Wet and Wild Birthday


It was the day of Cole's 14th birthday and he had invited some of his good friends to go to a nearby waterpark.   He, his mom, and his closest friend and neighbor Matt were packing a cooler for the day.   Matt had never mentioned it but Cole knew he had the hots for his mom and as wrong as it was Cole did too.              
His mom was very sexy for her age at about 38 she had the body of a goddess to the young teens.   She was a yoga instructor so she was in extraordinarily go form.   She had the nicest round and firm ass and 32C tits to die for.  She had the sexiest abs that make you weak at the knees and the sexiest toned tan that just makes a woman irrisistable.
Cole's dad was out on buisness but he said they would celebrate the day he got back in a week. So it was just him and his mom and usualy Matt who caem to be like a 4th family member over the years. But back to the story.
They went out the door and headed to the waterpark.   They were to meet his other firends there in the main loby.   On the way there Cole couldn't help but stare down his mom's tiny shirt, her sexily small bikini top under it pressed her tits up and together to the point where he was almost drooling then remembering Matt was sitting in back he snapped back to his senses.
Once they arrived and parked (after a 30 minute parking spot search) they walked up and greeted Jon, Tony, Jason, and Marcus and Cole couldn't help notice all of them were chancing glances down his mom's shirt. "Hey Matt, Cole, Jane. .

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  . " (Cole's mom is Jane if you didn't gather that) they yelled. "Lets go!"
So they all went up and bought tickets, all on Jane of course what kind of party would it be if you had to pay. They all ran in and started to set up at the main lounging area by the wave pool and waited for Jane who walked in behind the kids. "Sunblock before you guys go ok!" So they busted out the block and began to hurridly rub themselves.  As she took her top and shorts off to leave her in her sexy bikini Jane noticed that like most kids none did their backs so she lined em up and did it for them.  As she rubbed Cole down her tits brushed up on his head and back sending tinges up his spine and he started to get hard from this innocent task.   "All done next,. . . shoo sweetie your not the only one here" He snapped back to reality and moved to the side and watched the innocent task become a sexy rub down as every kid started getting hard. "Matt get over here you big flirt!" Matt was off to the side flirting with a girl from school and a wave of jealousy came over Cole just like every time he did that, Cole could really get some poon but he wasn't good at talking like Matt who was always telling him that all the girls he talked to wanted Cole's dick.
Anyways Matt parted with the girls and came for his rub down with everyone waiting.   Jane pulled him in close by his crotch! Cole couldn't believe it and Matt kinda jumped too.   "Oops sorry Matt little low" she giggled and began to rub him down sending shudders through Matt as he was cleary getting aroused as her tits rubbed across his head and shoulders.

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    For a second he thought he saw his mom's hand go down Matt's pants but he shook the vision off. "All done you kids shoo out I'm gonna work my tan. "
They all started to run off to some slides when "Matt could you stay back a sec and get my back please? I don't want to waste Cole's birthday time!" He ran back with a grin and Cole said he was going to use the bathroom and he'd catch up with the other guys in a sec.
Cole went in the bathroom waited a second then came back out to spy on Matt and his mom.   His sexy mom was lying on a lounger and her bikini top was untied so she didn't get the strap tan.   Matt squirted block on her back and she squirmed and gigled. He started to rub it in going dangerously close down her sides and he swore he heard his mom moan for a second.   He started going down her back and to his suprise started groping and rubing her ass! There he was watching his best friend grope his moms sexy ass and they both had raging hard-ons! This time he definatley her his mom moan in pleasure and he got so jealous he almost walked over and punched Matt in his huge grin.  When he was done he leaned over and rubbed his cock on her ass for a second and whispered something in her ear to which she giggled and told him to shoo before someone saw them.
Cole ran ahead of matt to the slides and greeted his friends getting off their first run and waved over to Matt. He didn't mention anything to him but he had a burning hate for him at the moment.
After an hour Matt said he was going to the bathroom and he'd meet us back at "base camp" after we finished that run and after he left Cole said he was gonna go back early to grab some grub.   Of course it was to spy on his best firend.   He ran up to behind Matt so he couldn't see him and not much to his suprise he didn't even go to the bathroom. He stood over Cole's dream woman and said something to her before Cole was in hearing range.

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    He sat in a lounge out of sight and in hearign range in time to hear her say "ok" and then matt leaned over and straddled Jane's sexy ass, already hard, set his boner on it and leaned over to tie her bikini back up. "All secure" She turned over and he quickly planted a passionate kiss on her which she quickly accepted then pushed off giggling "What if someone sees you silly stud muffin!" He smiled a smile that made Cole almost throw a rock at him.  He noticed that Matt's cock was right at her snatch and the only thing that seperated his mom and his best friend was two pieces of thin cloth.   That was it!
Just then all three of them heard the rest of the gang chatting and coming up a hill to the little encampment.   Matt roled off quickly and hid his boner as Cole quickly came from behind, startling Matt, and tried to pretend he'd been there for five minuted quickly startign to snak on a carrot.
The rest of the day was uneventful, except Marcus pulling a girls top off in the wave pool, and they started to head home.   Matt and the gang arranged to meet the next day at Cole's but for now they wanted to get get some shut eye.
When everyone got home it was just Cole and Jane in their nice homey home.   They sat for some dinner and he tried not to mention the events he had seen but they just bursted out.   His mom blushed and stammered as he apologized.
"Its ok it was wrong what I did but Matt's such a sweet talker and ive honestly been horny with oyur dad gone for so long"
"I guess i understand but with Matt? I uh um well. . . "
"what sweetie you can tell me baby"
"Well im just really jealous your the woman of my dreams and your so sexy i think im in love with you!"
He couldn't believe what he just said. He imidiately ran off to his room.

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   He was in the middle of punching himself when Jane walked in in a silk robe.
"Hey honey its ok I'm not mad or grossed at all. "
"No, well honestly sence you hit puberty you've became quite an attractive young man yourself. . . "
She sat next to him and put her hand on his thigh. He couldn't believe it his mom, the hottest woman ever, thought he was good looking.
"I've seen you well I've seen you jacking off a couple times and i think your bigger than your dad already!"
He blushed a little and tried to hide his raging cock, now hard as ever standing 9 inches and thick as pole. Jane moved her hand up his shorts and started to feel him up.
She stood up, undid her robe, and revealed what she was wearing underneath, nothing! His jaw dropped and she took the oppritunity to stick her full breast in his mouth. "mmmmmmm you like that baby" "oh my god it feels like heaven uhhhh" He groped and groped her OH MY GOD they felt so nice he thought as one handed started to trace her toned abs and she groaned in extacy. She got on her knees and started to rub him again and then with one motion yanked his shorts and boxers off while he took his shirt off.   Out popped his young throbbing and ready to go 9 inch love monster. Her eyes lit up and she grabbed it and started to lick him.   She looked up at him and winked as she wrapped her lucious lips around his head and began to suck him off.

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   HOLY SHIT he thought. "mmmmmmmm *slurp* you taste amazing baby!" "fuckkkk mom that feels so fucking goooood"
She stood up and he grabed her lucious ass squeezed it and pulled her close stickign his face right in her cunt nuzzling it and winking at her as he began to eat at her pussy like there was no tommorow.   She moaned in extacy and whiped her head around in lust and pushed his head and her cunt together. He turned he around sat her on the bed then spread he eagle and began to give her the tounge fuckign of a lifetime.   The screamed in plessure andbanged her fist on his bed as her back archedand her head tilted back for a mind blasting orgasm. "AHH FUCKKKKKKKK IM CUMMMMMMING ohhhhh YES BABY FUCK"
He stood up and saw the fire still in her eyes "You MORE i want your cock in me NOW!!!!!" He climbed on the bed too happy to oblige and spun her around and began to attack her tits with his tounge casuing her to arch her back and moan. She leaned forward grabbed his ass and pulled him forward shoving him in her pussy all the way to the hilt of his throbing cock.   "OHHHHH FUCK YES YOUR FUCKING HUGE BABY OHHH YEAH" he screamed in pleasure as he lost his virginity to his mother "OH FUCK YEAH MOM YOUR SO FUKCING TIGHT". He wasted no time and began to piledrive the fuck out of her. His cock and balls slammed her wet cunt as she screamed in extacy "oohhh GOD fuck me harder baby OH YES"  He gave it his all and thrusted his cock deep in her cunt his crotch rubbing her clit as his cock went so deep he poked her cervix  and screamed. "FUCKK IM CUMING MOM OHH GOD" "OHHHH FUCK ME TOO BABY YOUR SO FUCKIGN GOOD OH YEAH" She contracted around him causing him to spray his hot teen cum all up her womb and they both arched back in extacy in mind blowing orgasms.
He popped out with a slurp and still hard he admitted he wanted more and she fucking did too.   "Oh god no you're not done i want you to fuck my sweet ass baby" she rolled over to doggy style position and looked back with lustful eyes.   He plunged straight in driving his cock deep in her round ass. "FUCK yeaH! youre so big baby i want all of you in me YES!" He started stroking his already pussy juiced cock in an out until his hilt was pressing his moms tight ass which made him cum again "fuck im cummming mom" "Uhnnn oh god yes fill me with that hot cum FUCk" She began rubbing the shit out of he clit and he pulled out of her saying he needs to wash his cock before anyhting else.

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    As soon as he washed up and came out of the bathroom he ran right into Matt.
"uhhh what the fuck cole?"  he jumped and took control of the situation by leading him to his bedroom. "Oh my god shit your mom is a fucking BABE let me in on this" She motioned them over and started to suck on Cole. MAtt took the cue and stripped faster that ever already rock solid and, thicker than Cole but only 8 inches, began to stroke. She slurped off her sons dick and said in pleasure "My my you're both hung like horses!" She laid Cole on the bed and spared no time and sat right on his pole. "UHHH FUCK yeahhhhhhh sweetie FUCKKK" she motioned matt over as she started to bounce on her sons rock shaft screaming in extacy as matt stuck his prick deep in her ass. "FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK i can feel you both rubbing- OH MY FUCKIGN GOD IM CUMMING SO HARD" She had the most mind blowing orgasm in her life! She stood up matt still deep in her ass moaning in pleasue and she motioned her still hard son over.
They put her between them and she straddled cole in midair and drove him deep inside her "OH FUCK YEAH" She arched back and started making out with matt as cole groped and licked her abs and huge tits.  They Both kept thrusting "oh fuck im cumming in oyu tight ass jane FUCKKKK" "YEAHHH come one baby I want both your hot loads at once!" cole arched back off her tits and pumped faster and faster right as matt cummed in her ass and cole started shooting his load up her cervix and coating her womb she had another mind blowing orgasm. "OH MOTHER FUCKIGN FUCK SHIT OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh YES" She hunched over and told them she was spent. . . .
They all washed up and popped in a movie and Matt let his parrents know he was spending the night. as the movie started "I'll be renewed when this is done, oh and matt.

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  . . . . my husbands gone for a week more" All three grinned and prepared for the week of a THE END?  ]

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