A Chance Encounter Pt. 4


This story takes place soon after part 3.


A few days after our incestuous fuck with mum, we decided that we needed to go out shopping, so went out that afternoon. I wore a low cut top and jeans, with no panties, while Jenny wore a knee-length dress which showed a large portion of her tits. Once in the shopping centre, we decided we should get some new sex toys to spice up our sex lives, both with others and each other. We went into Ann Summers, and chose a small dildo each, and a double ended dildo to enjoy together.

After buying the toys, we went into my favourite clothes shop, and I found a dress I wanted, and Jenny found a short skirt like she had been looking for. We went to the changing rooms, and went into the large one together. Forgetting that I hadn’t got any panties on, I pulled down my jeans, and Jenny looked at me in surprise. I whispered to her not to talk, and we kissed there and then. She removed her dress to try on the skirt, and I tried on the dress I had found. My dress was squeezing my tits, so I took it off, and Jenny kissed them for me. I loved the feeling that we could be caught any time soon, but returned the favour, sucking on her wonderful breasts. She took off her skirt, and reached into our shopping bag. She pulled out our small dildos, and gave me mine. We quickly removed the packaging, and slowly pushed them up each other’s cunts. We soon realised that if we did this for too long, the moaning would attract someone, so we started to get dressed again.


   However, I kept the dildo in my pussy, and my jeans held it in place. Jenny couldn’t do this with hers because she was wearing a dress, but no panties, so it would have fallen out! She paid for her skirt, and we went to a cafe for a drink.

We wanted to talk about our time in the changing room, but couldn’t because it was so busy, so texted each other instead. She sent me one saying “Let’s go in the toilet and try out the other one.

. . !”, and I agreed, knowing what she meant. We locked ourselves in the small toilet, and she took the double ended dildo out of its packaging while I pulled my jeans down. We decided that I should keep them and my shirt on, and she should keep her dress on in case we had to quickly stop, so I pulled up her dress, and removing the dildo from my pussy, gently pushed it into her ass, using my juices as lube. She put the double dildo inside my wet pussy, and lowered herself onto the other end. Reaching down, she picked up her dildo, and we fucked each other’s asses while trying to fuck our pussies with the other dildo.

We both came within a few minutes, so took out the dildo’s, washed them, and put them back in the bag. I decided not to have one up my pussy this time, as it was now quite sore from the fucking it had received over the past couple of days, and we left the cafe. After shopping for a few other small bits, we left the shopping centre, and went back to our car. I got into the driving seat, and Jenny sat next to me, holding the two small dildos.

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   She pulled up her dress, and sat on one dildo, it slowly going into her tight ass, and started fucking her pussy with the other. This made it hard for me to drive, knowing that she was about to cum next to me, so I pulled over and took over pounding her pussy. She started squirting onto my hand, so I bent fully down and licked up her golden juices, savouring the taste.

Eventually we made it home, although we had to stop again to let each other cum, and as soon as we got in we collapsed onto her bed. We were both worn out from the number of times we had cum, so fell asleep naked next to each other. I woke up a couple of hours later and decided to run myself a warm bath, as it was late evening. As the bath filled, I poured in some of my favourite bubble bath, and went to my bedroom to grab a couple of things. One was my small vibrator, which I always like to use in the bath, no matter how tired I am, and the other my iPad, which I put on the side of the bath so I can use it while relaxing.

I returned to the bathroom, and, not thinking, locked the door as I would usually. Had I been thinking, I would have left if open so Jenny could come in and join me, but because I was still not used to our relationship I didn’t.

I got into the bath, and started gently massaging my body with the bubbles, paying particular attention to my ass and tits, which I love to feel. I positioned myself so that the stream of water from the tap hit my pussy, and slowly inserted a finger into my ass, while reaching for the vibrator with my other hand. I started masturbating hard, and soon was ready to cum. I sat on the edge of the bath, my vibrator still on my pussy, and squirted hard into the bath. I find this is a better orgasm than if I cum underwater, although a few previous girlfriends have disagreed, and we had to find out!

Anyway, after cuming, I dried my hands, and lay back in the warm water, and opened Safari on my iPad.

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   I checked my emails, none yet from Katie about our next date, and then found myself on porn, as I always seem to. A video caught my eye; it was supposedly two sisters fucking on a beach, and it really turned me on. By now the water was getting cold, so I stepped out of the bath, and wrapped my towel around myself. I dried myself, and lay on the floor, wondering how my sex life and relationship(s!) were going to continue. Wrapping the towel around my body and tying it, I opened the door, and walked to Jenny’s room. She was sat on the bed, facing away from me. I went up to her, and sat behind her. Reaching around her neck, I pulled her head back, and kissed her on the lips. She turned, round returning the kiss, and gently pushed me down onto the bed. She unwrapped the towel from my body, and kissed me up and down. When she reached my pussy she started licking it, and soon I was cuming onto her face. We swapped, and I licked her cunt whilst fingering her until she too came, squirting onto my tits and face. I lay next to her, and we fell asleep, waiting for our next encounter.