the preachers family


Topic: page 1    The twins had led pretty sheltered lives, which is pretty par for the course when your father is a Pastor. They were luckier than some since they hadn’t moved around all that much; in fact they’d been at the same church for the past nine years. Despite that good fortune, they weren’t exactly what you’d call worldly. They’d been home schooled throughout junior and senior high, weren’t allowed to go on dates until they’d turned seventeen, their friends were restricted to the youth group at church, which was small so they didn’t have many, and now that they were turning nineteen and starting college they had to enroll in a local school and commute or their father wouldn’t pay a dime of the expenses.
   Sarah and Jason had always been the perfect pastor’s kids or at least so it seemed. They were obedient to their parents and always tried to set a good example for the other youths at the church. They’d grown up to be two very attractive young adults. Sarah was the spitting image of their mother with dark hair, green eyes, and curves in all the right places. Jason also resembled their mother and was built just the way a guy his age should be, lean and muscular.
   The twins had always been very close, as is normal for twins. When they were young they never stayed in one place long enough to make many friends and for the last nine years there weren’t many friends to be made so it was inevitable that they be each other’s best friend. What their parents didn’t know though was how close the two had really become.
   Their parents are Pastor John and Lisa, he being a first generation pastor and she being the daughter of a pastor. They are good people, the kind that most people like the instant they meet them. Both are attractive, intelligent, and kind hearted. Any stranger would take one look at them and see America’s perfect couple.

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   What one wouldn’t see however was how much time Pastor John’s job demanded of him and how lonely that left Lisa. He expected her to always appear to be the perfect Pastor’s wife just as he expected the twins to be the perfect Pastor’s kids. She was not only lonely because he was home so seldom, she was also lonely because she could never really share her deepest feelings with any friends because of the fear of gossip.
   One Friday afternoon Sarah and Jason were home from school early neither of them having any afternoon classes that particular day. They knew that their father wouldn’t be home all day, Friday being his day to prepare his Sunday sermon. They had also checked with their mom and made sure that she was busy and they’d have the house to themselves for awhile. Lisa was at the church working with the organist preparing the music for the Sunday service.
   When they arrived at the house Sarah went to her room to use the computer and check her e-mail. While she was sorting through the Nigerian scams that filled her mail box she heard her brother’s voice from the hallway say “Hey Sarah. ” When she turned to look Jason was leaning against her door frame and he wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing.
    Sarah looked at him and smiled, “What took you so long Jason?” and she held out her arms inviting him to her. She remained seated and hugged her brother’s naked body and began kissing his midsection. She continued kissing her way down to his now erect cock which had grown to its full eight inches.
     As she took her brother’s hard cock into her willing mouth Jason encouraged her with dirty talk. “Yeah Sarah, you suck cock so good baby.

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   Get me nice and hard so I can fuck you. I love that tight pussy of yours. ” The dirty talk never ceases to turn Sarah on and she suck harder with each dirty word that left Jason’s mouth.
    She sucked her brother’s cock for several minutes loving every minute of it. She’d alternate between sucking and licking. Then she’d suck and lick his balls for a few moments and then go right back to the shaft. He was oozing pre-cum and she lapped up every drop. When the fire between her legs became too much she looked at him and said, “Now fuck me Jason, I want this big cock inside of me now!”
    She had her clothes off in no time and they crawled onto her bed. Sarah was on her back spreading her legs exposing her bald pussy to her brother. As he crawled between her legs she guided his cock into its target. Jason entered her in one quick thrust and started fucking. Again he talked dirty to her “Oh your pussy feels so good. You are such a fucking whore. Fuck your brother’s big cock you fucking whore. ” And the more he said the more she’d moan out in pleasure.

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   Having fuck in the missionary position for awhile they switched around. Jason got on the bottom and Sarah mounted his cock and rode it like it was a pony. Jason kept up the dirty talk and Sarah had her first orgasm. Jason waited for her climax to recede and then changed positions once again.  
    This time he started fucking her doggy style. This was probably their favorite way of fucking. Jason was fucking her harder and harder building up to his own climax and wanting her to cum again as well. He started smacking her ass and calling her a cock whore driving her over the edge. As Sarah started to cum again Jason pulled his massive cock out and started shooting his load all over the back of her ass. As they caught their collective breathe both happened to notice their Mother standing in the doorway watching them.

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