The day mum got fucked twice


It was a hot summer day me and my friend had been home from school for a week now, my friend Danny was staying over and mum was at work. We had spent most the day just hanging around the house looking at porn from time to time, nothing unusual for 2 teenagers. It was getting late in the day and I had just left Danny looking at porn to go toilet. I herd mum come in from work and she headed for her room to get out of her work clothes. I didn’t think anything about the fact that Danny was looking at porn in my room.
            Mom is a 42 year old not very tall about 5ft 3 she is quite a big lady but also has the breasts to go with it. I have never seen mum nude not to my memory. She has blue eyes and light brown hair that has started to go grey. Dad works away every week but comes home on weekend. So he isn’t around much at all anyway,
            I finished in the toilet and headed back upstairs when I herd a bit of noise coming from my room. It was Danny moaning I thought that gits having a wank in my room. So as I got to my door there he was sat in my chair with his back to me I stud there for a bit then thought where’s my mum so I went in her room she wasn’t there but her work cloths where on her bed. So I went back to my room and I herd Danny say “ohh yeah I’m cumming” and he maid a loud groaning noise. Then I herd another voice saying “My turn” and out of no where my mum stands up wearing her bathrobe open to show her breasts.
I duct behind the door frame so not to bee seen then mum heads for my bed lays down and opens her legs. Danny is straight off my desk chair with his limp dick hanging out walking over and lands his face straight into my mums pussy.

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   She maid a yelp in excitement and Danny got busy licking like crazy at her pussy which I could see was very wet. Mum was moaning and feeling her breasts while Danny was licking her. I had the biggest hard-on ever aching in my pants. So I took advantage of the situation and started to have a wank while I watched the show. Danny was hard again himself with his mouth on her pussy one hand groping her left breast and the other wanking himself off. He got up from between mums legs and jumped on top of her. He looked her right in the eyes and said “I want to fuck that pussy” so she pushes him off and gets on all fours Danny gets right back there and shoves his dick hard inside her. She moans out in pleasure “yeah baby fuck mommy hard, I need this young cock so badly” hearing mum say these things turned me on so bad. I walked into the room with my dick sticking out in front walked up behind Danny while he was fucking my mum, and tapped him on the shoulder he looked at me saw my dick and moved to one side. I quickly got in his place and started to fuck my mum with as much force as I could give burying myself inside her. So in a really deep voice I said “how do you like that mum?” she turned her head to look back and was shocked to see her son pounding away at her pussy. “oh baby I didn’t know, Ohhhh keep fucking me, don’t stop” she looked at Danny behind me wanking watching us and told him to lay in front of her, she put her mouth straight onto his dick and started sucking his eyes rolled back into his head and I was feeling amazing with all the wet warm pussy that was grabbing my cock. I felt mum’s pussy tighten around me and she moaned into Danny’s blowjob. Then a rush of pussy juice squirted out of her pussy onto my pubic hairs. I couldn’t take it anymore and I shot one of the biggest loads of cum I have ever shot into her pussy.

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   She felt me cumming and started to push back onto my cock the feeling was mind blowing. After I had finished I took my dick out all soaked with cum and kneeled down to see the mess I had made. At that same time Danny was cumming and mum took his dick out and started wanking him off really fast the cum was shooting all over her face. After he had finished mum was starting to stand up when her pussy full of cum landed right in my face covering me completely she stood up quick and told me she was sorry, picked me up and started to kiss me with lots of tongue action which lead to her licking all the cum off my face. She said thank you to the both of us and walked of down stairs to take a shower. Me and Danny where left dazed and fell to sleep real easy that night.
            The next morning I woke and couldn’t see Danny then I herd the moaning sound again. He had got up and gone to fuck my mum in her bed in the morning. I got up and looked round the door, mum was there riding him I went up behind mum and kissed her on the neck put my hands round her front and played with her breasts. She leaned her head back and kept on riding Danny. Then Danny emptied inside my mum she bent down kissed him and looked at me and said “do you want to finish off baby” so I laid down where Danny was and mum straddled me, I felt all the cum squeeze out , she moaned on the first entry and started riding me quite fast. Danny went behind mum and started playing with her ass mum put all her waight on me and was kissing me really deeply as she rode me. Then I saw mums eyes open really wide, Danny had put one of her dildos in her ass. I looked at her and smiled and she melted onto my chest I started to pump really hard and Danny worked the dildo faster and faster she started screaming and I felt her cum all over again like last night and just like last night I erupted following her orgasm.
We laid there for a while me inside her, she laying on me and Danny still working the dildo In her ass for a while longer.

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After that day me and mum didn’t miss a night without getting together in some way.
Danny stayed over a lot more and some other friends found out about what happened and I have found mum being fucked my 2 guys from my school at the same time as I have come home from football games. Mum has turned into the local slut really but I know I will always be No 1.