Jamie and Silas Part 11, Chapter 2


I woke up a few hours later, rested, I hated jet lag. I could feel my pussy contracting around the vibrator Jamie had left there. God I was so fucking horny. I looked over and Jamie was asleep next to me. The bed sheet only covering up to her knees. I propped myself up on my elbow and looked her over. Her eyes closed, she looked peaceful. Her dark hair in a messy bun, her hand covering her eyes.

I don’t know how I managed to end up here, with Jamie as my girlfriend. I let my eyes wonder lower, looking over her perfectly tanned shoulders my pussy was begging for attention. I looked a jamies perky tits, how her pink nipples stood rock hard in the cool night air. I bit down on my lip wondering where to start. Do I wake her up with by biting down softly on her nipple, or do I work my way between her legs and taste her sweet cunt. The thoughts were making me hornier by the minuet.  I put my hand on jamies thigh, not really caring is she woke up, but she didn’t she moved her leg and I saw her pussy.

I could see the end of the glass dildo sticking out of her tight pussy, I smiled and moved so I was between her legs,  I looked up at her and smiled then gently sucked her clit between my lips.

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   A soft moan escaped jamies lips but she was still asleep. I sucked just a little harder and she moaned again, this time louder, her legs opening up to grant me more access. I reached down and moved the dildo in her pussy every so slightly and jamie smiled. “yeah. ” She breathed  turning her head, her eyes were still closed. “mhhm. ” I moaned into her pussy. “oh. ” Jamie breathed and opened her eyes and I smiled at her. “breakfast of champions. ” I laughed and jamie just smiled and bit down on her lower lips and laughed.

“morning. ” Jamie breathed  and I kissed my way up her body and smiled at jamie. “I love you. ” I smiled kissing jamie, she slipped her tongue into my mouth and kissed me back.

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   “I like waking up like this. ” Jamie laughed and I ran my hand down her side. “I like being near you. ” I laughed reaching down and running my fingers along her slit. “I love you. ” Jamie grinned and kissed me again. She was wet and I didn’t know what I wanted more, to kiss her or to eat her out, both tasted equally as good.

                “hang on. ” I smiled and got out of bed, I walked to my closet and dug through a box I had full of toys. I picked out my strap on and smiled. I wanted to fuck her so bad. “come back here. ” Jamie laughed and I smiled and put the strap-on on and pulled out the vibrator that was still in me. “I needed this. ” I smiled and walked back into my bedroom and got into bed next to jamie.


   “I don’t like not having you around. ” Jamie pouted and I smiled. “baby, I hate not being around, I want to pack you up and take  you with me every time I leave. ” I smiled and kissed jamie softly.               

                “Im here now. ” I breathed and kissed her shoulder just watching her. I could tell she was frustrated with me. Hell I was frustrated too but I had to work. “you are. ” Jamie smiled and ran my hand along her nipple. “hhmm. ” Jamie gasped and I smiled, her eyes closed and I bent down and took her nipple between my lips. Sucking hard letting it pop back out of my mouth. “I kissed my way to her other nipple. I blew softly on it and smiled watching goose bumps form on her skin.

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   “oh. ” Jaime breathed and I sucked it between my lips. I ran my tongue around it in circles before i kissed my way back down her body. Softly biting at her skin until I was back at her waiting pussy. I looked up and jamie just smiled at me.

                Fuck, I couldn’t say no to her, not that I ever wanted to. I kissed the top of her slit and breathed in the sweet smell of her cunt. I ran my tongue along her slip tasting her juices, I pulled the glass dildo out of her pussy and sucked hard again. I sucked her clit between my lips and she jumped. “eehhhmm. ” Jamie moaned and I smiled and I kissed my way back of to her lips. “ready?” I asked looking in her eyes. “yeah. ” She ginned and I placed the head of the large strap-on at her entrance and slowly started to push it inside of her. “ohhh.


  ” Jamie smiled and I went slow until the whole 8 inch length of the strap-on was inside of her tight pussy.

                “fast or slow?” I asked hovering over her watching her lips. “fast. ” Jamie grinned and I just nodded. “good. ” I breathed and kissed her quickly, letting her tongue taste her own pussy juices.  I pulled out almost all the way before slamming back into her. “oh. ” Jamie breathed and I smiled and started to find a rhythm that wasn’t to fast, but it wasn’t slow. Pulling almost all the way out of her before thrusting all the way back in. feeling the resistance every time I push back into her, she was so tight. “yeah. ” Jamie moaned and I started to pound into her harder. Hearing the sound of her skin slapping my skin ,I could feel her juice against my body and I was so happy. I was horny as fuck but fucking jamie was worth it.

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                “tell me when your close. ” I smiled and jamie just nodded and moaned. “slow down, I don’t want to come to fast. ” Jamie breathed and I slowed down and she sat up enough to kiss me. “I pulled in and out of her slowly as her tongue danced with mine. Jamie started sitting up more pushing me on my side. I knew she was going to ride me and I was perfectly ok with that. Jamie pushed me on my back and I laid there watching her position herself over the large cock. “oh. ” Jamie breathed and she lowered herself on top of me. I could see her pussy stretching to accommodate the new object.   “fuck that’s hot. ” I smiled and jamie leaned forward playing her hands over my tits to keep herself balanced.

                “yeah. ” Jamie breathed as she started to bounce up and down on my fake cock.

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   “fuck. ” She moaned and I reached up and ran her nipples between my fingers. “mhhm. ” She moaned and her eyes closed. “god. ” Jamie leaned back and used my knees as support as she road me. “ I smiled looking at her, her head thrown back, her hair messy, her eyes closed. The way her tits bounced as she went up and down. The juicse that were flowing out of her. “yeah. ” Jamie started to ride me harder and I smiled and ran my fingers along her slit, working her clit in fast circles as she started to bounce faster. “fuck yes, yeah, yeah, on my god. ” Jamie begged, her voice high pitched. “oh my god, im , oh my god. ” She screamed and there was a gush of juices that came out of her as she collapsed forward coming off of the strap-on.

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   “cumming. ” Jamie breathed and I kissed her hard.

                I worked my way between her legs and place the cock back inside of her. “oh. ” She smiled and I started to fuck her again. Keeping a face pace with short strokes in and out of her. “yeah. ” She smiled and I watched her come back to that place where she was so close. “yes!” she screamed and I pulled out of her and dove back to her pussy. Sucking her clit between my lips and putting two fingers inside of her, curling them to stroke her G-spot.   “fuck, sigh, yeah baby, silas im cumming!” she screamed and clamped her legs shut around my head as I lapped up all of her juices.

She tasted so sweet. I could feel my pussy juices running down my thigh. I lifted my head and jamie just grinned at me. “fuck, I love you.

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  ” She pulled me up to her lips and kissed me hard.

                She was still trying to catch her breath. “I want you pussy. ” Jamie grinned and grabbed my hips and pulled me up and I smiled and moved so my pussy was only inches away from her mouth. “yummy. ” Jamie grinned and pulled me down to her face and started to suck on my pussy. “oh. ” I breathed starting to rock softly as she sucked on my clit. “jamie, yes. ” I  moaned as she sucked hard on my clit, working her tongue in circles around it. “yes. ” I begged and jamie put two fingers inside of me and I moaned again. “ohh. ” I started rocking harder. “I so close.


  ” I breathed and jamie worked my clit with her tongue. “come for me baby. ” Jamie breathed and I felt the tightness start in my stomach and work its way through my whole body. “fuck yes. Im cumming!” I breathed and felt myself sink a few inches lower. I couldn’t keep myself up.

                “you taste good. ” Jamie grinned moving from under me. “now I want to fuck you. ” Jamie grinned picking up the glass dildo from the bed. “oh. ” I breathed and as she ran her fingers along my slit and I smiled. “wait. ” I laughed and jamie watched me. “under the bed.


  ” I laughed bending over on the bed felling jamies tongue find my clit again and I almost fell out of bed. “sorry, its just there in my face looking so fucking hot. ” Jamie smiled and slapped my ass hard. “oh. ” I breathed and pulled out a two way dildo. It was only about 12 inches long but I wanted to try it out with her. “that looks hot. ” Jamie grinned and I smiled. “it should be fun. ” I grinned and jamie took the dildo and made me lay back on the bed.

                Jamie positioned herself between my legs and placed 4 inches of the dildo inside of me and moved closer so she could get the other end in her. “oh I breathed loving the felling of the dildo in me.  Jamie put the other end of the dildo inside of her and she closed her eyes. “ready?” jamie asked pushing towards me.   “oh.

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  ” I moaned and we both started to rock back and forth. “fuck. ” Jamie breathed and started to rock faster, causing the dildo to fuck me harder. “god. ” I breathed pushing back at her. My pussy was going crazy, I could fell the orgasm building in me already. “oh my god. ” Jamie breathed and we started to fuck each other with the two way dildo.  Finding the rhythm that felt good.

                “in so close. ” I breathed rocking towards her faster. “ready?” jamie breathed looking at me and I closed my eyes. “yes. ” I moaned and jamie moved off of the dildo quickly and started to pull it out of me. “good” jamie started to slam the dildo back into me, hard and fast, oh.

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  ’ I breathed feeling her fingers find my clit. “oh my god. ” I screamed. “harder, harder. ” I begged as jamie started to pound into me harder. “oh my god, fuck!” I screamed “now” I bit down on my lip and felt the orgasm rip through me. “jamie pulled the dildo out of me and sucked on the tip and smiled. “you’re ready to sleep again. ” Jamie laughed and laid in my arms. “Fuck that was good. ” I smiled and kissed jamie and she laughed. “it was. ” She smiled and I started to drift back to sleep. That last orgasm had claimed whatever energy I had left.


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