jamie and silas, a night in the woods.


I grew up in the dessert, sand, rock, dust, tumble weeds. I was used to the dry heats that spiked to upwards of 120*F in the summer. But I loved the deep woods country of Tennessee. My parents used to drops us off here for a month during summer vacation to stay with our grandparents. I loved the smells and the fact that it was green.

My sister now owned the ranch my grandparents once lived on and like I did when I was a kid I was here for the summer with jamie. It was hot and it was muggy, nothing like the heat we were both used to but it was a welcomed change. “wake up. ” jamie poked me in the side and I opened my eyes. “lets go swimming in the pond?” she asked with a big grin on her face. It was almost 3 in the morning and jamie looked like she had just taken 3 shot of espresso. The pond really wasn’t a pong but a creek that got pretty wide in and deep in one spot on the property.

“its late” I I mumbled and closed my eyes. I was tired and she wanted to keep me awake. “please?” jamie laughed bouncing on the bed. I opened my eyes and watched the childish grin play at the corners of her mouth.

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   “fine. ” I half smiled and sat up. “yay. ” Jamie smiled and kissed me quickly then jumped out of bed. she grabbed a couple of towles and a blanket and took my hand. “are you on drugs?” I asked yawning. Feeling the tingle of her skin on mine.  

“no im not on drugs. ” Jamie laughed and put on her shoes. I kicked my feet into my work boots and stretched. “then what is it?” I asked following her out of the house rubbing my eyes trying to be semi awake. “im so horny. ” Jamie smiled and pulled me into her arms and kissed me. he tongue slipping between my lips dancing with mine. Tasting her sweet lip gloss.

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   “I had to get you out of the house to take care of this small problem of me being so horny. ” Jamie smiled and dragged me in the direction of the creek.

“wiat up. ” I laughed and pulled her into my arms and kissed her deeper. Running my hands under her shirt feeling her warms soft skin. “you could have just said that. ”  I smiled awake now. She laughed and kissed me again sucking my bottom lip into her mouth and biting down softly.   “mmhhh” I moaned into her mouth and she kissed me deeper. “are we on the same page?” jamie asked and I cupped her ass and smiled. “oh yeah. ” I laughed and followed jamie out to the creek. We had built a dock on the creek and jamie set the blanket and towles down and I kiss again pulling mew down to the dock with her. “I want you to eat me out. ” jamie breathed and I smiled.

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   “oh is that what you want?” I asked kissing along her neck.

                “i brought something with me to play with but I want you to fucking eat me out. ” jamie breathed and I slowly ran my up her shirt. Feeling the warmth of her skin. “i like when you talk this way. ” I laughed and pulled her shirt off and ran my hands along her perfectly percky breasts. “do you?” jamie asked and I just nodded. “get to my fucking pussy then cuz I need you to make me cum sigh, im so fucking horny. ” Jamie laughed and pushed me to her pussy. I kissing along her stomach and pulled down her shorts and smiled. I kissed along her hips feeling her squirm under me.   “just get to it. ”  jamie laughed and I used one hand to part her pussy lips looking at the pink little bud that poked out from her pussy lips.

                I licked her perfect pussy lips avoid her perfect clit. Teasing her, loving how she was pushing towards my tongue.

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   “please” jamie breathed getting more frustrated by the second. Not wanting to piss her off I sucked her clit into my mouth and listened to her gasp. “hmmm” jamie breathed and I smiled. “oh my god. ” Jamie breathed as I worked her sweet juicy pussy with my tongue. Jamie took my hand and sucked on two of my fingers and I looked up at her. “finger me. ” she breathed and I smiled and slowly put my fingers inside of her. “yes. ” She breathed and I worked her g-stop while licking her clit quickly.


” Jamie breathed and I felt her body tense up and worked her G-spot harder and faster. Working her with my tongue and my fingers.   “yes!” jamie screamed and came hard on my hand and kept working her with my fingers and my tongue. “silas.

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  ” jamie breathed. “silas!”  jamie bucked and I reached up and massaged her breast. Loving the taste  of her perfect cunt, jamie bucked and put her hand on top of mine. “yes, silas, yes, baby, yes, fuck me. ” jamie breathed and I fingered her harder. Licking her clit sucking on it softly. Feeling her body tense up again. “yes. ” Jamie breathed and came for a second time. her legs clamping around my head. her pussy tightening so much that I couldn’t move my fingers. “oh my god. ” Jamie breathed and pulled me up to her kissing me deeply tasting her own cum and juices.

                “thanks you. ” jamie smiled and I licked my fingers, letting jamie come back down to earth.

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   I looked up at the night sky and smiled. the sound of the toads and the owls and the creek made the night so perfect and relaxing and we were in a place where no one could see or hear us. “satisfied?” I asked letting my hand dangle off the deck into the water. “I love when you make me cum and all you use are you fingers and tongue. ” Jamie rolled over and kissed me dragging my shirt up my body.  “I love making you cum. ” I smiled and jamie kissed her way down to my shorts and smiled.

                “I can smell your cunt. ” Jamie laughed and I just smiled at her. “are you awake?” jamie asked kissing her way back up my body. Stopping at my nipples and gently biting on each one. “mmmm. ” I I breathed and jamie kissed her way to my lips. “I am awake. ” I smiled and jamie took her fingers and worked her way into my shorts and to my already wet pussy.

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   “mhhh. ” I breathed into her lips and she smiled and kissing me again letting her tongue slip between my lips dancing with mine. “mhhh. ” I breathed and jamie  smiled. “I brought my toy with us. ” Jamie smiled and reached up  and pulled her purple strap-on out and I smiled.

                “whos getting fucked?” I asked watching her and she smiled. “im fucking you. ” jamie smiled and got up on her knees and maneuvered the strap-on harness around her. “I like that. ” I smiled and ran my hand along the shaft of the think purple cock. “I know you like this. ” she grinned and she pulled my shorts off and smiled. “your pussy looks so delicious in this light. ” Jamie smiled and ran her fingers up my slit and brought them to her lips.

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   “I love the way it tastes. ” She laughed and smiled. “on your knees. ” She laughed and I got on my knees and she pushed me over and bent down and started to licked my pussy lips. “mmm. ” I breathed and jamie grazed her teeth over my clit. “yes. ” I smiled and she sucked on my clit for a moment then pulled me up and wrapped her arms around me palming each of my tits.

                I could feel the cock rubbing against  my slit. “I want to ride you. ” I smiled and leaning back into jamie. “that sounds nice. ” Jamie laid back and on the deck and I smiled and crawled over her. And lowered myself onto the cock. “mmmmm.

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  ” I whimpered feeling the width stretch out my pussy walls. Jamie loved to wear this and I loved to fuck it. I sunk down and stayed like that for a moment and jamie smiled and reached up and ran my nipples between her fingers. “your so fucking sexy. ” Jamie smiled and I started to ride up and down on the cock. “mmmmm” I breathed and jamie grabbed my hips and every time I came up she slammed me back down.

                “yes. ” I moaned and I started to rock back and forth as I I rode her. “god that feels so good. ” I breathed and jamie slammed me back down on the cock and smiled. “I can see your pussy stretch over the cock and its so fucking hot sigh. God I love fucking you. ” jamie smiled and I pinched my own nipples. “baby. I love that you love fucking me.

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  ” I laughed and jamie sat up driving the purple dildo further inside of me. “now I want to fuck you. ” jamie smiled and kissed me deeply. “oh my god. ” I smiled and jamie laughed pushing me onto my back. “god that feels so good. ” I smiled and jamie started to thrust in and out of me. “god. ” I moaned and felt the orgasm build in me.

                “jamie. ” I breathed reaching up and massaging her tits. “oh god. ” I moaned and jamie leaned down and kissed me. “yes. ” I moaned and jamie bit down on my lip and I sighed.


   “yes, yes, yes. ” I breathed and she slammed harder into me with each thrust. jamie reached down and started to massage my clit. “oh yeah. ” I moaned and jamie just smiled. “oh my god. ” I scared and came hard feeling her fuck me harder. “one more. ” jamie laughed and slammed into me harder and harder. Feeling the cock slam into me mixed with the feeling of jamies skin on mine. “slow down. ” I breathed pulling her down into my arms.

                holding her against me as she started slower thrusts.   I replaced her fingers with mine. Working my own clit in fast circles.

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   I was so wet and jamie fucking me with the strap on felt so good. “I started breathing in short little spurts and jamie smiled down at me. “im going to eat you out after this. ”jamie smiled and started to fucked me a little harder. Driving the last few inches of the cock into me at the very end. “yeah” I whimpered and kept working my clit feeling the heat of the orgasm build inside of me. feeling my nipples get harder. “yes. ” I breathed rocking my hips back at jamie trying to get the cock to go deeper. “yes!” I yelled and started to work my clit harder and jamie started to pick up pace fucking me harder and harder. Using her hand to hold the cock just right so it worked my G-spot. “YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!” I yelled and came hard wile jamie kept fucking me I kept working my clit.

                In only seconds I was cumming again, just as hard as before. Jamie kept up her pace slamming the cock into me. until I lost count of how many times I came.

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   “I cant. ” I squirmed trying to get away from her. “I cant take anymore. ” I breathed and jamie smiled and moved out of me and brought the cock to my lips. “suck that clean. ” Jamie smiled and forced the cock between my lips. I did as she asked and sucked the cock clean tasting myself on it. “god that’s so hot. ” Jamie smiled and reached up and undid that straps and pulled the cock off of her and started to suck on her cunt. Feeling the heat hit my face and her juices started to flow again.

                “oh yeah. ” Jamie breathed and moved so we were in 69. I started to fuck her with my tongue and she moaned into my pussy causing me to jump a little. I was so sensitive but I couldn’t tell her to stop because I was so horny now.  I sucked jamies clit into my mouth and worked with the back tip of my tongue feeling her rock towards my face.

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   I jumped when her tongue found my clit. I moaned into her pussy and she moaned back into mine. The vibration of the sound feeling so good. I picked up the strap on and started to fuck jamie with it while she ate me out. “oh yeah. ” Jamie moaned and I rocked my hips in time with her licking.

                “oh god. ” I moaned and came again jamie just lapped up all of my juices and kept working on my clit. Sucking hard then licking, then biting softly. “oh god. ” I breathed and started to fuck her hard while sucking on her clit. “yes, yes, yes, oh god, yes YES, YES!!!!!” jamie screamed and I pulled the strap on out just as she came. Squirting in my face. I smiled and sucked on her cunt wanting all the juices and cumming again myself. “ok, I cant.

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  ” I clamed my legs shut and jamie laughed. “neither can i. ” she smiled and laid next to me. “fuck me. ” jamie breathed and kissed me hard. Our juices mixing together in this great sweet taste.

                “I just did but I can again. ” I laughed and jamie grinned. “in the morning. I need to rest for a moment. ” Jamie laughed and pulled the blanket over both of us. “I look forward to it. ” I laughed and wrapped my arms around her. We were both sweaty and spent. But I was so happy she woke me up and brought me out here.

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