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So I am 16 years old blonde hair blue eyes and pretty well built  from me plaing football and basketball my life and i have a seven inch dick.   i have always been attracted  to my younger 15 year old sister.   She is beautiful  with long blonde hair greens eyes great ass  and perky 36 b breast and she is also in good shape from playing bascketball her whole life.  
So in my house me and my sister share a bathroom.   And we have a clear  shower cutain that you can see right through. So every  night imake sure i open my door so that i can see into the bathroom and see her get in out out of the shower and she cant see me.   So i do this every night for a few years.   Then i decide to get more dareing on a vaction we go on.
So we are in a long car ride and my sister falls asleep on my shoulder because we are in a small car.   And she is wearing a shirt and bra that are to big for her and she is a really heavy sleeper.   so after i make sure she is asleep i start to rub her boobs.   Then is start to get the biggest boner i have had in my whole life.  but i still want more.   so then i stick my hand down her shirt and her bra and start to squeeze be boobs and play with her nipples.   Her nipples start to get hard but then she wakes up.   i pul my handout and she looks at me then goes back to sleep.

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So later that night  i go watch my sister get out of the shower but instead of going to her room she starts to head to my room.   And she comes in naked and says to me i liked what you did to me in the car today.   and she comes up and start making out with me and she takes off my short and my 7 inch dick pops out.   and shes says oh that is big.   And she starts to blow me off she deep thourghts me over and over again.   then i tell her i am anout to cum but she doesn't stop and i blow my load into her throat and a little cum comes out her mouth.   then i go down and start to eat her out sticking my tounge in and out of her pussy  then start to suck and lick her clit.   then she cums and hershe comes and pussy juices come out all over my face.
Then i sit up and put  my dick at her pussy and plunged it deep into her pussy breaking her hymen.   So was so tight i didnt think i could last much longer but then we came at the same time with her moaning in pleasureas i shotmy load deep inside her
there will be more instalations if i get good remarks.

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