The Family Vacation Parts 2 and 3


The attendant’s eyes were plastered on her chest. Tarrin knew that Shelia wasn’t wearing a bra and her floppy tits had nipples that always seemed erect. Her flimsy tie-dyed shirt did nothing to hide the bulge of her breasts. Tarrin was pissed at the dude staring at his sister’s chest. His hands clenched themselves into fists and for the first time Tarrin experienced rage. “Goddamn fucking bastard,” Tarrin growled to the ground, “I’ll teach him to look at my sister that way!” He has a fleeting glimpse of how good knocking out the stupid mofo would feel. Tarrin took a deep breath, then another one. His dick was hard again. And he felt a little bit ashamed of thinking about hurting someone else. He was a pacifist, like his parents, like Shelia. Where did that rage come from? Was he being jealous or something? How dumb is that? How can you be jealous because someone is looking at your sister’s tits?Tarrin turned red at the thought of his sister’s bouncy breasts. He turned away and looked up at the stars. “What the hell has she done to me?”“Who did what to you Tar-my-boy?” “Shit!” Tarrin jumped at his father’s voice, “You scared the crap out of me!”“Well?” Dad asked giving him a look that seemed to pierce deep with in his soul. Tarrin looked away and back at his father. “Is something the matter Tarrin? You look a little pale. ”“Uh, no, I’m fine Dad.

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   I am just writing a new song and that is part of it. I’ll, uh, sing it for you when I am done writing it. ”Dad nodded his head, “That would be nice. So who inspired this song?”“No one Dad. ” Tarrin held his backpack over his crotch because again, his dick wouldn’t calm down. It seemed to be growing, even while talking to his DAD of all people!“A love song for no one about nobody. . . well, OK. I’ll be interested to hear it when it is finished. ” Dad turned away to walk to his motel room. “Goodnight Dad,” called Tarrin. His father stopped and turned around, meeting Tarrin’s eyes with his own. “Goodnight son. And have fun,” with that, his father disappeared around the corner.

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  Have fun? Did his dad just tell him to have fun? What? This is too weird, way too weird. Why would dad tell him to have fun? Tarrin was in shock at his father’s comment, so he didn’t notice his mother and sister coming up behind him and they grabbed his sides and each gave him a poke. “BOO!” Tarrin almost pissed his pants, and would have if he hadn’t been so freaking hard. His backpack went flying across the way. “Goddamn it mom!” He looked over at the two women but they were so busy laughing at his reaction that they didn’t notice he was speaking. He just stood there shaking his head at them. Looking down, he saw that his cock was still there, still hard, and obvious. Shit. “Here hon, here’s your back pack,” Shelia handed it to him, wiping tears from her eyes and giving him a wink, “Let’s go to our room! Hey cable TV, here we come!”Tarrin took another deep breath and followed his sister with his head down. He turned around to say goodnight to his mom, but she was already gone. The room was like any other motel room. Tarrin was so relieved when he saw there were two beds. This meant he could just curl up and go to sleep. And soon this would all be in the past. He put his stuff down on the bed and pulled back the covers.

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  “I’ll take a shower in the morning, it is getting late, I guess I’ll go to bed. I don’t care if you watch TV though,” Tarrin said to his sister who was busying herself with the blinds. “What? Tarrin, it is only 8:30? What the hell? No way, you and I are staying up and having a party! She pulled a six-pack of her favorite beer from the cooler she had dragged in from the car. Molson’s Golden. “But, I can’t drink, I am not old enough!” “Tarrin, stop fucking with me. I know you drink from time to time. Good Goddess! What has gotten into you? What is your issue?”Tarrin felt a spot in his stomach cringe when Shelia asked him what his issue was. The spot spread and he felt uncomfortable. Finally his hard on subsided. He had only felt this way once before when he helped his friend attach fireworks onto an alley cat. He has wanted to stop his friend, but the idea of it seduced him too. In the end, the cat ran away before they could light the fireworks. But Tarrin had a feeling his sister wasn’t going to run away. “Shit Shelia,” Tarrin sighed, “We just made out!” “Yeah and, what is the big issue?” Shelia put her hands on her hips and jutted out one hip. Tarrin couldn’t help looking at the curvy way she stood and thinking he’d like to rub his hands all over that plump ass.

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   He sat on his hands to curb the thought. And there went his dick again. SHIT!Shelia rolled her eyes and plopped down on the bed next to him. She reached across to hold his hands. Reluctantly he removed his hands from under his ass and let her hold them. They always had heart to heart talks while holding hands. “Look, this isn’t bad. Don’t worry about it OK? Just relax, kick back, have some beer with your sis. If you want, I can go pinch some pot off of mom and dad?”Tarrin shook his head and looked down. “Tar, honey, look at me. ”He just couldn’t. He felt like he was going to cry. He loved his sister so much and he wanted to fuck her! He was so confused. Tarrin tore his hands loose and laid back on the bed. He looked towards the bathroom because he didn’t want Shelia to see him crying.

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   He rolled over on his side, so he wouldn’t have to face her at all. “Ohhh honey! Don’t cry!” The mere sound of her voice made Tarrin start crying. He felt his sister climb onto the bed and wrap her arms around him. She was pressing her breasts into his back and he felt her kiss his neck softly. “Mmmmmmmmmmmhummmm. . . ”Tarrin was shocked at the moan that escaped his body. He was about to jump up and run to the bathroom when he heard a knock on the door. Saved by the bell! He jumped up and got the door. It was mom. “Hi sweeties! Can I take a shower in here? You know how your dad is in motels. If he isn’t paying for the water he never gets out of the damn shower and I am stoned and I stink. Please? Is that OK?” “Go for it Mom,” said Shelia who was obscenely spread out on the bed, “We were just going to watch some TV, weren’t we hon? Be a good boy and bring me a beer, please?”Tarrin brought Shelia a beer and sat down on the bed opposite her. Shelia licked her lips and winked at him.

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  Out of the bathroom they heard mom starting to sing over the noise of the water. “RIDERS ON THE STORMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM”Sheila and Tarrin started giggling. Mom always sang in the shower loudly. It was more like yelling then singing. When they had lived in apartments when Tarrin was little, neighbors were always complaining and banging on the walls when mom took a shower. Plus she never closed the bathroom door so her voice was all the more amplified. Tarrin looked back over at his sister. He couldn’t help it. He wanted to kiss her so badly. But he couldn’t move. Shelia got up, took a swig of her beer and stood above him. “THERE’S A KILLER ON THE ROOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD”“HIS BRAIN IS SQUIRMING LIKE A TOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAADD”She slowly straddled her body over his. She began to rub her pussy in circles all over his crotch. Involuntarily his hands went up to her breasts. He grabbed them and squeezed.

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  Shelia let out a moan as she began to ride him faster. She paused and looked into his eyes. Tarrin turned his head as she lowered into kiss him. “TAKE A LONG HOLIDAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”Her kiss hit his cheek. “No, we can’t do this,” he whispered into her ear, “I am your brother, this just isn’t right. ”Shelia pushed him backwards on the bed and pinned his arms down. He could have started wrestling with her, but he liked how strong she felt. Damn, she was strong. “All those buckets of water I had to lug in the Peace Corps from the well. . . ” Shelia said. How did she read his mind like that?“What are you gonna do now baby brother? Cry for mommy?”“LET YOUR CHILDREN PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY”Tarrin opened his mouth and whispered, “Mommy? Mommy, help me. . .

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  ” He closed his eyes and wished for his mom to end her shower. on silly, don’t you wanna watch?”Shelia pulled his pants off. Tarrin didn’t stop her. He couldn’t stop her. He could never say no to Shelia, and it didn’t look as if he could start doing so now. His heartbeat with anticipation and at the thought that mom could walk in any second. “GIRL YOU GOTTA LOVE YOUR MAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”Shelia pulled off his underwear. “I don’t know why you wear those things,” laughed Shelia. “GIRL YOU GOTTA LOVE YOUR MAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”Shelia licked his belly button. Tarrin couldn’t move. He felt like he was paralyzed. He tried to move his arms but he couldn’t. He absolutely couldn’t. “TAKE HIM BY THE HANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDD MAKE HIM UNDERSTAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDD”Shelia put her hands up on his chest, on his nipples and tweaked them softly. Tarrin bit his lip so he wouldn’t call out “STOP!” because it felt soooo good.

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  Shelia kissed the tip of his cock. Then she stuck her tongue out and began to lap at him as if he were a lollypop. Slowly she began at the base and worked her way up. Reaching the top, she moved her hands up under his butt and sort of lifted him up. His cock slid into the hot orifice of her mouth. “UhhhhhOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhh,” Tarrin moaned again. Shelia began to work his cock, her tongue flicked around in her mouth. Tarrin wondered how the hell she did that? No other girl had used her tongue on him like that. Her hands found his balls and she gave them a gentle squeeze. “THE WORLD ON YOU DEPENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDS”“OUR LIFE WILL NEVER ENDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD”Shelia started to fuck him with her mouth. She was so soft and wet and gentle. One hand reached and started jacking him off as she licked the tip of his penis again and then,"ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhsshit!” he was trying to be quiet. Sheila took his balls into his mouth and was playing with them, swishing her tongue around them. “GOTTA LOVE YOUR MAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN”“Ohhh Shelia, no, more? Please?” He knew he was going to cum. To cum over her face.

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   He couldn’t hold it any more. He bit his mouth and this time drew blood in an attempt to keep quiet. Tarrin spewed a big load of cum all over Shelia’s face. She looked surprised. “Wow, that was quick,” Shelia quickly wiped the cum off of her face with the towel. Tarrin felt hurt by her comment. Tears welled up in his eyes but he was not going to cry again! It felt so good but he knew it was so bad to do this with her. She knew how to do things. None of his girlfriends had even come close to what she had just done. “Shelia?” Tarrin managed to squeak out. He was answered by a cover hitting him over his crotch. Oh fuck! He hadn’t noticed that the shower and yelling had stopped! “Have a nice shower mom?” Shelia called out, “Would you like a beer?”“Oh, I’d love one honey!”Tarrin felt himself grow red under the cover. The blush spread all over his body. Now he had to sit in the room with his horny sister and his mom. Fuck.


   Tarrin sat up in the bed, under the covers with a pillow over his cock, which wouldn’t deflate. It had started to go down then he saw mom come out stark naked in search of her robe and it pinged back up into position. Great. Now he wanted to fuck his mother too?She found her robe and flopped down on the bed, not bothering to close it. “Can I use that pillow honey?” she asked Tarrin pointing to his crotch. “Uh, here, use this one. ” He threw her the pillow he was resting his head on. “Uh, OK,” mom gave him a strange look then smiled, “Ooooh, I see. . . your cock’s a little hard?” “MOM!”“Honey, I’ve seen your penis your whole life and it is just a normal function. Goodness. When did you get so shy?”Shelia started laughing. “Shelia, don’t laugh at your poor brother. He has issues right now.

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   Let him alone. ” Mom grabbed her beer. “I guess I’d better go check up on your father. You guys have fun catching up! Don’t worry about getting up early. You know that your father and I like to have sex in the morning. So, go ahead have breakfast with out us. ”“MOM!” shouted Tarrin, holding his hands over his face. “Oh, take a chill pill Tarrin,” laughed Shelia, “Have a good night mom!”“Night sweeties! See you tomorrow!”Shelia looked over at her baby brother. His whole body was red. He looked helpless. She climbed over onto his bed and held him close to her. “Shhh, honey, its alright. Now. Shall we get back to where we were? I’d really like for you to lick my pussy baby. Does that sound nice?”Tarrin could only nod his head like a little lost puppy dog.

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   The idea of his sister’s cunt in his face made him squirm. “You do know how to lick pussy, don’t you baby?”Tarrin nodded his head again. His girlfriends would only let him lick their pussy or dry fuck them. He didn’t want to look in Shelia’s eyes. He didn’t want to tell her that he loved her. But he wanted to tell her. He just couldn’t. Shelia rolled over and shimmed out of her shorts. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her cunt hair wasn’t shaved; it was thick and dark, in all its glory. She spread her legs wide and moved his head softly down between her musky patch. Tarrin began to lick. “MMMMMMM baby, that feels nice honey. Here, I want to help a bit. You concentrate on my hole, there you go.

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   Just like that. Stick your tongue up there baby. . . mmmhummmmm. . . good job. ” Shelia began to masturbate herself, she dived right in on her clit, fast and furious. Tarrin was trying to fuck her glorious cunt with his tongue now. She couldn’t believe that she was masturbating for him like that. He shivered with delight. He moved his hands onto her ass and brought her cunt even closer. He wanted to eat her up, he wanted to stick his tongue and nose so far up her cunt that he may die giving her an orgasm for lack of oxygen. “OOOOOOOFUCK YES TARRIN! Fuck your sister.

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  . . mmmmmhummmmmmmm. Fuck me with your tongue!” Sheila shouted pumping her little hand across her clit even faster then he thought girls did. He had never seen any one masturbate before. It looked so beautiful! “Stick your fingers up my cunt baby,” Sheila moaned. To surprise her Tarrin stuck a finger up her ass instead. He figured that he should get to experiment some too tonight! He had never touched a girl’s asshole before. It was so tight. His penis contracted at the thought of butt fucking his sister. He knew he should be careful down there, so he entered her slowly, with just one finger and let her make the major motions so he didn't hurt her. “OOOOOOOO YES!” Sheila’s eyes widened then fell to slits. Her butt pumped in the air as if she was coming up to meet his thrusts. Her free hand caressed her breasts, kneading them. Her face flushed.

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   Tarrin knew she was going to cum. “MMMMHUMMMMMMMM” Shelia cried out, “ Oh baby I love you! I love you! You are my sexy bitch brother and I am going to fuck you and I love you!” “Oh Shelia, I love you I love you I love you I love you!”Shelia buckled and fell hard onto the bed. She pulled her little brother up to her and held him tight, tried to melt into him. She wasn’t done with him yet. But she saw that he was crying. She knew that he just needed to be held. “I love you more than anyone on this whole earth sweetie. Let it out, let it out. Here, let me kiss away your tears. . . ”.

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