The Family Out Cast


~This would be the first story i made please rate and I may make more. . . thanks and mcl~
Brooke is a newly 13 year old girl. short blonde shoulder langth hair, slightly always covering her dark green eyes. She is 124 bl. and kindda thinks that shes fat every time her older brother Drake brings it up. Drake Is 16 and a really stud at school. Brooke's mom and dad are together, but barely. They never kiss, hug, or have sex anymore.
Since mom and dad dont  make love any more then who better els then there kids? Brooke and Drake dont mind. . . ever since they were very small they have always done it that way. Never letting the Family "fling" out to the world. .

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  . even if the whole town doesn't like them anyways.
Brooke desided she was getting up late to make sure that she was the last one home today. So she desided to petend to sleep for two hours just lieing there in her bed, head under the pillow (her best thinking place) Till she heard her bed room door open slowly then close. She knew that somone was in there, but she stood still under her pillow and sheets. The feeling that somone was there was getting bigger and bigger. Till she felt somone crawl under her sheets with her. She closed her eyes saying". . . its a dream. . . only a dream"
Then a warm hand slid under past her belly and down to to warm soft pussy. "Brooke.

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  . . come on. . . you know I have to go to work soon" She sighed and knew that today would start out being the same as everyday. "Daddy. . . " she said softly "come on im going to be late girl!" He then undid his pants to release his rigide hard 8 inch cock. He grabed her hips. Her head still under the pillow she closed her eyes tighter as she felt her dad enter her wet cunt.
Her breathing then became harder as her dad started out fucking her  fast and only going faster the whole way. "yah, you know you like it slut" He groned as he could feel her tight cunt start to spazz. "Oh yah take it" He could soon feel he was cuming.

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   Load after load shot into her driping wet, sore, pussy.
Still under the pillow she could feel him rub her left nipple and then put out and get up. She then heard the sound of a zipper and then the door. Thinking to her self "Since today started out the same as yesterday i should get up for school, like yesterday. . . "
School was no fun for Brooke. She had no friends and most of the kids there called her a emo or a slut. So most of the time she stayed by herself in the hall waiting for the bell to ring and save her till next class.
All though she didnt have any friends she was always a A+ student in every class but Math. Mr. Garth was a ass hole to her and also her Uncle. . . so Today was the day she desided she was going to talk to him after class.

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   After waiting for an hour and a half the bell finely rang. As she saw the rest of the class leave she sat there and waited.
"yes, is there somthing you wanted?" Mr. Garth asked still stiting at his desk "umm. . . ye. . yes sir. . . I was woundering. . . "Mr.

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   Garth then said "Speak up child! If you can not do so then come up here!" She sat there thinking what a retarded idea this was. Brooke got up and started to walk up to the desk.
"I. . was. . . woundering. . . if there was. . maybe. . .

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  " she stop'd looking down she noticed the her math teacher was right behind her "yes, go on. . . " he said
"And. . . umm. . . is there anything. . . like. . ahh, I could do to.

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  . . " She started to feel a hard presher agenst her ass "To get your grades up?" Mr. Garth said then slid his hand down her sweat pants and started to glid his middle fingger over and around her ass hole. Brooke could feel the bonner in his pants gett harder witch was getting her very wet. She could feel her wet cunt drip down her legs. "yes. . . " she said softly
Mr Garth then pulled her pants down to her feet and pushed her aginst his desk. He could now see her shaven pussy and the wetness dripping down her legs. He lead her hand to his hard 9 inch cock and told her to rub it hard and fast. As she did so he glided his hand down to her cunt and rubed her clit. Brooke soon started to qwiver and he soon felt like tieing her to his desk. He un-did his tie and tied it to the desk nobs and her hands.

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Brooke felt kindda scared about being tied up bent over on a dest. But she really needed her Math grades up so she went along with it. She then felt her teachers hand again start to rub her throbing clit. Moans started to excape her and soon he stoped rubing and slid his rock hard cock over her ass and then between her cunt lips. and soon he couldnt wait anymore. He led the tip of the head of his hard trobing cock into the welcoming warmth of Brookes pussy. He then Grabed both  of her ass cheaks and slamed it in her wanting her to yell and scream he Started to fuck her hard.
Brooke started to scream semi- soft screams and could feel his hard 9 inch prick slam against her walls stereching her pussy and her wetness started to squirt on his balls "ohhhhh. . . yeeeesssss. . . . !!" she screamed out And soon she could feel his hot cum shot inside her covering her thigt walls and seeping out of her sore hole.

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   Then Mr. Garth while still panting pulled out and out gushed both there hot cum down her legs making a puddle on the floor. He made his way to the other side un did the tie and tolled her to get up and get cleaned up since it was well passed school and going on 6:30
She didnt really know what had just happend yet but she desided to do as told and got up and fixed up. . . before she left she was thinking about asking about her grade now but didnt have the words to. As she opend the door and about to leave her Uncle/techer said "B-. . . You can do better. . . " She didnt know if her should say somthing or not. Instead she just said  ok and closed the door.
When Brooke got home her mom and brother were siting on the couch naked watching t.

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  v. "im home" brooke told them but no one said anything. She could see her moms hand slowly stroking Drakes 9 inch prick and then desided it was best just to go up stairs and take a shower.
While in the shower she always played some kind of music with the CD player she got for her b-day. She started playing a mix cd that she had stolein from one of the prepy girls at school. While in the shower her started thinking about her uncle and her dad together with her in the shower finger fucking her and licking her wet cunt and clit. This was getting her hot. . . but she pussy was still sore from the last fuck. She then desided since tomorrow was Sat. she would get her dad to eat her out. . . Then it hit her.


  . . she was no longer ashamed of being fucked by her dad.  The thought of her daddy now made her wet between her legs. . .
To be continued. . .
**ok so what did you think. . . e-mail me Devilgirl55981@aol. com**
Much clown love!


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