Tim's Mom 2


"Why did you do this to me, Timmy? Why did you fuck me and make me…", pausing as she glanced down at his ample crotch,"… suck your…big…dick?" the sight of it alone was starting to make her feel a bit dizzy, contrary thoughts swirling though her mind as she stared blatantly at it. Clearly softer than it was a few seconds before, but still quite sized, Tim’s cock still glistened from her slathering mouth’s drool on it. Susan, not realizing what she was doing began talking to the thing, trying to scold it, her eyes betraying her voice to almost a whisper. "Mommy’s and son’s aren’t supposed to have sex, Timmy", she breathed. "It’s wrong", she continued, not able to let her eyes away from their lock. "I know mom, I’m sorry", he said, his voice clearly shaken and distraught. "I guess I was mad that you were getting drunk and bringing home all those guys". Susan heard that and tore her eyes off of her son’s lap to look at his face. She realized that she must have put her son through a lot, having to deal with seeing her carnally. After all, she wasn’t really making a serious effort to hide her ways. Not lately, anyway. " Oh, my baby, you’re right", she said sadly, touching his cheek with her hand. "I don’t know why I’ve been acting so badly. Ever since your father died, I’ve not been myself". She hesitated a bit , then said," Your father was so good to me with…well, you know…those kinds of things. Him being gone…", she stifled tears from forming as she continued," …has left such a big void in my life.

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   I don’t know why I do what I do". Susan suddenly realized that she was naked, and covered herself as best she could with her hands and arms, looking around for her clothes. "Timmy, hand me my stuff from the floor there, please", she said, pointing down to them. Tim got off the couch and went to pick up her things, the turned around and walked towards her, standing in front of her as he handed them over. Her head down, she reached out and plucked her panties from the top and readied them for putting on, leaving Tim with her bra and skirt still in his hands. She slipped them on while still sitting, then grabbed her bra next and figited her arms through and on, clasping the front clasp. Finally she took her dress, expecting to manipulate the material for easy donning. But as she took it out of her son’s hands she looked up and found her field of view narrowed to his boxers, his cock still sticking out through the opening, still obscenely big, yet flaccid. Her hands fumbled noncommitally at the dresses material, while her eyes, suddenly glazened, fixed on the man meat just a foot in front of her face. Tim saw his mother’s stare, causing his cock to jump a bit out, seemingly heading right towards her mouth, now opened slightly in awe. As if on strings, her puppets right hand let go of the dress and reached out for the thick flesh tube before her, slowly closing her hand on it. The beast jumped again within her hand. "Oh my", she said , under her breath, and began stroking it slowly. "It’s so… big!". Tim stepped closer to his mother, her mouth instinctually opening as the now rigid pole headed towards her awaiting face.

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   She leaned forward and drove the thing into her mouth, again, letting go fully of the dress, and grabbing both hips with her hands for leverage, for control. "Oh mom", Tim moaned, putting his hands on the back of her head. Susan again realized that this was her son, her son’s cock, in her, and weakly tried to release him. Tim held his mother’s skull close, not wanting her to stop. She moaned, and looked up to him with pleading eyes, but to no avail. "Oh mom, you suck my cock so good", he grunted. "Please keep sucking me. I want you to always suck me. I love you mom". Susan didn’t know what to do. She was looking up at her son’s face, her son, for god’s sakes, and it was his big cock in her mouth, and it was she who was sucking on it, wanting and craving for it to spray her mouth with cum, fill her belly with delicious cream, cream she needed to drink. She was horrified and desirous at the same time. His hands were now gentle on her head, she could easily remove her mouth from the gorgeous flesh. Her eyes stared up and into his eyes, making her want to pull away, but her mouth was completely unwilling to let go. Tim looked down at his beautiful mother, her mouth totally distended by the hunk of flesh it devoured.

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   His mind started thinking of dirty things to say to her. "Tell me you like to suck on my cock, mom", he spoke, a low and deep voice bellowing out, his hands still on her head, not letting her reply just yet. "Tell me you want to suck my cum out and drink it all. Tell me you want my cock for always". Susan moaned, unable to speak. This is exactly what she didn’t need to hear from him. She was getting so turned on by his words, this was becoming a losing battle. At last, she couldn’t fight it anymore. She couldn’t help it. It was beyond her strength. Her head plunged forward, forcing this giant meat stick of a cock past her gagging, and straight down deep into her throat, jamming her nose tightly to his pubes. Out again halfway, then slam!, back in deep again. Tim was getting decadent. The line between love and lust had faded into nothingness. He pulled away, holding his mother’s head back to remove himself from her suction.

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   She moaned, trying to fight to keep it within her taste, but he was stronger. "Tell me what you want mom", he said, his hands holding her hair from the back, his throbbing fat cock dancing an inch from her face. "Tell me!". Susan’s face, once again with a pleading look up at him, was now pleading for a different reason. "Your cock", she breathed. "I need your cock". "Who’s cock?", he retorted, still holding away from her head, which lunged forward when it got too close. "Yours, Timmy’s cock". "Who needs this cock?", he yelled, lowly, letting go of her hair with one hand and grabbing his pulsing extension and slapping it across her face. "Who?". "I need it, baby", she cried, the pleading now in her voice as well. Tim again slapped her face with his raging member. "Who are you?". Susan’s head was swirling. Her mouth was drooling.

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   Her nipples were straining. Her panties were dripping. "Mommy", she spoke, finally understanding his meaning. "Tell me, then", he said, wanting her to fully concede her newest desires. "Mommy needs your cock", she moaned. "Please let Mommy suck your cock. Mommy needs her Timmy’s cock". She again opened her mouth and tried to move toward her thick hard destiny, millimeters in front of her now, but he still wouldn’t allow just yet. "Tell me again what you want", he said, in a low voice, his cock pulsing at his mother’s words. Susan looked up at her own son, into his eyes. "Please let Mommy suck her Timmy’s big thick cock. Mommy’s thirsty for her baby’s cum. Please, please cum in Mommy’s mouth. Mommy needs her son’s cum!". She continued to look into her son’s eyes, and opened her mouth wide.

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  She looked so beautiful. Tim was so in love at that moment. In love with his mother. He suddenly realized he probably wouldn’t last too long, and let go of her hair. Susan’s head leapt, sprang, forward, driving her son’s throbbing, jutting, big, beautiful, precious meat whistle deep into her awaiting mouth, tearing past her tonsils and on its way to her stomach. Grabbing tightly to his hips, she wantonly fucked her head into it, almost hurting her throat with the friction she incited. She had given in to her insatiable needs. The need for her Timmy’s juice, her sons juice, to be in her belly, filling her up completely. She sucked and slathered and orally willed her liquid meal to her. And here it came!Tim’s breath suddenly stalled, his body tensed up, his right thigh started twitching, and he jetted his first spray deep into his mother’s needful throat. He tried to buck away, but Susan grabbed tightly around her son’s waist, and held on for dear life as he spurted and shook and spurted and swayed, her tight hug the only thing preventing him from tumbling over onto the floor. She felt her stomach literally filling up, and suddenly it was all she could do not to let go, as she started cumming herself. Sheer willpower alone kept her relentlessly sucking away, drinking the pure love food as she drenched her already soaking panties. Tim couldn’t stand up anymore. His knees buckled and he started to collapse, but Susan guided his fall to the couch, still not letting go her mouth to her son’s now softening cock, still deep within her throat, shooting the last of his cream into her ever starving debauchery.

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   He hurt bad, and fought as long as he could stand before he screamed, the head of his cock supersensitive as it rubbed maliciously against his mom’s esophagus. After what seemed like an eternity, she finally pulled off, and collapsed her head on his hip, breathing heavy, the hot breath hurting Tim’s sore meat, still a kiss away from her panting mouth. .