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"Fuck me, Mark" my mother whispered into my ear after sneaking quietly into my room. I quickly awoke and saw my mother next to me. She was beautiful, with her brown silky hair hanging freely down her shoulders. She was bending over my bed, with a coy smile on her. "Wha. . . ?" I said while rubbing my eyes to awake. "I said wake up, Mark. Time for school. " She said ever so innocently. Was that what she said just a second ago? I thanked her and got up a little, gave her a hug with my semi-hard cock still under the sheets. I stayed on the bed with my elbows nestled nicely in my bed, as my mother walked out of my room with my eyes on her swaying butt. I went to the bathroom, still half-asleep. As I tried opening the door I noticed it was closed, with my 15-year old sister yelling for me to wait for my turn. As she finished, she came out looking shy and innocent as she always does, my cock couldn't do anything but twitch in my boxers.

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   As she left, I went into the bathroom, turning the shower on and going under its soothing steam and water. I couldn?t help but thinking of what I had heard, or thought I heard. My mother is a hottie now that I think of it, but I had never thought of her that way. She, or more like us, as a family, have gone through some rough times after our father had passed away about a year ago. As I washed myself, especially over my cock, I couldn't help but imagine if my hands were someone else?s, as I usually do every morning. After I washed off the shampoo and shaving my pubes to a nice square, I started making love to myself, but this time, instead of imagining girls from my class, I started focusing on my mom. Moaning softly as my hand caressed my shaft I imagined my mom on her knees, giving me a hand job with her mouth awaiting my cum. Tugging harder and harder I started cuming. . . "Mark you OK in there?" My mother yelled from behind the door. "I'm. . . fa.

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  . fine. . . " I managed to squirm out as thick ropes of cum gushed out of my cock. All I could do is lay against the bathroom wall in ecstasy, knowing my mother was behind the other door, or was, her tender words setting me off. -------------As I went to my school, Lawrence High, I drifted in and out of classes. I saw many of my puppy-love crushes, but this time I could care less. I carried my head high, a smirk on my smile the whole day. For some reason I could see people looking at me differently. Not in a negative way, but with more intrigue, as if I had just won state championship in football, this in turn just made me more proud and happy - happy for finding my taboo - incest. "Ah!" A student yelled as I bumped into her as I walked into her in the hallway. "Oh, s-sorry about that" I mumbled as my cheeks started to flush a little. It was Shelly, she was a first year student as I was, but in a different class. She was wearing a tight tank-top and wait jeans, sexy as hell.

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   The only thing that topped off her clothing was her stunning appearance. Nice jugs with hair to match; only topped by my mothers. "It was my fault, I'm sorry," She said as she quickly grabbed her bag off the floor. "No, I will testify in a court of law that it was my fault," I said with a firm face; she couldn't help but start laughing, with me joining shortly after. "You're funny, what was your name again, Mark, or. . ?" She said with eyes that were trying to make out my character. "Yeah, I'm Mark. And you are. . . Clumsy, perhaps?" I joked, followed by another uproar of laughter and a small punch on my hand. "No silly, my name is Shelly. " She said. "Well I'm late to class; I'll catch you another time, Telly.

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  " I joked as I started walking away. "Listen. . . " She snapped, "Maybe me and you could see again?" She asked. "Well if you keep walking blindfolded I bet we will," I snapped back. "Ha-ha, no seriously, be here after school ends, ok? You won't regret it. " She said with a sexy twirl of her tongue. By that I was so dumbfounded all I could do is put on a smile and walk away. I sensed she didn?t move, but kept looking at me, only leaving when I was across the hall. "Nice butt," she said, just loud enough for me to hear. -------------Time flew like it had never before, not only was I thinking of my mother, but now Shelly invaded my thoughts as well. "Thank God I only have an hour left," I thought to myself. Time flew and before I knew it, I was outside near the football field with Shelly. "Come here, I want to show you something," She whispered in my ear.

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  As we walked I noticed she was bringing me under the elevating benches of the football field. "So what is this, your little secret corner?" I joked, as we sat down on the grass below the seats. "Kinda," Shelly taunted, as she started to remove her tank top. I gazed in awe as she wore nothing under, exposing her tanned, and perfect tits. She took my hand and placed it on one of them. "Mmmhh. . . " She moaned as I bent over to kiss her. I started caressing her nipples with my hand, placing the other on her firm buttocks, making her come closer to me. "Wait a second, you'll love this. " She said as she flicked her tongue and started to take off my shirt, which I helped her do. She then started licking and sucking my nipples, making me quiver from pleasure. She moved downwards, unbuckling my jeans and dropping them along with my boxers, exposing my erect member. For a while her eyes got bigger, and she froze.

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   This didn't break her concentration, as she smoothly placed a hand on my balls and started to caress them as she used her other hand to pick up my cock off my stomach. As she started bobbing up and down all I did was tilt my head behind and consume the beauty of my situation. This wasn't my first blowjob, but God damn it certainly was my best. She started using more saliva and made her pace faster, sometimes stopping for a while, and looking up at me with her big pretty eyes. "Oh, uh. . . " I moaned and groaned as her work was starting to get to me. I tried thinking of other things, peaceful, safe places. My hobbies, my. . . home. Suddenly flashes of my mother filled my mind and I started to lose it. "Oh.

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  . . oh. . . ? Was all I could say as pulses of pleasure went through me like electric current. Suddenly Shelly stopped and made a low humm, which shook my senses since it felt so awesome, I started to cum. My love juice mixed with her saliva as she started swallowing it all like a good girl. "Oh. . . Mmm! Oh Cindy. . . ? I moaned.

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  Shelly stopped dead on her tracks, took her mouth off and looked at me as if I had killed someone. "What did you say?" She whined. "Who the fuck is Cindy?""N-no one," I said, starting to flush. Only then I had realized what a mistake I had done. She just looked at me for a while, took her things and left. I don't know what upset her more, the fact that I said someone else?s name or the fact that she thought she wasn't good enough for me to concentrate on her. Embarrassed with cum still dripping from my saliva-coated cock, I cleaned it on some tissues I had with me, packed my things and left, frustrated at the fact that I said my sister's name. She never crossed my mind after the morning, but of all times I say her name when someone else is giving me a blowjob. At home, my sister and mother are already at home, watching television together. To my surprise both were wearing very athletic clothing, protruding their amazing figures even more. "Hi Mark" they say nearly in unison, and start giggling. I tried putting away my dirty thoughts and just gave them an odd look as I went upstairs to shower. "We're going for a jog, we shouldn't be long. " My mother yelled at me. "Ok, whatever" I murmured.

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  I showered pretty slow, enjoying the water over my skin once more. After a magnificent blowjob I didn?t feel like jerking off, which is a first in a while. As I finished I went to my room, and fell asleep. "Mark, Mark honey are you awake?" My mother woke me up, wearing a silk robe. "Mm. . . what?" I said as I looked at the watch, 8:24 PM, I had slept through the day. My mother started coming in, sitting next to me. "How was your jog?" I asked. "Mmm. . . educating. " She said.

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  "How so?" I asked. "Well your sister Cindy had heard that you met Shelly. " She said, smiling. My face went pale, and I was at full attention. "Listen, it was a mistake, it can happen to anyone. " I started blurting out trying to cover my now-embarrassing mistake. "What are you talking about?" She said coyishly. Her face went dead-serious, "Do you want to tell me something?""Well- I-" I tried spilling coherent sentences that would account for my second fuck-up, but failed miserably. "Listen sweetie, anything you want to tell me, go right ahead. I'm your mother for crying out loud. " She said as she placed her warm hand over mine. My focus went from her hand up to her breasts, hanging so freely and nearly visibly in her sexy robe. After a while I think she noticed my glaring, but didn?t seem to mind. "Look, I just woke up, I'm a bit tired, and could we talk later?" I asked, with my sheepish face. "Sure honey, whatever you want.


  " She said, leaning over to give me a peck, but lasting longer than a motherly peck. She left gracefully out of my room, more slowly than before. She stopped at the foot of the door, glanced back, gave me a small air-kiss and walked out, closing the door. Once again, I fell asleep. -------------The next morning was fortunately a Saturday. I slept in late and went straight for the bathroom. As I opened the unlocked door and walked in, I noticed my sister wrapping a towel on herself. This was the first time I had seen her ass since she was 11, and it had matured into two wonderful globes, eloquently pushing out of the towel wrapped around them. "Oh hi, I guess I forgot to lock the door," She said flirtatiously. "That's ok, I guess. " I said, with a tent starting to bulge out of my boxers. As I glanced up I could see her eyes going from my crotch to mine. She smiled, and started walking towards me. As she walked past, she innocently bumped into me, and continued to leave the bathroom. A part of my mind was raging to grab her by the hand and fuck her right then and there, the other part raging for me to get under the shower and jerk off like there's no tomorrow.

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  Right after I entered the shower I slicked up my cock with some water and started jerking it with one hand, the other on the bathroom wall. Images of the globes my mind had just seen kept repeating and repeating over and over in my mind, along with images of fucking the shit out of her ass, my mothers ass, a luscious orgy of my sister sucking my mom as she moaned with my cock down her throat. As I began jerking harder and harder I felt something odd against my shoulder. It wasn't cold, it was a hand! As I looked to where the hand was, I saw my sister get in the shower, behind me. She hugged me, while reaching for my cock. My mind was shattered. "This can't be," I thought to myself, my body totally frozen. "Shh, relax bro," my sister whispered to me, licking my neck and ear as she began to tug my cock. "Oh god I've longed so long for you cock, brother. "She began to jerk me off faster and faster, while her other hand started teasing my nipples, her tongue never leaving my neck or ear alone. "Oh fuck you're so handsome, love me brother, fuck me. " She lusciously whispered in my ear. All of this was too much and I was on the verge of cuming. I quickly turned around, to her pleasant surprise and forced her against the wall. I took my cock and with all my force thrusted it into her wet pussy.

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   With a sharp moan, she placed her legs up in the air around my back and held her up with her arms on my shoulders. "Ahh!" was all we could moan as we quickly both reached our climaxes. We started kissing like ravaging beasts in heat, tasting our nectars with no restraints. After our climaxes we lovingly caressed each other, kissing passionately as the warm stream of water washed against our bodies, entwining them further into unison. Playfully we took turns scrubbing each other. A few laughs managed to escape both of us as Cindy playfully stroked my cock as she washed it from behind, but soon the laughter changed to kissing. I was on the verge of sanity with all the teasing both of us had done once the showering finished, we were probably in there for over an hour. Slowly we dried ourselves and left the bathroom. ?Where are you going?? My sister asked. ?To my room, dummy. ? I said as a playfully pushed her. ?No no, come here?? She said and took my hand, leading me to her room. Once there, she sat on her bed and proceeded to take my towel off. My cock was rock-hard and stood straight up at her face. ?Stop teasing me, damn I?m going crazy with you,? I said as I smiled down at her.

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  Cindy playfully licked her lips and put her hands on both sides of my waist, and extended her tongue out onto my dick, smiling up at me with those big, innocent eyes. I arched my head back and enjoyed the feeling of her moist mouth working wonders on my cock. Slowly she started moaning as she thrusted her mouth around my cock, using her hands on my waist to pace my thrusts. As I was lost in my world of lust and desire, I didn?t pay attention to the cold air that came from behind. My sister sucked my cock even more vigorously than before, looking up at me with those slender eyes with that slim, unique body of hers. Soon I felt a warmth behind me, two bare nipples pressed against my back, soon joined by a pair of arms that wrapped around me and a warm bush resting on my butt. As these hands spread out, one rubbing my stomach as the other lightly grabbed my hair, warm lips cushioned on my neck, moving upwards to nibble my earlobe ever-so softly. ?Hello Mark,? my mother whispered in my ear. ?Been having fun??As the words escaped her mouth, my pleasure and its sensations were too much to keep inside, and I slowly began moaning of pure delight as thick ropes of cum flung out of my cock and into the silky, warm mouth of my sister. Slowly, my mother walked in front of me, did a quick air-kiss and bent down to face my sister and my milked member. My sister?s glance turned to my mother as I stared down in awe and disbelief of my amazing situation. My mother?s mouth met my sister?s, as they engaged in a hot French kiss, exchanging my cum between each other. The hand of my mothers moved up my leg enticingly, reaching my cock. Giving it a gentle squeeze, she began to stroke up and down, bringing it quickly back to life. ?Mmm? I think your brother is ready to play again,? my mother said with a smile.

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  She locked her eyes away from my sister and onto my growing cock, swallowing it whole, milking the last drops of semen off my shaft. Using altering paces, she moans as my cock swells in and out of her silky mouth, moistened by my cum and her saliva. ?I want something too?? Cindy seductively says. ?Come to mommy, lick me clean for Mark,? She replies. As she gets on all fours and prepares to go under my mom, I slap Cindy?s ass and run my hand along her smooth globe of flesh, sticking a finger into her pulsating cunt. ?Mmm?? Cindy purrs at me. Then, she runs her hands down my mother?s voluptuous body, starting with her hair down to her round, firm butt. She then turns herself around onto her back and smoothly slides herself under my mothers drooling snatch. ?Oh fuck that feels good,? My mother quivers with delight, as she pauses for a breather. As Cindy masterfully uses her tongue once again, this time on her mother?s cunt, my mother rhythmically exercises my cock, bringing it to an erection sizing the biggest ever for myself. My mother pulls my tool out of her mouth to admire its beauty. The tip of my cock was gorging a purple color, with a silky feel to it, the rest of my cock pulsating with beautiful, thick blood veins pumping blood like never before. Me and my mom locked glances and no words were exchanged. ?What the fu??? Was all Cindy could muster as my mother got off of her expertise tongue. With our eyes still locked on each other, my mother and I get up at the same time, only for our eyes to close as we embrace in our first passionate kiss as lovers.

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   Her tongue penetrated into my mouth as mine did to hers, soon interlocking in a passionate clash of linguistic love. Only then did I realize the strange salty taste of her mouth, remembering that I was tasting my own cum, to be honest it wasn?t as bad as I thought. After breaking our kiss, we hugged for what felt like eternity, sucking up each others bodily heat with an ultimate understanding for one another, as if there wasn?t a trouble in the world, just me, my mother and sister in one room isolated from the rest of the world. Cindy got up and we all clasped hands and walked to my mothers bedroom, where the two women laid themselves onto, leaving me standing to admire the celestial view of my new-found lovers. I slowly lowered myself in the middle of them, kissing my sister as my mother rubs my hard cock with her expert hands, only to crouch above me with a wink, then lowering herself on top of me, enveloping my manhood in her moist cunt with a sucking power unsurpassed to anything I?ve ever experienced before. My focus went straight from my sister to the sensational feeling my mother gave me as my cock explored new boundaries I?d never thought of ? fucking my mothers hot, moist cunt from where I first came from. As my cock pulsated within her, I felt the soft beads of her pussy walls contracting around me, and damn did I want to fuck the shit out of that cunt. ?Uhh, uhh?? Was all my mother could muster as I increased my pace. ?Aah!!?Suddenly a warm gush of liquid squired on top of me, and a great feeling of pride enveloped around me, feeling the joy and relaxation that my mother was certainly loving it. As all my doubts of my actions resided from the powerful orgasm of my mother, I began concentrating on my own pleasure. I slowly grabbed my mother?s waist with my hands, gliding them to her pelvis, and started rocking harder and harder to meet her thrusts. Sensations of pure lust came over me and I began jamming my cock as far up my mother?s pussy as I possibly could, feeling her pussy stretching with my cock with each pull. Cindy?s hands began exploring my body and only made me increase my own pace. As I took a small break and let my mother show her talent riding cock, Cindy bent over. ?Lick me, brother,? she whispered.

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  As Cindy started to climb on top of me, I rammed my rock-hard cock and hit my mother?s G-spot, making her cum like a racehorse, only pushing me to my most exploding orgasm to-date. My mother noticed this and quickly climbed off me with a moist PLOP, and enveloped my cock in her amazingly warm, expertise mouth to swallow my thick ropes of cum. My sister grabbed me from behind like my mother had a while ago, and turned my head to give an unbelievably luscious kiss that made me feel like I was on Cloud 9. I had stopped cumming, but my mother tendered my soft cock with her unbelievably great tongue. As I laid back down on the bed, my mother gave my sister a wink and in an instant they were sharing my cum between themselves. ?Let?s give your brother a show,? my mother told Cindy. As they brushed each others hair as they were kneeling toward each other, they slowly moved to kiss each other, reeking of a musky sexual aura that?s unexplainable, and seriously erotic. Slowly their hands moved to explore each others bodies and slowly they moved into a 69, going at each others pussies like a wild beast on steroids. An image of your sister and mother giving each other passionate oral sex is enough to make anyone?s labia hungry. I sat up and moved to my mother, who gave my balls a playful lick. She climbed off Cindy and positioned herself on top of Cindy?s mouth. My cock was aching for more and so I quickly grabbed my sister?s waist and rammed her as deeply as I could. I quickly increased my pace and kept going at her like a wild dog, making her squirm under the intensity of the heat and emotions that were flowing through us. Soon we both exploded with orgasms that made us both yell from the top of my lungs, the vibrations of Cindy?s mouth going to my mother?s cunt made her cum on top of Cindy, and she gladly lapped it all up. As the three of us lay side to side, recalling, rejoicing??Remember when we said we met Shelly?? Cindy asked.

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  ?Yeah,? I answered. ?Well, she was pretty shocked when you called her with my name, but she sure as hell isn?t interested in leaving you, at least not without another go?? My sister said. I?d blush if I had the energy. My sister patted my soft cock playfully, and my mind wandered thinking of things to come. * This is my first story, which I started writing in the end of June and finished in August, working on and off of this story. All comments and critique is VERY welcome, as long as it?s as constructive as possible. Thank you and I hope you enjoyed the experience. .

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