Dorm room discovery part 2


     After that first time, Julie and I became full time lovers. I stopped accepting dates with boys, all they wanted to do was try to get into my panties, and bust me open. I had enough dates turn into groping sessions that felt like I was being molested by an octopus, and all the horny guys trying desperately to shove their fingers, not to mention their pricks, up my pink hole, I was tired of that scene. Not that I was averse to losing my virginity, but I wanted to lose it to someone special, and after we became lovers, I realized I wanted to lose it to Julie.

     What we did our first time together had become regular foreplay, Julie told me that my orgasm made my pussy taste extra sweet and juicy, and she told me that pressing down on my hips and ass as I masturbated really made her pussy pulse with desire. When she straddled me, and pressed her nude body against mine, the feel of her bare breasts against my back, her hard, stiff nipples rubbing against me, and the feel of her nudity pressed hotly against me, always made my pussy explode with a powerful orgasm, and Julie told me that the feel of my body shuddering and shaking against her, my cries of enjoyment, drove her into a pussy wrenching orgasm. We would quickly arrange ourselves in a 69, and I loved the taste of Julie's pink center, her orgasm made her pussy extra sweet and juicy, also.

     We were lying in bed, sprawled out, totally satisfied after another loving 69, and I felt like I wanted to lose my virginity, and I wanted Julie to take it. I was not interested in some horny guy who'd make me just another notch, and fuck me like some cheap slut while I pleaded with him to be gentle with me. We had gotten to know each other since we had become college roomies, so we knew that we were both virgins.

     I was just about to bring it up, when Julie beat me to it, as she said, "Lisa, you know how we are both virgins?" At my nod she continued, "Well, I don't see any good reason to hang onto it," she said, as she ran her fingers up and down my thigh, she continued, "I was working myself up to bust it open myself, but now someone special is here right now. That's you Lisa, would you like to deflower me, and take my virginity? I can't imagine any one else that I would want to take my cherry. "

     I smiled, and I could feel my my face light up, as I replied, "You have been reading my mind, haven't you? I was just going to ask you if you wanted to pluck my cherry. "

     She grinned at me,  and said, "I would love to do the honors for you baby. I'm ready right now, and I have the perfect tool to do so. "

     She hopped off the bed, I enjoyed watching her sexy naked body, as she went over to her closet.

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   She reached up, rummaging around the top shelf.   She tuned back towards me, with a wicked smile, and my pussy started to heat up as I saw what she was holding. It was an 18 inch long double headed dildo, midnight blue in color, and just the thought of that huge shaft splitting me open, inspired both fear and horniness.

     Julie was blushing, as she said, "I bought this a few weeks ago, to bust my virginity open. I was going to wait until a weekend when you were visiting your folks, because I was still working up the nerve, and the privacy, to use it.   I could imagine the look on your face if you walked in on me, with half of this monster stuffed up me! Now that we both want our condition remedied, why not know? How about if you do me, then I'll do you? I am very ready, but, like the old joke says, please be gentle with me. "

     I reached out, stroked her face, and whispered, "I shall be very gentle with you my love. "

     She lay back, and pushed a pillow under her rump. This lifted her hips up, which in turn presented her pussy, up-thrust and ready. I started to stroke her, getting her pussy juiced up. My fingers worked over her labial lips, teasing at her clit, until her pussy was syrupy and slick, practically gushing juices. She smiled as I positioned the head of the dildo against her pussy lips.

     I told her, "Ok Julie, this is it. There might be some pain, from what I've heard, but
if it's too painful, say so and I'll stop.

     Taking a deep breath, Julie replied, "I'm ready.

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     I started to push slowly, the dildo sliding in bit by bit. It reached her obstruction, and I started to push harder. Julie gritted her teeth, gripping the sheets tightly, and suddenly, her hymen broke. She flinched and gasped a bit, but as I paused she urged me on.

     "Don't stop now, I'm OK, keep going!" she whispered.

     I pushed it in, she let out a long, drawn out moan, of pleasure I hoped, until 8 inches were up inside her.

     She moaned, "Oh yes, that feels so good, fuck me Lisa. "

     I was happy to comply, as I started to slide the dildo in and out of her, giving my roomie her first fuck. It was obvious from the joy and delight playing across her face, and the sounds of passion she was making, that she was totally loving her first time, I kept up the slow pumping action, giving her as much as she could handle. I sucked on my thumb and forefinger of my free hand, to get them slippery. I quickly reached down, and I found Julie's clit, my thumb and forefinger gently pinched her hard clit erection and stroked it from base to tip. Her body started to vibrate, her cries of delight filling the room, she suddenly stiffened up, her muscles twitching.

     "Oh my God, I'm gonna cum, oh fuck, yes, yes YES!"

     Her voice rose to a shriek as she came, her body shuddering in orgasm, shaking wildly like a leaf in a storm, filling our room with cries of orgasmic ecstasy as she rode that wave. I drew her into an embrace as she started to come down from her climax.

     After a few minutes, she smiled at me.

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     "Now my sweet, you are going to get the same thing, lay back Lisa, and if it's too much, let me know and I'll stop. "

     She wiped off the dildo, flipped it around, and I could see the other end, ready to fill me. I positioned myself on the pillow, so my pussy would be lifted up, ready for my first fuck. I could feel the head of the dildo nudge against my opening, my juices were flowing freely, I was so horny now, I didn't care if it hurt like hell, I wanted that shaft deep inside me. Julie pushed, and I felt the head slip inside me, stretching me open, it didn't hurt, it felt strange, but it felt good too. I could feel it slowly working in, until it hit my maidenhead. Julie paused, and told me to brace myself. I did my best, as she bore down, and suddenly, I felt a tearing, then it let go as it ripped open completely. I felt a zing of pain, it felt sort of like a bee sting, and as Julie pushed, sliding it up me, I felt a sizzling pain as I was stretched open for the first time, I let out a cry, hoping it wasn't a yell of pain, urging Julie to keep going, keep going, as my pussy got stretched open and fucked for the first time.

She buried in 8 inches, and as she paused, the pain started to fade away, as my inner pussy started to get adjusted to the stretch. My mind's eye saw me spread out, 8 inches of hard dildo shoved up me, my roomie having plucked my cherry, fucking my no longer virgin pussy, and I wanted it.

     I grunted, "Oh yes, it feels so good, give it to me Julie, let me have it!"

     Julie started to fuck me, pulling the dildo out halfway, then burying 8 inches deep. As she slowly fucked me, I could feel all my inhibitions floating away. Inhibitions about being a virgin, enjoying wild sex with another female, all the silly nonsense I had drilled into me by prudish parents in a prudish society, and I wanted to shred every last bit of that now. Watch your language, real ladies don't use profanity, I had been told, fuck that, I decided to tell Julie how good it felt, using very unladylike language.

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     I howled, "Yes, Julie, fuck me, fuck me! Fuck my burning cunt! Let me have it, fill my fiery fuck-hole, ream out my horny cunt!  Give it to me, fuck me, and make my horny fiery cunt explode!"

     Encouraged, Julie worked in 10 inches, and I squealed with absolute pleasure, my cunt felt wonderfully stuffed. She started to power fuck me, and I could feel her fingers tickling at my clit. That did it, and I let out a howl of absolute pleasure as my cunt exploded, I could feel my juices gushing around that thick shaft as my orgasm tore into me, making my body shudder and writhe wildly, as the burning fire of orgasm consumed me.

     I was dimly aware of Julie positioning herself, and I heard a gasp of pleasure. Julie's pussy region was right against mine, she had angled the free head of the dildo against her, wiggling her hips, Julie slid down the other side of the dildo, groaning as the dildo spread her cunt walls apart, sliding down, down, grunting with pleasure as she was filled up. Her pubes were now tight against mine, we were joined by the hard dildo connecting us, and Julie was eager to ride it with me.

     I pulled myself up, reached out and grabbed Julie. We were now holding together tightly, we started fucking each other, using only our hips to propel ourselves. We started out slowly, moaning with desire as the dildo slid in and out of our fiery cores. Fuck, it felt so fucking fabulous, and we picked up the pace, grinding our hips back and forth, humping at each other in a sexual frenzy. We were letting out cries of absolute pleasure as the dildo went deeper, and spread open the walls of our cunts, until we had worked the whole dildo into our eager cunts, and our breasts were pressed tightly together. Joined cunt to cunt, and sliding up and down, back and forth, our clits stood up, erect and throbbing with desire, brushing heatedly against the plunging dildo. We fucked each other furiously, our bodies slapping against each other, slamming our burning cunts down the thick dildo again and again, moaning and gasping as the dildo fucked us closer and closer to orgasm.
     I could feel it rushing at me, and I howled, "I'm cumming, oh my fucking God, YES!"

     I just exploded, I could feel my cunt throbbing as it tightened down on the dildo. I heard Julie howl as she exploded, and slammed her twitching pussy down on the hard dildo, fucking herself wildly as her orgasm ripped through her body.

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   riding her orgasm for all it was worth. Watching Julie explode shoved me into another climax, I let out a shriek of pleasure as it felt my cunt wrenching and quivering, my body shaking wildly as my orgasm ripped through me. Our heated movements slowed down, as our orgasms ebbed, and we shivered in blissful fulfilment, and I felt Julie fall exhausted, sweaty and oh so satisfied, into my arms. Pulling the bed covers up, we drifted off to sleep, Julie's nude body held close to mine.