A Taste of the Amish Pt1


A Taste of the Amish
My name is Mia, the mistress from the Vampire series, one of my pets is writing that series for me, in exchange she gets to share my bed. This next story is written from a visit I paid to my pet Sophie in America. I love you, my pet. Vampires are VERY real, whether you believe it or not. I am living, or rather Unliving proof.
I had come from my beloved Black Castle in England to see a girl I met on the Internet, being Sophie, she lived in Ohio. I was out late one night, hunting human near an Amish community, their blood is so much more pure, not clogged with the grease and grime as other Americans from so much fast food. It was very warm, I decided to leave my robe in my temporary lair, home away from home, if you will. I was moving quickly through the night, naked, letting the beautiful warm night air touch my every fiber and letting my pale skin absorb the beautiful moonlight. I felt wonderful, so alive (or Unlive), so powerful, so… Horny. I stopped in a copse of trees and decided why not relieve myself before I found something edible.
My fingers glided down my body, touching my dripping wet pussy, running over my pierced clit, my pierced pussy lips, it felt so wonderful. I slid a finger into my pussy while I rubbed my clit with my thumb, letting my other hand cup my breast, rubbing my pierced nipple, grabbing it and kneading it slowly. I moaned out loud. I slid another finger into my pussy and one into my ass, rubbing my clit faster, kneading my nipple faster, harder. I moaned louder, close to my orgasm.

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   I heard a snap behind me, turning around, I saw an Amish woman, tan, in a simple white dress, middle aged, sort of chubby, brown hair, large blue eyes. I bared my fangs and hissed at her, she screamed. I pounced on her before she had a chance to run. I pinned her arms down and bit into her neck, sucking her blood, delectable, so pure.
I heard her thoughts. Don’t kill me, God will protect me, and destroy you, unholy creature!
“God, will not save you, noone can save you from me. ” I pulled her head to the side and took a large bite into her neck.
Her shriek turned into a gurgle and I drained her quickly. I saw her home, two daughters, a family, delectable, daughters were in their teens, a husband. I stopped. I don’t know why, but I stopped, I couldn’t kill her, couldn’t take her from her family. I learned where her home was from her thoughts. I stood up, blood dripping down my throat, over my breasts, down my stomach, down my legs. I ran my finger over my breasts and licked the blood off my finger. Yuck, cold already.

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   I ran in the direction of her home, her family would have to sate my hunger. I wouldn’t kill them, maybe. The husband perhaps, she can do so much better.
I came to her home within moments, the entire community was dark, all in for the night. It was a simple hovel, 1 floor, 1 door, a lot more windows. I crept from window to window. The first was the husband. Yuck, fat, hairy, old. The next was the younger daughter, she was 13, maybe 14. Pale, brown hair and sort of skinny, my first meal, but first, I’m going to have her finish what her mother interrupted. I slid the window open and slid in slowly, I dropped silently onto the floor and crept up to her bed. She rolled over, I thought she was waking up and I bared my fangs at her. No such thing, she was just rolling over. I went to the end of the bed and slowly slid the blanket off of her. She was naked, and beautiful, an early bloomer.

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   B cup breasts already with pink nipples, a bare very cute, VERY pink pussy, bare LONG legs, tall for her age, I wasn’t aware Amish women shaved… She was adorable, and mine for the taking. I crept to the door, grabbing a chair from the desk against the wall, then thinking better of it and grabbing the entire desk. I silently set it against the door.
I crept up next to her and ran my finger over her cheek, she started to stir, so I ran my finger over her nipples. She opened her eyes, blinking, when I came into view, she went to scream, but I covered her mouth and gripped her throat with my other hand and bent down to her ear licking it gently, she squirmed a bit, then I purred into her ear.
“You’re beautiful, I’m not here to hurt you, I want to show you how a woman can pleasure you better than any man, I won’t hurt you at all. Now I’m going to let you go, do not scream, or you won’t live to regret it, nor will your family. ” I slowly withdrew my hands, “Are you a virgin?”
“Yes,” She said weakly, after rubbing her throat “I’m Katie, who are you? I want to at least know the name of person deflowering me against my will. ”
“I’m Mia,” I said, moving closer to her “There is no need to be rude to me, I will deflower you whether you want it or not, and you will love it, and by the end of the night you will tell me you love me. ”
“I don’t think so. ” She reached up and put her arms around my neck and kissed me.
I was shocked, but delighted, my prey never makes it this easy. I laid on top of her, kissing her hungrily, her kiss was rather clumsy, clearly her first. She shied away from me for a moment, probably because of the cold of my skin, but then she wrapped her legs around my waist. I pushed my tongue through her lips and tilted her head slightly, bringing her into a passionate French kiss; I may as well teach her everything.

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   I flicked her tongue with mine, she jerked when she felt the piercings, but I kissed her deeper, putting one hand behind her neck and letting the other glide down her smooth, warm back to her beautiful warm, full ass, pressing her tighter to me. I broke the kiss and ran my tongue down her cheek, tipping her head back and running my tongue down her neck.
“Are you ready to give yourself to me, Katie?” I purred, rubbing my lips against her neck.
“Yes, bite me, please, please, please!” Katie loudly whispered, putting her fingers into my hair, pressing my face to her neck.
I rubbed my teeth over her soft neck, then bit her. Her soft warm flesh was like biting through silk, so soft, and my fangs went through effortlessly. I started to drain her blood quickly, it sent all my senses into overdrive, oh my god, it was the best I’ve ever had. I’m sorry if any of my pets are reading this, but she tasted the best, ever. I had to force myself to stop, otherwise I probably would have killed her, I couldn’t take this angel from the world. Katie moaned out loud when I withdrew my fangs, then fell flat and limp on her bed. Too bad for her, I wasn’t done yet.
I licked my index and middle finger and rubbed Katie’s small clit slowly. Her juices slicked up my finger very nicely, taking her virginity would be very easy. She moaned when I spread her pussy lips, slowly pressing my 2 fingers into her wet vagina. I rammed my 2 fingers deep into her vagina all at once, tearing her hymen, blood slowly running down my fingers; I withdrew them and licked her juices and blood off my fingers then spread her pussy open and slowly slid my tongue up her slit.

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   She tasted delectable. I spread her pussy open running my tongue down to her vagina and then slid my tongue deep into her. I started to rub her clit with my index fingers, spreading her pussy wider with my thumbs. I felt Katie’s body tighten and heard her moan louder, her hands wandered up to her breasts grabbing her nipples and kneading them slowly. I rubbed her clit harder, and slid my tongue deeper into her beautiful pussy. It happened faster than even I could see. Her whole body convulsed, her back arched up, her muscles in her vagina tightened and gripped my tongue tightly. Katie moaned out loud and then a deluge of cum poured all over my face and her entire body went limp. Her first orgasm.
I licked her pussy clean, then wiped her cum off my face with one hand and licked it off, so sweet, virgin cum with blood mixed in. I laid down on top of Katie and kissed her deeply, pushing a bit of her cum into her mouth with my tongue.
“I love you…” Katie said breathlessly after I broke the kiss.
“I know you do,” I said, kissing her softly, “How do you feel, having your virginity taken from you?”
“Wonderful… Thank you…” She managed to breathe out.
“Now just rest, I’ll lay with you until sunrise. ” I said, laying my head on her pillow,putting my arms around her and putting my leg over hers.

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“My… My sister… Elizabeth!” Katie whispered to me loudly.
“Shhhh, what about her?” I asked, putting my finger over her lips.
“I want her too, will you help me? I never thought it was okay to love her like that, but now I don’t care. ” Katie answered, bringing her head up.
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