Turning 18 what fun! (second stage)


The night of my 18th – more fun!
The party had ended and most of my Aunts and Uncles had disappeared apart from a few who were upstairs having fun with my mum and my sisters the house was full of moans and sighs and grunts. I was still sitting on dads lap and he was telling me how happy he was that I enjoyed myself, he had been a little worried that they would have to demand I fucked them! I looked him deep in the eyes and told him at first I thought it was bad and wrong but now I couldn’t wait to carry on being such a close family. Dad smirked and explained that my friends wouldn’t understand as they didn’t share the love we all did, I nodded this was something special I WANTED to keep within our family.
Later in the evening I kissed dad and went off to bed, happy and a little sore from the day I had had. I fell asleep at once naked and satisfied. Thoughts of hands roaming over my legs and arse filled my dreams and I could feel kisses on my stomach leading down to my soaking clit. I sighed a little and tried to turn over but couldn’t there was something next to me preventing my movements. I opened my sleepy eyes and next to me was my granddad, his hands were stroking my thighs and he had the most enormous hard on I had ever seen. ‘Pop’s what the fuck’ I said, ‘Oh Sammy he moaned sorry I wasn’t here earlier’ and he carried on rubbing my excited clit. ‘But Pop’s’ I started, he put his lips to mine and kissed me hard and roughly ‘did you think I was gonna miss out and fucking your hot body Sam’ he looked at me and I knew I was gonna get all he had tonight.
I heard a cough come from the corner of my bedroom and noticed a shadow – who the hell was this? The shadow came closer and it was my cousin Lucas he was around 35 and built like a brick shithouse, I had always been scared of him because he was so very big.
Granddad had his fingers in me now and I was moving in time with them ‘thats it my little slut fuck Pop’s fingers’ he was rubbing his wet cock against my thigh – it was so big, I didn’t think a man could be that big. Lucas was undressing watching all the time he had a fit body total toned and cut, I could see why girls followed him. He never spoke but took off his trousers and revealed a cock bigger than Pop’s. Both of them were no smaller than 9’’ and Lucas’ was so wide I feared he would split me. He grinned when he saw my eyes grow large and spoke for the first time ‘don’t worry Sammy, I will be gentle………….

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  . at first’ and he sniggered.
I was getting so worked up from Pop’s fingers I was leaking my juices down my legs, Pops went down on me and ate me furiously, I was begging for more and pushing his head into my cunt. I turned my head to the side and Lucas placed his cock there for me to suck, I could hardly get my mouth round it but he held my head and pushed, it was covered in pre cum and looked great. I gagged as he pushed till he hit the back of my throat and continued to push. ‘Fuck Sam’ he gasped ‘ what a great little cocksucker you are!’ I tried to push him back but he wasn’t having it. Soon my throat was used to it and I was able to accommodate him and also tease the fuck out of his bell end with my tongue. Lucas reached down and pinched my nipples hard, shit that hurt but I was in heaven. Pops was munching on my wet cunt and I was close to my first orgasm. I think Pop’s knew because he stopped and started to tease me, I couldn’t beg for him to do more a I was too busy having my mouth roughly fucked by my cousins enormous cock.
Pops moved and positioned himself between my legs, I watched as he stared at my cunt and rubbed his hands over his engorged member. I jutted my hips at him to try and persuade him to fuck his youngest granddaughter but to no avail he just kept looking and stroking.
Lucas said to him ‘fuck Pops you have been talking about fucking the hell out of Sam for years. Get in there!’
‘All in good time Lucas’ he said ‘she’s nowhere near begging and that’s what I want. I want to hear my baby beg Pops to fuck her and take her’
Lucas laughed ‘she wont while she sucking this’ and he pointed to his dick in my mouth.

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‘True, so hurry up and cum’ Granddad said sternly.
Lucas looked at me and said ‘baby when I explode you have to try and swallow it all’ I grinned as I carried on sucking on his knob. He held my head again and increased the speed of his thrusts, he was grunting and sweating and at last I felt his cock pulse and a torrid stream of thick spunk erupted into my throat, he held me there and I could hardly breathe and he kept cumming and cumming, I have never had so much cum in my mouth. I was swallowing and swallowing and there still seemed to be more, finally he pulled out of my tender mouth with a loud plop and bent to kiss me. ‘Oh Sam that was great you outshine all your sisters, aunts, your mum and even the best cocksucker of them all you nana’. With that he sat at my head playing with my tits and saying how gorgeous they were.
Pops decided it was time to tease and started gently flicking my clit; I was so wet and hot and needed something, anything inside me. I moved my hips to meet his hands and he stopped. He waited for me to lay flat again and started to strum me again, again desperate for his fingers in me I moved to meet him – this time he slapped my wet cunt with his hand ‘now Sam, if you don’t lay still and let Pops play, he wont fuck you like you want’ my Granddad said ‘I want my baby to beg to be fucked – I know your ready but your no where teased enough. ’
‘Oh but Pops I want your cock in me please please’ I begged and lifted my hips; this caused me to get a slap across my tits. I laid flat and he began again, I could feel his every stroke and it was delicious my orgasm was building and Pops knew. ‘Is my baby gonna cum?’ I nodded and he stopped again.
‘Oh shit Pops please fuck me’ I moaned
‘How bad do you want it’ Lucas asked ‘is she wet Pops?’ he grinned ‘Pops teases all his girls like this Sam’
Pops started strumming me again, this time I laid there and took it I was getting hotter and wetter, moaning like a whore ‘Pops do me please do me’ but he just kept playing. My orgasm started again and again Pops stopped, this was too much ‘Oh for fuck sake Pops please fuck your whore of a Granddaughter with your cock’ that was it the trigger he needed he climbed on top of me and I felt the bulbous head of his cock against my lips, I wanted him to fuck me hard and fast - my Granddad – I wanted him to use me and fill me with his seed.
Pops looked at me and said ‘ready – your gonna be fucked within an inch of your life now’ I just whimpered ‘fuck me’ and he plunged his cock deep into me, I screamed with pain that turned to pleasure as he sawed into me all 9’’ of him, I felt him touch the base of my cunt and he just kept fucking.

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   Lucas’ cock had sprung to attention and he had wrapped my long auburn hair round it and was wanking gently. Pops suddenly pulled his cock out of me and rubbed it over my swollen clit before shoving it roughly back into my cunt, I wrapped my legs behind the man who had changed my nappies and brought me my first doll and fucked him back. He was looking at me with pure lust and kept bending down to suck on my tits, the orgasm hit me full on and I screamed ‘oh Granddad yes yes yes fuck me harder make Sammy cum’ and covered his hard cock with my cum. He slowed his pace then and looked at me ‘was that good baby, did Pops make you cum? Now be a good girl and ride your Granddads dick, but first I think you need to clean it up!’
‘Yes Pops’ I sighed and untangled my hair from Lucas’ prick and went to clean Pops up, I could taste my cum all over him with a mixture of his cum too and looked up as I licked him. ‘He smiled ‘there’s a good girl make Pops clean then you can have some more’. I felt a hand between my legs and Lucas was fingering me, I pushed back onto his fingers and let him fuck me as I cleaned up Granddads slimy cock. This was great all girls should get this I thought. The fingers disappeared and a tongue replaced them god I was gonna cum on Lucas’ mouth ‘oh yes Lucas’ I cried he was frantic with his tongue and then I felt a thumb at the edge of my arsehole, ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ I groan so he knew to push it in. he forced his thumb in and that was it I spurted all over his face. ‘Oh Sam you’re a gusher just like your mum fantastic’ said Granddad. Lucas took his thumb out of my arse and replaced it with two then three fingers I was in heaven.
‘Ok Sam enough playing climb aboard Granddad and ride him hard’ said Pops, I grinned and said ‘my pleasure Pops’. I slipped one leg either side and grasped his 9’’ then inserted it into my willing cunt. ‘Shit that looks hot Pops’ said: Lucas. Pops had his eyes closed and was groaning in pure ecstasy.

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   I was moving up and down on his cock milking it with my cunt ‘Oh Sammy, I have dreamt about you riding me’ he gasped as I ground into his pubes. I felt fingers in my arse again and moaned into Pops neck. Lucas was trying more and more fingers every time and I was accommodating them. I felt a hand on my shoulder and knew Lucas was gonna fuck my arse with his monster cock.
I started to try and move so Lucas could not get in but Grandad held my legs ‘baby Lucas wants to do your arse, daddy doesn’t have to know’, I knew this was a pleasure reserved for my dad and was worried I might get in trouble. ‘Pops dad will be mad!’ I said. ‘Don’t worry baby this is tradition too your dad knows that’.
With that Lucas was right behind me his cock at the edge of my arsehole, he pushed once and got nowhere ‘shit John she’s tight’ he said to Pops, then he pushed again a little harder. This time he entered me ‘oh shit’ I cried with that he took control and plunged into me, I passed out onto my Granddads chest and they proceeded to carry on fucking me. When I regained consciousness they were both sawing in and out of me like men possessed, I was never gonna get fucked this hard again! Lucas was fucking my arse and I could feel Pops matching him stroke for stroke and I could hear high pitched groans and realised they were coming from me. I was begging them to fuck me deeper and harder; I was cumming over and over and over again. Lucas had hold of my tits and was pulling on them and moaning in my ear ‘Sam Sam Sam’, Pops was biting my neck and pulling my arse cheeks open for Lucas. Then I heard Lucas in my ear  ‘gonna fill up that pretty arse of your now Sam are you ready?’ I moaned I was and he held my hips and pushed so deep into my bowels I thought I would die ‘muffffnnnn FUCK’ Lucas moaned ‘that’s it baby filling you up’. With this Pops started to cum and forced himself deep into my cunt ‘Sammy baby you made Pops cum you dirty slut’.
Lucas pulled out of me and I heard my arse plop shut and slapped me roughly across the butt, then he lifted me off pops and as he did cum ran down my leg!
‘Did you cum that last time Angel’ Pops asked, I shook my head, ‘Good’ he said that will ensure we get more of your tight little cunt again wont it!’ and with that they kissed me on top of the head and left me on the bed with a sore arse and a throbbing cunt totally fucked.

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   Pops stuck his head back through the door ‘Oh and Sam – don’t even think of finishing yourself off! If you do we WILL know!!!!!…………………
To be continued.