Winter Family Fun


It started as any family vacation in that we all packed up and was heading out to our favorite secluded skiing lodge and cabin. My family included Tom my father and Mary my mother Sara 17 my sister and me Ricky 16 at the time.
Since it was cold out we still had on our coats, but once the car warmed up we all started to take them off for the long ride. As I looked over at my sister I noticed that as she arched her back to remove her coat that the third button on her blouse had come undone giving me a great view of her 34Cs. They looked sweet and as I was looking I saw right at the top of her cleavage and side of her right breast with just a little white lacey bra covering her nipples.
I couldn’t help myself and had to stare, well she looked over at me then down at herself to see what I was looking at, I swear I seen a little smile then she quickly closed up her blouse and then let out a big EEEWWW Rick was looking at my breast I took this time to adjust my pants as I had started getting that old familiar feeling down there.
When Sara saw this she then let mom and dad know that I had a hard on, what happen next really surprised me Dad looked back at Sara and said to quit teasing your brother it’s not nice to tease and then told me to quit looking at my sisters boobs no matter how great they look.
At the same time mom turn lean up and over the seat looking directly at my crotch and as she did this I noticed that her breast were about to pop out of her satin red push up bra and blouse as she pressed them against the seat again all I could do was stare. At this point Sara again noticed what I was looking at and I think she was even taken aback by what she saw and was for the first time that I can remember speechless. When mom realized what we were looking at she just smiled turned around and said you naughty naughty children. Sara and I both looked at each other then away quickly as we were both embarrassed.
All I could think about was what I had seen, and how bad I wanted to see more, I just wasn’t sure how to do that. So after several minutes of reflecting I thought if I lean over the front seat to defend my actions I could maybe see more of moms tits.
So that’s what I did and sure enough as I looked over the front seat I could see the tops of her breast were exposed but something looked strange they were glistening of sweating and jutting up and down in and out almost overflowing out of her bra I swear I could almost see her nipples.
I again was paralyzed by what I saw, then I noticed movement below her breast and looked to see dads arm and hand riding up moms skirt. Dad’s hand caused moms skirt to rise up enough that I could see V of where moms legs stopped and her pussy started but dads hand and moms panties were in the way of me actually getting to see her pussy which is all I wanted to do at that moment.

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   I slowly came out of my frozen state when my dick stated to harden up again.
I finally mumble a few words of protest, that let them know I was there and dad quickly pulled his hand out and mom straighten up acting like nothing was happening. I saw them both look at each other and smile and as I protested that I had done nothing wrong I sat back down and as I did my hard dick made a lump in my pants which did not go unnoticed by Sara this time she just looked at me and winked.
Then mom started with the looking is perfectly normal for us at our age, it’s just a curiosity and that she is surprised that we hadn’t noticed each other before or her and dad for that matter. My mind raced with the possibilities that now arise for me to try and sneak peeks at mom and Sara. We still had a long way to go so I settled in my seat and relived the moments that had just transpired.
As I rewound the memories I looked over at Sara, she started slowly unbuttoning her shirt running her hands up to her bra sliding it down then lifting both breast with her hands and gradually moving her hands up to her nipples giving each one a little squeeze when she did that her head and long blond hair went back as she closed her eyes.
I looked up front to see what mom and dad was doing and mom had her blouse open and had one hand on her pussy and her other hand was on dads big dick stroking it slowly up and down. I could feel my dick getting harder by the second, as I looked back at my sister she now had one had down her panties and was gyrating her luscious ass all over the seat.
 I took this opportunity to open my pants and let my raging hard on free. I gave my own dick a few strokes before returning my attention to sis. Before I knew what I was doing I reached over and put my hand on her left tit, it felt so good, to think the first tit I ever felt was my sisters it was blowing my mind.
She opened her eyes looked at my 7 inch cock and just smiled, I took this as a good thing and I became more bold and moved to her side and bent down and began licking my sisters tit, I licked all around her nipple then moved directly to her nipple sucking it a little making my sisters nipples puff up like little marshmallows. It was unbelievable how great her nipple felt in my mouth it was like the most natural thing in the world.
I felt her hand on the back of my head pushing me onward to the right tit.

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   I then felt her hand move further down my back to my leg. With great anticipation I waited for that first touch, once again I couldn’t believe the first person other than myself to touch my dick would be my sister. I thought I would lose it but somehow kept control.
Then it happened I felt it, the hand was like a warn velvet glove as she lightly stroked up and down the shaft stopping at the head feeling around like a researcher discovering for the first time. As I continued to suck on her tits and I started moving my left hand down her tight stomach to aid her other hand, just as I started to feel her warmth and get my first touch of pussy I knew it wouldn’t be long in fact that was it, the thought of touching my sisters pussy was just too much and I exploded all over her hand and my pants I couldn’t help it. It just keep spurting out I had never had so much spunk before.
It was then that the car came to a sudden stop and I woke up I realized that I had dreamt the whole thing and came in my pants, I looked quickly at sis who looked at my pants smiled a wicked little smile and asked if I had a good dream.
We had stopped for gas and a bathroom break, I was mortified by the mess I had made and was trying to figure out how to get out of the car and into the bathroom without drawing attention to my pants. To my sisters credit she didn’t mention the problem but just handed me one of her extra big sweat shirts that would hang down far enough to cover my stained crotch area, I thanked her with a sly grin and a wink.
Mom and sis went in to the girls together and I went to the boys side as dad filled up the car. There was a thin wall that ran between the two restrooms and I could hear mom and sis talk as I relieved myself.
Sis “oh my did you see the lump in Ricks pants boy he is really growing up”
mom “ yes I did and it was not very nice of you to tease your brother you know his hormones are raging”
sis “well what about you mom all popping out of your top showing us your breast” I think you made him come in his jeans.
Moms response was “well if you got it flaunt it and I’m not the only one to cause that wet dream, besides you two used to see them all the time”.
Sis “yeah but that’s when we were babies”. Mom laughs and asked well what did you think of them?
Sis “I thought they were sexy as hell, but you mom have always had a great body I just hope mine will be as good”.

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Mom “oh don’t worry sweetie yours already is,
Sis “oh mom you really think so”.
Mom “yes I do your father and I always check on you and your brother before we go to bed and there have been times when neither you or your brother has been covered up, with you and your little nighties and your brother only in his underwear it was quit easy for us to see everything and we are so proud to be raising two such lovely young adults”.
Sara then said that “she knew they checked on us and sometimes the free peep show was not an accident”. As  I finished up I strained to hear the rest of the conversation but all I got was something about giving the boys a bit of a surprise.
This greatly increase my curiosity, as I wished I knew what they were up to, just then dad came in and asked me if everything was alright, I answered fine and he asked me if I liked what I saw and I said very much so but I felt weird because it was mom and sis. He said that was natural and not to worry about it after all two sexy women are still sexy even if they are your mom and sister. I agreed and was about to ask how to handle it when he finished and we started to leave the restroom and I didn’t want to be over heard in the store so I would have to wait until later.
As we were walking to the car we noticed sis and mom being awfully chummy with their arms interlock and them leaning into each other with an occasional giggle from the both of them. Dad ask just what was going on here and they just laughed with mom saying that we may find out if we are lucky.
As we continued the trip mom and sis fell asleep and I thought that was it but as dad drove on both mom and sis started making a moaning sounds which expanded into what looked like a dream state in which they started to rub themselves at first it was just along their sides, thighs and legs then it took a turn to the more erogenous zones.
Sis was rubbing her tits and sliding her hands down under her pants into to her lovely womanly area while mom was bracing one of her perfect tits with an arm while running her finger along her lips and making a puckering shape with her mouth with the occasional slipping a finger in and simulating deep throating an imaginary cock, her other hand was lifting her skirt and running up to her pussy.
It was almost like the dream except that I was awake and there was something different at first it was hard to tell but I notice that moms tits were a bit lower and that sis had a little less cleavage then it hit me they were no longer wearing their bras and from the site of mom and sis’s pussy they no longer had any panties on either.
Well this was having a big impact on myself and dad, I know I was as hard as Chinese arithmetic and I needed relief, with them asleep and dad driving I figured it was safe to pull out my rock hard cock and stroke it like it had never been done before. I unzipped and pulled my jeans down some so to free my balls and started going at it.
The biggest problem was deciding who to look at mom or sis they were both just as hypnotic as the other so I leaned onto the inside of the car door so I could see both at the same time, as I did I noticed dads right arm moving in a repeating motion so I knew he also was seeing what I was and was already doing something about it.

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I wanted to make sure it wasn’t just me that was noticing the seemingly simultaneous dreams that Mother and Daughter was having so I looked up front and sure enough dad had his engorged cock out and was giving it all he had.
Before I knew what I was doing I reached out over the seat and grabbed his cock first at the head and then I started stroking in unison with his own hand all the while he is looking ahead driving, I had never felt another mans penis before but this was a day of first by me and I suppose my family.
I continued to stroke my dads dick in unison with his hand, I notice a slight swell and a quickening pace which though my own experience I knew dad was about to blow his load. The next thing I knew there was a warm, wet, slick feeling to my hand and I knew dad lost it, I continue to stroke him until his cock started to shrink.
I then sat back down against the door and seat with my own cock about to burst and as I did I notice that mom and sis both seemed to be looking our way and smiling without having their eyes open but with their fingers buried deep in their pussy’s.
I looked at my hand and realized that I had dads spunk on my hand I figured it would make a good lubricate but then I had a thought and curiosity got the better of me and wondered what it tasted like so I brought my hand to my face and stuck out my tongue and ran it along my thumb and forefinger to get the biggest amount I could and I my surprise it was warm and a little salty but not bad, I could see why all those porn stars didn’t mind lapping this stuff up.
I then turn my thoughts to myself and used what was left of dads cum to lubricate my cock and started stroking like a man on fire and before to long I was sending spunk flying into the air hitting the ceiling, seats and all over my hand.
Curiosity again got the best of me and I just had to try the taste of my own cum so I again raised my hand to my mouth and took a lick, again I was surprised at how it tasted I was relieved and excited that it was good and that I liked it as I knew this would knowledge would come in handy in the future. After such an amazing time I was exhausted and fell asleep but not before looking at mom and sis both with fulfilled smiles on their faces and their bodies exposed.  

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