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  I just married my wife Mary. We didn't have alot of money, so we lived with my in-laws. My wife has two sisters, Beth 20, small titts and a tight ass. Kim 17, 38c titts and a round ass. Mary is the middle girl at 19. She has small titts and a tight ass.
 One day I got off work early and came home. I didn't think anyone was there but my wife. So I took off my clothes and went to take a bath. When I entered the bathroom and heard the shower. So I sliped the door open and stepped in. Her back was to me. So I jerked my cock alittle to get it hard. Stepped up behind her, she doped the bathwash and bent over to pick it up. I thought she done it for me, so I shoved my cock in and grabbed her hipps and started to fuck her hard. She didn't say a word.

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  So I reach up for her titts and they were alot bigger. Then it hit me, this was not Mary , it was Kim. Her pussy felt to good to stop, so I keep on fucking her. She cam hard, her pussy tighten like a vice, and I was getting close. I pulled out , turn her around told her to get on her knees. When she did I stuck my 9" dick in her mouth grabbed her hair and started face fucking her. I could tell she nevered done that before but I didn't care. I shot my load right in her mouth. My dick was still hard, so I told her to turn around. I grabbed the bodywash put some all overed my dick and shoved it in her ass. She said it was hurting, but I didn't care. I started fucking her harder and harder. She started to like it and started shoving her ass back to meet me. I fucked her ass for a good 20 min. When I felt myself getting close again, I asked her where she wanted it.

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   She said in her mouth. So I pulled out and she fipped around and started sucking till I came again. After that we cleaned up, and just got in the living room when my wife got home.