I often fantasise about having sex with my mother and the older iget the more it turns me on (im 39 yrs old and mum is 62)
i think about putting myself in a position where she will catch me wanking or just leaving my cock hanging out having been to the toilet, or just getting hard and pushing up behind her. she is by no means a good looker or have a great body she is just mrs average for her age but there is somthing there.
as time goes on i am getting bolder as i have jacked off in her front room whilst she was in the kitchen and each time i do this i go a little further each time by that i mean completely undoing my jeans and pushing them around my ankles so if she did walk in id have no chance of covering up.
in the event of me getting caught i live in hope that she would enjoy what she sees and takes me in hand because i would just love to have sex with her. my only fear is that she would tell my wife or even my father and then there would be problems but i somhow get the feeling she would lust after me and we would have great fuck sessions so watch this space for updates