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Angy just smiled and said that it wasn't anything to be nervous about. In the room the sisters told us that we had to take a two part test. One, was a written test, and we took it in the room. Once every one was finished, we were told to sit next to our "big sisters". The house "mother" who was like the president of the sisters, told us that the next part of our test would be to have sex with our "big sisters". I was shocked. I felt very uncomfortable, but Angy just smiled and told me not to worry. Each pair went into a seperate room, and Angy pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her firm tits. She smile dher gorgeous smile againand told me to do the same. She continued to slide off her skirt, and then she sat on the bed. She asked me to sit next to sit next to her. She ran her finger along my back, and down my shoulder to my hand. She looked at me, and kissed me right on he lips. It was a weird feeling to be kissed by a girl, and at first I wasn't sure what to do, but a warm fuzzy feeling started to grow in my thraot and I couldn't help but to kiss back. We kissed like this for a while and suddenly she slipped her tongue into my mouth. I felt like I couldn't get my tongue deep enough into her mouth.

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   I had never been kissed like that, and I don't think I had ever kissed quite so deep. I could feel wetness in between my thighs, and I realised that my panties were soaked! I could feel Angy's hands running all over me, rubbing my ass, over my stomack feeling my tits through my braw. I couldn't help but touch her back. I felt her unsnapping my braw, and it dropped to the ground. I unsnapped hers, and she ran her fingers over my tits. Rubbbing my nipples until they were rock hard. She lowered her mouth to my breast and began to suck on them. I had been sucked before btu never lie this. I let out a moan. She looked up and smiled, and said, " You liekit don't you?" I assured her I did with a shaky ,"Ooo yes!" Her hands found thei way to my panties, and as she felt how wet I was she laughed a little. " You're very beutiful. " she told me, "I've wanted to be with you since I became your "big sister". This surprised me, and I was thinking why on earth I hadn't thought about her liek that. She felt my swollen cunt, and rubbed it with her finger in a circling motin. "OOOO god that feels good!" I moaned, and she slipped her middle finger into my hot slit.

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   "Oh, oh yes Angy why didn't you do this before?" I breathed. Her finger was dipping in and out of my slit, rubbing my pussy juice between my crack and around my cunt. She gently pushed me onto the bed, and slipped off my panties completely. She told me to spread my legs. I could feel the cool air on my pussy, and she smiled and said, " Good thing you're shaved, I don't like hair in my mouth. " and witht hat she lowered her face down and started to suck onmy clit. "God, o god, Angy don't stop,ooo it feels good, ooo please suck me harder!" I couldn't stop these things from comming out of my mouth, and it didn't take long for her to lick, and suck me to a climax. She slid her thumb into my slit, and rubbed my cunt. She began to finger fuck me, sliding in four or more fingers at a time. Pretty soon I cummed violently. " OOOO,OO I'm cuuuummmmmiiiing!" I bit my lip and closed my eyes,and thought to myself,"Why havn'y I done this before?" and I swore to myself that I would do it more often from now on. We switched places and I began to pleasure her, she told me how to touch and suck her, and after a while she cummed too. We kissed again, and she told me that I had done a great job, and that she wanted to do this more often. I promised her we would, and she smiled at me again. We got cleaned up and dressed and went back to the initiation room.

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   Most of the girls were back, but some were missing so we waited for the others to come. Angy told me that there was a camera in the room filming what we were doing, and that we would watch everybody's tape, and that we would be graded by how well we did. Once all the girls were back, most with smiles on their faces, we started to watch everyone's tapes. I was amazed at how hot alot of these girls were, and that I would not mind having sex witht hem either. As we came to Angy and my video, I tensed a bit though. "what if they don't like me?" I thought. It turned out I was totally wrong. I noticed alot of my "sisters" and "big sisters" looking at me. I could feel them undressing me with their eyes. It was a wonderful feeling. After that night I had sex with many of my "sisters" and "big sisters" as well as my boyfriend,and once I had the courage to tell my boyfriend about having sex with woman, he was not mad. He was delighted! After that we have had threesomes, and foresomes, and sex with even more peole at one tiem than that. He also invited some of his friends to join the fun. I tell you I will never foret my college days!.

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