At the Dress Shop..


At the dress shop
This happened to me when I was 18 years old. I did not have a boy friend during this time. I had an attractive figure. My boobs were well grown and had a nice round ass. I wear short pants at home and wear short skirts or tight jeans when I go out which reveals my body and prefer to see the greedy looks of the guys, and especially the matured men. But my parent does not allow me to wear short skirts which are more than 3 inches above my knees, when I go out. This is mainly to avoid myself being exposed to guys when traveling in the bus.
Let me tell you my incident. This happened during our school holidays. The holiday runs to a month. I was boarded in the school hostel. As all the tuition classes finished within a two weeks period, I went to my home which is a two hour drive from my school. One day I along with my sister, and mother went to do shopping to Kandy. We did halfway shopping and came to a boutique which sold garments. This place is owned by one of my mother’s known person. It was managed by a lady who is in her 40s and few ladies were assisting her.

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   My mother introduced me to that lady and told me to buy whatever I want, but soon as she has to do more shopping. I was wearing a black tight pant and a white top. The lady had a good look at me from my top to bottom. Smiling at my mother she said, you do your shopping and come. I will get your daughter a nice dress doesn’t worry. As my mother knows this lady she told me to select whatever and she left with my sister.
Then this lady asked what I am looking for. I wanted a blouse, and a skirt. She took me to the upstairs where the dresses were. While climbing the steps she held my hand and her shoulder were touching my boobs. Initially I did not care it, but later I found her arms were continuously and purposefully pressing my boobs from her elbow as I was following her. She was climbing the steps faster than me. When she noticed I am slow in climbing steps, she stopped for a while and pushed me from my back. While she was pushing me I felt like she pressed my ass gently. I had a strange by a nerves feeling, but did not worry as both my sister and mother are not nearby.

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In the upstairs there were plenty of beautiful dresses. There were some ladies who were selecting dresses. She showed all the dresses and asked what I am in interested in. I was looking for a black skirt. She looked at me and said that I have a nice figure, and if I were a short skirt, it would give me a sexy look. I got bit nerves on that and she smiled at me. Then she asked me whether I have hair on my legs. I said no. Well. What is your waist size? I said it is 28, she then ordered a sales girl to get a tape. I said it is 28 and I am certain. Then she said No dear, I want to measure it exactly. When the sales girl came with the tape, she again holds my hand and took me to a corner where no one will see. I was little shy and was looking around to see who is nearby. Then she bent on her knees facing me having the tape on her hands.

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   Then she sent the tape around my hip and waist, and made it tight to get my exact measurement. Then she looked up and told me that she can’t get the measurement correctly as it is with the jean, waist and the blouse. Then she suddenly tried to lower my jean and I was scared, and didn’t like it. Then she smiled at me and said ‘Don’t be shy darling. No one is hearing”. I look around and notice nobody is around and she is just taking the measurement. Then put one hand on my back and from the other hand she upper the blouse. I felt strange feelings as she was giving gentle squeeze to my ass. While doing so, she tried to pull me to her, but I was resisting. She did not even looked at me, and again form her both of hands took the measurement. She then without my consent, unbuttoned my jean. It took few seconds as it was tight. While doing so, she put her finger inside between my jeans and touched my lower part. I was little aroused and liked it. But I was pretending I do not interest on her actions.

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   Then she took a measurement and tried to unbutton the other two remaining buttons, and touched. She said “your jean is so tight darling. Why do you wear so tight? I kept silence and just smiled at her. Then she replied, you cunning girl, you expose your cute body to the guys? Ha? And squeezed my ass again. When she tried to unbutton the rest of the buttons I resisted her and said no. Then she said ok, I will give you couple of dresses. You go to the changing room and check. I said ok. Then I selected some dresses and went to the changing room. I locked the changing room and removed my jean. Then I kept it in a side and wore the black skirt. This was bit tight. Suddenly the door was knocked and I asked who this is? It was the shop owner, who in her lovely voice said” open the door, it’s me, I want to see whether the dress is perfectly fit in”. Then I opened the door, and she came in. She looked at me in several angles.

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   I could not help to see she was always looking at my ass and boobs. Oh my dear. This is perfectly matching you. I said this is too short. Then she said that it is the fashion now, and again bent on her knees and sent her fingers all over my skirt. I was really scared and could not breathe properly. The skirt was few inches above the knees and, she was having a greedy look at my legs. She suddenly took her hand on the bottom part of the skirt, and put few fingers inside from the boarder to adjust it properly. While doing so, she gently roused my knees. I was so shy but really liked it. Then she took her hand upwards my thigh and the inner thigh. She said, oh what a real beautiful, and soft legs you are having, and keep on touching. Then she put her entire hand towards my ass, between my skirt and caring those. I loved and did not resist at all but gave the support by separating my legs. Then she took her hand out and stood up.

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   She pulled me up and kissed me on my lips. She put her tong inside my mouth and tasted every part. Then she kissed my neck and while doing so, she squeezed my boobs. My nipple got erected and so hard. She slowly unbuttoned my blouse, and took my left Brest out. Then she sucks it for some time and I was loving it. I forgot where I am. The room was so tiny for both of us to stay. She then slowly removed my blouse. She looked at me and asked “do you like this?” I didn’t say anything. Now I am with my bra and with the skirt. She bent again and put her hand between my legs and reached my pussy. She had a good touch and inserted fingers through the elastics of my panty. It was so wet and put her finger inside my wet pussy. I was loving and moaning.

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   The panty was lowered to knees and started rubbing all my thighs and pussy. Since she could not do more things there, due to lack of enough space inside the changing room, she asked me to come to her office room which is situated in the down stairs. I said ok. Then I wore back my blouse quickly. She helped me to put my panty on. When I try to remove the skirt and ware the pant, she wanted me to come as with the skirt as it getting late. I was bit shy to walk with that short skirt because the sales girls know that I came wearing a pant. But the lady wanted me to come soon, and by the time she has already taken my pant with her. I was shivering in one way thinking what will happen to me next. So I followed her and went to the down stairs. I was stunt from the scene as my mother and sister were waiting till I come. We both were so disappointed to see them. Mother saw my dress and had a good look. I was so shy and got scared that she would suspect me as I do not have my pant wearing; instead I have a short skirt. So I said mother a lie, saying, my pant torn while removing, and therefore wore this dress.

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   Then she did not say anything and asked me whether I have bought what I wanted. Then the lady said, “No not really, we didn’t have enough time. I had so many customers and now only we went up. ” Then my mother said, “This seems to be bit short, but we are getting late, so need to go back” I was so disappointed. I asked mother whether I can try another one dress; because I was desperately want some more pleasure from that lady. But mother said that we need to go, and will come on another day. Then the lady said” No dear, she is a matured girl now. If there is anything you send her alone. ” My mother just nodded the head and said. “Yes definitely I have to send her again, as this skirt is too short”. We had to leave the shop with all my disappointment. The shop lady winked at me and said” I will call your mother and ask her to send you soon”. . . I left the place thinking to come back again to be nude in front of that lady soon….

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