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Dana and I were good friends from first grade until high school.   Then the first dance of our freshman year, we fell madly in love.   We went steady for the entire 4 years and the only bad thing was she wasn’t allowed to date anyone.   Her mom raised her alone from the time she was twelve.   A fact I never knew, as she did not discuss her dad or why he ran off.  
Now she was promised we could date at sixteen, then seventeen and finally the week before the senior prom her mom relented.   Dana had just turned 18, while I was still a month away.   With the promise of our first real date and a chance to do more than hold hands or swift kisses, I was excited beyond words.
Neither of us had ever liked anyone else and we almost felt connected by kinship as I was an only child and my dad was never home.   He worked all the time.
Dana was 5’5” 140 pounds, some said she was chubby and most guys didn’t take time to do more than look at the outside alone.   If they weren’t skin and bones they called them names.   They never saw her blue eyes sparkle or her smile light up and warm their soul; they were looking for a stick to play with.   She wore her blonde hair short and curved around her beautiful face; even the guys who thought she was big loved that.   Her skin was tanned by the sun and from working outside in the garden with her mom all the time.   She had killer legs that were big but had no wrinkle or dents and were like silk.

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    Now she was 38D-30-39 and if you took that and saw her you wouldn’t have believed that she moved swifter than any of the other girls.   In gym she held the record for fastest time in the 40 and the best time in the 100 yard dash.
I could find no fault with her, nor did I even try to find one.   She was my best friend and my true love.   She knew she was and the other girls in school kidded her about me.   I was barely six feet and 175 pounds, almost a full blooded Sioux, my heritage shown well in my face and hair, and my eyes were dark brown which she loved.   She also loved that I could run faster than she could as she dared me many times to catch her.     
The night of our date arrived one week before the prom.   And as it arrived finally I got ready to go over, I took her a special present.   I bought her a real diamond engagement ring with the money earned the last three years as a stock boy.   I was going to propose to her after the date and hopefully elope with her on graduation night.
I was dressed in jeans and a polo shirt that made me look harmless.   I had my hair neatly trimmed and since I rarely had to shave at all, I was pleasant enough looking.   When I pulled up in front of her house in my car, out popped Dana onto the porch waving at me and motioning for me to come in.
She was dressed in a red velvet jumper that barely came below her nice round bottom.

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    The top was two thin straps and it zipped up from the crotch and as I neared her, I could see it was unzipped to show her upper breast.   She was smiling widely as I walked onto the porch and her lips met mine and we kissed passionately for a few seconds.   Then she took my hand and said, “Darling you have to patient with mom.   She’s a bit different than most moms.   She is lonely and sometimes says and does things that can upset some people.   Just try to remember to be nice and go along with whatever she says or ask. ”
I nodded yes and whispered, “I would do anything to be alone with you for just a few minutes baby. ”
She smiled wide and sighed as her head bibbed up to kiss my cheek and then in we went.   The house was normal looking inside.   It wasn’t fancy or rich just an average home.   It was sort of dark as the curtains were drawn.   Dana led me into the family room just down the hall to meet mom.
Now the room was lit only by five or six candles on the wall and near the fireplace.   The big L shaped sofa was black leather and absorbed the light making it seem even darker.   The television was just switched to off as we walked in and then I saw a dim image of her mom.

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    She was curled up on the far end of the sofa legs tucked under her body and she looked to be wearing some kind of blue crotchet shirt.   I stood far back at first as Dana did the introduction and we exchanged hellos and good to finally meet you.   Then in a sultry voice she said, “Dana tells me you are in love.   How much do you love my daughter Trent?”
“I love Dana more than anyone or anything on this planet,” I proudly exclaimed in a firm yet kind voice, and then I added, “And not to worry, I will protect her with my life. ”
Her mom slid her legs out and I could see how they both resembled Dana even in the dimness.   She then stood up and said, “Would you swear to never leave her?”
“I will and do so vow now,” I said in my firmest tone.
“What if she found another, what would you do?” she said lighting a smaller candle that she held.  
Just as I was answering the light showed her face and it was so much like Dana, and I stuttered as I said, “I wouldn’t give up…I mean I wouldn’t forget her and I would wait for her to maybe change her mind. ”
She sat the candle on the table by the sofa and as she did I could have sworn I saw the impression of or the actual view of her nipples.   It looked like two fingers pointing at me.   Dana moved to caress my hand and said, “Don’t worry honey I only want you. ”
“Have you ever heard that you can look at the mother to see what the daughter will look like when she is that old?” She said slowly and very sexy.
“Yes I have,” I replied firmly.
She moved slowly into the light and as she did I saw her fishnet shirt clearly now and that was all she had on.   I could see as it did not fall below her waist that she was naked underneath.

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    Sexily fondling her hair she said, “As you can see me now, would you like to see her looking like this?”
My mouth dropped open and as it did I yelped out, “Oh yes mam. ”
Then something freaky happened that I never expected.   As I stood gapping at her, she smiled and said, “Dana darling come over her and stand by me and let’s compare the young and the old. ”  Dana walked over and stood by her and as she did, Julia her mom said, “this is a beautiful young woman isn’t it?’
I was almost panting as my words expelled, “Yes she is lovely. ”  Then as her mom unzipped her jumper all the way down to her crotch, I like to have fainted.
She slid back the jumper and pushed it to the waist and reached over and took hold of Dana’s buxom right breast and held it up and fondled it as her free hand lifted the fishnet from her breast and exposed it to me.   Her breasts were almost the same, as a matter of fact they were the same height and Julia was a bit heavier set but the really only major difference was her nipples were almost a full two inches erect and one around.   They had the same hairstyle and when she pushed her jumper to the floor and had her step out and prop her foot on the coffee table like her, they had same shaven pussy and hips.   My mouth was now watering madly as I panted openly seeing Dana naked and an almost identical twin of her.
Then the weirdness went wild and I was trying to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t a wet dream.   Julia invited me to stand beside her and as I moved to her side, she said, “Now you need to know how she likes her breast sucked.   Watch and she will show you on me. ”
With that Dana leaned over and took her mom’s left nipple in her mouth and kissed it and then caressed it with her lips and then she nibbled lightly on it before she started to suckle and draw on it.   When she had sucked it a few seconds she began to gnaw but not bite until Julia sighed heavily from her adoration.
My mind was a blaze of reality checks clicking on and off.

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    I tried to convince myself this was all just a dream but instead, Julia made it very real.   She smiled at me and said sexily, “Now if you watched her you can practice on my breast so when the time comes you can satisfy her needs. ”
I almost pissed my pants as I looked at Dana and asked, “Do you want me?”
Julia slapped her nipple and then yanked my head to it and demanded, “Suck me like she showed you stupid. ”  As I moved towards it Dana groaned out, “Oh yeah baby suck it. ”
I moved to kiss it gently and then as I did she sighed, “Yes that’s a good start Trent. ”  My lips kissed it gently and then I slid along the tip as she repeated her sigh of approval.   When I finally began to suck her entire nipple, Dana began to caress and rub my back and as I moved my body closer towards her, she moved her hand to my ass and gently slid it over my butt cheek while Julia petted both our heads.
We kept up our sucking of her tits for a very long time.   It was so long in fact that the small candle went out, burned down to the base that is.   Then as it did I could sense a change was coming.
Julia pulled me up to her mouth and then Dana and began to kiss us both deeply.   She moved her right hand to my crotch and felt my hard six inch cock as her mouth explored mine.   Then suddenly I felt my pants being pulled down and my briefs.   A second later a mouth kissed my tight ass and two hands caressed my hips and cheeks.   I looked down and saw Dana kneeling behind me kissing my ass as her mouth kissed my mouth.

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    She lifted my feet one at a time and soon I was naked from the waist down.   Then she slid up to hold me from the rear and lifted my shirt off me.   As her mom kissed me and fondled my cock, she caressed my nipples and kissed my neck and ear.   I stood there for a few minutes more being adorned by both of them.   Then suddenly Julia said, “Dana I know you want it first, but I think we should let him do me until you two are legally married. ”
I gasped in surprise as Dana replied, “Mommy can’t I at least suck him first?”
“No baby, not until your married,” she said again and then added, “Trent can fuck me until then as much as he wants to. ”
With that Dana guided me into her moms pussy while we stood there kissing, she lifted my cock and let it slid along her moms wet pussy lips.   She slowly petted both my balls and shaft as she did it.   Then as I looked into her eyes she whispered, “Its okay Trent.   I want you to do this for me as well as mom. ”
Julia moved back and onto the sofa and slid her legs out wide with one on the top and the other hanging in the floor, as Dana moved to lead me and my stiff cock to her pussy hole.   Then as I pushed inside easily, Julia shouted, “Oh yes, baby are you going to love his cock one day soon. ”
I started to hunch her and picked up speed as we began to make love.   Dana knelt in the floor and finding her mom’s big nipple she sucked it as her right hand caressed my speeding ass.   I was pounding her mom as Dana swelled with, “Oh Trent cum in her now.

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Boy did I ever blast her mom’s pussy with my juices.   She was amazed and I could see her eyes widen as I flowed in her.   She smiled broadly and said, “Now that boy was horny wasn’t he.   I think I got his cherry Dana. ”
I looked back down at Dana and felt ashamed and worried if she would be angry.   She could sense the fear in my eyes and quickly moved to kiss me.   She quickly said, “Now don’t worry baby you did everything perfect.   This is what I wanted, I love you. ”
Julia saw me retract my cock from her and quickly took it in her hand and guided me by it until it was at her lips.   Then she cleaned it with her mouth and gently sucked me until I was semi hard again.  
Dana saw it and started to urge me on, “Go on baby, and fuck her again.   She needs it worse than I do.   She hasn’t had any for years. ”
I looked into Julia’s eyes and I saw lust and desire.   When I slipped back inside of her she went bonkers.

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    Her legs collapsed around me tightly and she bucked as I fucked.   She was yelping madly at me as I pounded her s hard it sounded like I was slapping her pussy with a belt.   We went even longer the second time and when I exploded she held me in place until I began to shrink.
After that round she sucked me off again and then drew a warm bath for me and Dana and her washed me and pampered me.   She towel dried me and then sucked me again and again until I was hard and then she sucked me off in her mouth.
When it came time to go home, I was hopelessly lost to both of them.   I really love Dana but Julia was great that I secretly wanted more.   I was trying to hide it when Julia asked Dana, “You think you might share this one with me after you get married Dana?”
Dana looked into my eyes and smiled and said, “Of course. ”
I walked out to my car and brought back the surprise I had for Dana.   I knelt down in front of her mom and presented it to her and asked, “Will you take me to be your husband Dana?”
Julia was weeping and nodding yes as Dana cried loudly, “Yes baby, yes I will marry you. ”
Julia then spoke up and said, “There is no harm in eloping tonight.   Why don’t you do it?  I will call your mom Trent and explain it to her.   I know her and she already warned me that you were going to propose.   So she will expect this I think.   Go get married and you can both live here with me until you get a place of your own.

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That was eighteen years ago tonight.   We still live with Julia and while it’s never easy being close with your in-law, it can be quite rewarding sometimes.   Twice a week Dana brings her to me and she sleeps with us.   We both have to be present with her in order that she not feel cheated upon.   It gets fun seeing the two of them playing with each other while I fuck one then the other.