Traci gets her brother 11


Waiting for the day when I could get Mom and Traci together with me was getting frustrating. It was like being behind a slow truck when you’re in a hurry. Getting nowhere fast! I thought about what Traci had said. ‘Roxi wants your cock’! Draping my robe over me I went to the living room.
Sitting on the couch, I pulled out my cell and called Roxi‘s. Maybe I could get a little action yet. She picked up saying, “Hey, Steven. ”
“Hi, cuz. What ya doin’?”
“I was just starting to get dressed. You caught me in my cuuutest pink thong. It rubs right up against my little butt hole. It makes me feel so nasty. You‘re not wearing a thong, are you?”
“No, just my robe, but I’d like to see you in your pink panties. ”
I pictured that hot 16 year old body, her 36” tits, tipped with pert, pebble hard nipples, perfect for nibbling, her trimmed pussy at the V of her legs, my meat getting hard.
“I was thinking about how smooth Traci’s pussy was, your jizz dripping out of it. How it felt against my tongue, how nice you look with no hair, so I shaved.

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   But now I’m thinking about just you. ”
I imagined her bald little cunt. “What ya thinking’ about me?” I opened my robe, 8 inches standing up.
“I’m thinking about your big piece of beef. How I would like it rubbing my ass instead of a thong. I’m thinking about how goood it will feel when I wrap my lips around it, sucking it deep into my throat while you shove your tongue into my hot little twat, your lips on my hard clit, sucking it, biting it. It hurts so good. I‘m pinching it now, wishing it were you. Mmmm, Steven, it will feel sooo good” I started stroking. “I’m thinking about your tongue moving to my ass, licking it, pushing it in, my pussy flowing, waiting for your cock to part my ass. I’m thinking about turning over, having my butt in the air, reaching back and spreading my ass for you. Letting you be the first. I’m thinking about how I have your attention. Are you jackin’ that big, hard cock?”
Almost whispering, “OOoohh, yeah Roxi. The head is wet with my juice.

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   I’m thinking about rubbing it on your ass! Pushing it into you, watching the head disappear into your tight butt. Your ring closing around me”
“Oh, Steven, I can see it in my mind. I can hear my wet pussy slurping, pushing my fingers into it. Ooooo I’m so horny!”
“Tell me how you want it. Tell me how you want my cock in your ass. ”
Whispering my name, “Steven, oh Steven. I spread for you. I feel your hot cock touch me, rubbing the head around, getting my little hole, wet, pushing into me. ” A quick intake of air, “Oh, Steven, one of my fingers is in my butt. ” I visualize my cousin, one finger inside her delicious ass, pre-come running out of my cock,
“I close around your tip, wanting more, but you wait, spitting in your hand, rubbing your prick with it. You push again, inch after hard inch sliding into me. Oooohhh, Steven, my hand is covered with my pussy juice. It’s running onto my ass. I have two fingers inside it. I can still see you pulling your big cock out of Traci‘s pussy.

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  ” I take my hand away, preventing myself from coming, my fingers covered in fluid.
Bringing them to my lips, “MMMmmm, I‘m licking my fingers clean” I groan into the phone, “Roxi, Roxi, we taste so good. I want to come inside your hot little butt. I want to suck my come as it drips from your ass onto your hot pussy lips. ”
“Oh gods, Steven, this is so hot, I want you inside my ass. ”
As if she could see me she breathed into the phone, “Wrap that hand back around your cock, I want you to come with me!… You pull your cock back, getting yourself wet with more spit. You push into me again. I can feel each vein sliding past my ass ring, pushing, pushing, your hands on my waist pulling me back onto you, your hips touch me, your hard meat stretching me. I reach under and squeeze your come filled sack, I want your hot come in my ass. You pull back, then push into me again…again…again. You’re fucking my burning asshole, my fingers on my bud, rubbing each time I hear your hips slam into me, your balls slapping into my dripping pussy, I’m close, Steven, my clit is so hard, you’re driving hard into me, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME IN MY ASS, STEVEEN. I… WANT… YOUR… COCK… IN MY… ASSSSSSS!!!”
“ROXI…I’M GOING TO COME!!!” “COME… WITH… ME!!! I’M COMIIIING!!! COME… IN… MY… ASS!!!” I could almost feel her hot butt clenching my cock, then, moaning in unison we released, “AAAAHHHhhhh yessssssss”, hot sperm flying from the head of my cock landing on my chin, chest and stomach. On the other end I heard Roxi in short bursts, “oooo, ooooo, ooooo,” breathing quietly into the phone, “Steeeeveeeeen, that was sooooo hot. I can’t wait for the real thing. I want your big cock in my ass! Would you really lick your come from my ass and pussy?”
“Roxanne, Nothing tastes as good as eating come from a filled ass or pussy.

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Purring, “MMMmmm, I know that”
“Just hold you cheeks open and let me watch it ooze out onto your lips. I’ll have you dancing on my tongue, cousin!”
MMMmmmmm, name the day, big boy”
“I’ll call you. Count on it” We said our goodbyes I and closed the phone, heading to the shower to clean myself up…

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