, right?”For all the sex had between us, the girls had never engaged in sex with each other. Sometimes we would sit down to watch a porno together and I would fool around with both of them but they did not engage on their own. College seemed to have changed that, however, as Jessica willingly slid down to sit on my cock, allowing Amanda to sit on my face. As Jessica descended I was reminded of her tightness. She was a really hot fuck and so it was no wonder Dad and I were so fond of her. Amanda entered, stood by the bed, and allowed the bathing suit that had been pulled down around her waist since she came into the house fall to the floor. Jessica was already pistoning on my dick when Amanda swung herself over my face. Her twat was wet from masturbating while on the phone, her pussy lips swollen.

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   And she tasted great. I must admit I was distracted by Jessica but I did my best to pleasure Amanda as I had done for our youngest sister. By the sound of things, like the suction noise created by well lubricated fucking and Jessica’s subdued moaning (she was shy, I guess), everyone was enjoying themselves. I was in heaven. Nearing the point of ejaculation, losing control, I stopped eating Amanda out momentarily. I concentrated instead on the way Jessica seemed to milk the cum from my dick. When I was finished Jessica dismissed herself so that she could take a shower and prepare for work. Amanda did not seem satisfied, however, and I was anxiously waiting to fuck her. “Want to keep at it?” asked Amanda. I grinned lustfully. Taking matters into her own experienced hands, Amanda swung around so that we could sixty-nine. She mashed her pussy into my face and began sucking the fuck juices of Jessica’s off my once again hardening dick. I ran my hands over her shapely ass as I played with her clit with my tongue. Though generally bigger than Jessica, Amanda was gentler as she tenderly and artfully nursed my dick to another erection. After sometime, she stopped sucking and shuddering climaxed over my face.

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   I could not believe how exciting it was to be once again virtually bathing in the pussy juices of my younger sisters. When the climax subsided she turned to sit on my dick. Completely naked, I could easily play with her proportionately generous boobs. I squeezed and mashed them, paying special attention to her nipples with my fingers, as she fucked me in long, slow motions. I was reminded not of our first sexual encounter but one that soon followed. We had been visiting relatives abroad and stayed at a hotel. The cost of the trip was significant and so all five of us crammed into one room. When Mom and Dad left for an evening out that left the girls and I to occupy our time. We had swam in the hotel pool just before our parents left and returned to the room in order to prepare for a quiet night of, as far as our parents knew, boredom. When they left, however, the girls and I had to change out of our chlorine-filled bathing suits. I was the first to shower but when I exited the bathroom Amanda already had her bathing suit half off. It was, incidentally, the same one she wore this day. As I emerged she did little to hide herself. In fact, she smiled in a teasing way and simply passed by me. Before she closed the bathroom door I turned towards her.

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   She hesitated invitingly. And so, not one to pass on a good offer, I followed her in. She removed her damp bathing suit completely, revealing the soft flesh of her ass and great legs. I could see between her legs the light bush of her pubic hair. She turned to face me, bringing into view again the tits I adored most. There was no shyness about her so I wasted no time shucking my towel. We fondled each other a moment, her running her hands down my front until reaching my growing penis, and I gently caressing her cheek, then her breasts and finally inserting a finger into her cunt. She grasped that hand, raised it to her mouth and licked the finger I had inserted. I was ready to cum right there. She turned and started the water, adjusting the temperature before entering. It ran warm as I had just finished moments before. We entered quickly. She leaned against the long wall of the bath-sized shower, allowing the water to rinse her hair and skin. I leaned into her, making sure my attentive dick was resting against her inner thigh. We kissed lightly for a few moments but I was more interested then in hardcore fucking and so I parted her legs, grasped onto her thighs and pulled her upwards off the floor.


   I relied mostly on the weight of my body to support her, and soon was able to penetrate into the hot cunt I had been waiting for since we began swimming. There was not a lot of movement involved in the fucking but plenty enough pressure to bring us both to climax. We did not spend too long in the shower thereafter since we did not know when our parents were to return. I was brought back to reality, which was no real disappointment, by the way Amanda was now looking at me. She looked down and smiled in a way I had never seen before. Then she bent forward, hardly missing a pelvic thrust, and kissed me. I must admit that I was surprised by this. I had often kissed my sisters while fucking as it intensified the passion between us. But her kiss seemed to be meant as encouragement for something heavier than in the past. When she returned for more I slid my tongue into her mouth, which she sucked lightly. And then she pushed hers into mine. Our French kissing was interrupted only by especially long fuck thrusts and all the while I continued to play with her fascinating breasts. When Jessica returned to dress after showering Amanda and I were still going at it. Amanda seemed undeterred by the need of Jessica for her room and so continued on. She did, however, return to the sitting position.

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   As Jessica dropped her towel, revealing her naturally toned petite form, I hoped she would return to our lovemaking. Amanda’s clenching of her pussy indicated that she was near complete, anyhow, and I helped make every thrust a worthwhile one. As she bounced up and down on my ever-hard cock I grasped her hips with my hands, pulling upwards with her motions and downwards when she descended. Soon, both of us verged on climax, at which point she leaned forward again. She was now oblivious to the presence of our little sister, and we began to french kiss. She pounded my dick until we both were cumming again, our tongues passing into each others mouths. Finally, spent, she wrapped her arms around my neck, settling her soft boobs on my chest. I always loved the feel of her breasts against my skin. She whispered quietly, “It’s going to be a great summer!”Deep down inside, I knew I had more to offer her. So I responded, “Why not make the most of it. We both need a shower. ”She smiled in agreement. My dick now shrunken significantly, she rolled off me and the bed, gathered her bathing suit. “Thanks for the bed, Jessie!” she called, disappearing out of the door. I looked at Jessica, who was just pulling up her bra over her tits.

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   I did not know what to say. While she was trying to get ready for work her sister and I were screwing on her bed and were now running off to shower, and to fuck, and to enjoy ourselves more. I thought to myself, “Well, there is an entire summer ahead of us. ” I was sure that there would be plenty of opportunity to share each other again and who knew, perhaps they would all be just like old times. .

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