Jamie and silas, tied to the bed and no choice but to cum.


I had always been a pretty heavy sleeper.   I think It has to do with being the youngest of 6 kid and sharing a room with my oldest sister. Me and Jamie hadn’t been getting along the past week or so. her working schedule and mine had worn on both of us and we were starting to argue about it. jamie would work 80 hour a week and I would work just about the same and we would only see each other for a few minutes a day if that before we had to leave for work.

Today was my first day off in three weeks. Last night I had gone to bed with one plan, to sleep in because getting up at 5 everyday started to get old really fast. I worked from 6 to 3 everyday, jamie worked from 2pm to 1 am. Every day. I never heard her come in at nights but she was always asleep next to me when I woke up in the morning. I heard the alarm clock go off and I tried to move but I couldn’t. my hands were tied to the bed. “what the fuck?” I looked up confused and pissed. Why was I tied to the bed. I could move my legs but only to a point they were also tied to the bed. “jamie!” I yelled.

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   I was pissed. “sorry, I have to leave for work. I’ll only be gone an hour. ” Jamie stood by the bed side. “untie me. ” I looked at her and she just shook her head.

                “jamie untie me. im not in the mood to play games. ”  I huffed and she kissed my forehead. “ill see you in an hour. ” She laughed and her fingers found my pussy briefly. I know what she did. and I hated her a little for doing it.   we loved sex toys and things to enhance how you feel during sex. and recently she had purchased this cream called Nympho Niagara.


   I loved and hated this cream. All she did was put in on my clit and the entrance to my pussy. I should feel it tingling I could feel the need to be fucked, to be eaten out. instantly. “jamie!” I yelled and I could hear her laughing. “an hour, I need you to be ready. ” Jamie laughed and the front door closed.

                “ugh!” I huffed and tried to get out of the tied keeping me on the bed. but it was useless jamie knew how to fucking tie a knot. I laid there pissed off and horny, those two things are not very compatible. I closed my eyes and tried to fall back asleep. It took effort but I had fallen asleep dreaming about sex. I was dreaming that jamie was using a bullet vibrator on my clit while she sucked on my pussy. I could feel the moan escape my lips in my sleep when I woke up jamie was sucking my clit. “oh god.

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  ” I breathed and jamie smiled. “what are you doing?” I asked watching her. She had a simple smiled on her lips. “what do you think im doing, filing my taxed?” jamie licked her lips and I sighed.

                “untie me?” I asked closing my legs the best I could. “why?” jamie asked pulling them open again sucking my clit into her mouth her tongue flicking back and forth on the hard bud. “jamie. ” I sighed trying not to love the feeling. “your so wet. ” Jamie smiled and started to finger me. “jamie. ” I sighed rocking towards her fingers. “slow down I wont want you to come so fast. ” Jamie pulled her finger out and sucked on them. “its your fault you put that fucking nympho niagra on me.

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   so don’t tell me not to come when I’ve been ready to come for an hour. ” I huffed and jamie kissed up my stomach. Stopping to kissed each of my nipples. “are we going to keep pissing each other off. Or are you we going to fuck, and make up?” jamie asked looking me in the eye.

                “untie me?” I asked and she just shook her head. “your mine sigh, ima have my way with you. you’ve been upset for two weeks. And im going to fuck you until your not upset anymore. ” Jamie  kissed my cheek and I sighed. “just untie me and we can keep going. ” I huffed looking at her and she smiled. “why cant you just stay tied up?” jamie asked kissing me.   her tongue running  over my lips. “I don’t want to be tied up.

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  ” I breathed kissing her trying to sit up.

                “I want you to stay this way so I won’t get distracted by you trying to make me cum. ” Jamie breathed into the hollow of my neck. “I don’t like this game. ” I sighed as she found my nipple. I wanted nothing more then to fight her but my body was reacting in all the wrong way. Begging for her to keep going.  “we will see how things go in the next ten minuet, if you cum in 10 mineuts, you stay tied up. if you don’t, ill untie you and you can keep being pissed at me. ” jamie laughed. “you’re the one that started this argument. ” I rolled my eyes and jamie bite down on my nipple. “now im ending it so shut up. ” jamie put on hand on my mouth and worked her way into my pussy. Kissing my lips.

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                “mmhhmmm. ” I moaned and sighed. “see, your enjoying this. ” jamie laughed and picked up a lipstick vibrator and I sighed. I knew I wasn’t going to last more then a few seconds if she used the vibrator. “im winning. ” Jamie grinned and I tried to fight it. telling myself it didn’t feel amazing, that it didn’t feel great. That I didn’t want it, need it even. “yes. ” I breathed when she put the small vibrator against my G-spot. She lapped of my my juices and sucked on my clit again. “mhhmmm” I tried to squirm but she just smiled moving the vibrator to my clip. Tongue fucking me. “yes.

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  ” I breathed. And she massaged my clit harder. “fuck. ” I breathed and I came hard. “mmmm. ” Jamie moaned into my clit. “fuck. ” I breathed harder and came again.

                “fuck me. ” I sighed and tried to calm down. “im going to. ” jamie smiled kissing along my mound getting out of bed for a moment. “your so fucking hot sigh. I want to make you cum all the time. ” jamie pulled on a strap on and got into bed on top of me.

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   “im going to fuck you now. ” Jamie laughed and slowly inserted the cock  into my pussy, it was bigger then all the other strap-ons we had.   “oh god. ” I breathed feeling it stretch out my pussy walls. I was so wet and so fucking horny. “jamie started fucking my slowly. I could see her own pussy juices running down her thigh.

                “your enjoying this right?” jamie laughed reaching down and ruiing two fingers along my slit then bringing them to her lips. “god your sexy. ” I breathed trying to get used to the size of the cock inside of my pussy. “I fucking love you. ” I tried to sit up to kiss her but I couldn’t get more then 8 inches off the bed. “kiss me” I breathed looking at jamie. ” You want me to kiss you?” jamie asked and I smiled. “got please kiss me?” I breathed and watched her.

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   “yes. ” Jamie smiled and kissed me letting her lips attach to mine.

                “now fuck me” I laughed and jamie started to slowly pull in and out. “after I cum, do I get to fuck you?” I asked and jamie laughed. “only if you behave, im not just going to let you up. I want you to cum as many times and you can. ” Jamie asked and I smiled. “but I just want to fuck you. ” I kissed her again and I smiled. “get over it. ” jamie laughed and sucked my bottom lip into her mouth and started to fuck me harder. “mhhm. ” I breathed kissing her trying to sit up and I laughed. “untie me?” I laughed feeling the cock ram all the way into my pussy. “fuck.

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  ” I moaned. “I wont untie you stop asking. ” Jamie laughed and started kissing me. the movement of me bucking towards jamie had loosened my ties and I squirmed to get free.  

                “yes. ” I breathed and she slammed back into me. “I was so wet and I could feel the orgasm building my whole body heating up. my stomach tightening my toes curling. “jamie yes. ” I breathed getting my other hand free and digging my nails into her back. “I should have tied those tighter. ” Jamie laughed and kept up her pace. “yes. ” I screamed biting into her shoulder.

 “fuck yes.


  ” I bucked towards the cock and grabbed jamies ass and dragged my nails all the way back up her back.

                “oh my god. ” I breathed as I came again. “I want to ride you. ” I breathed flipping her over but getting caught up. “shit. ” I breathed moved so I could undo my ankle ties. “not so fast. ” Jamie laughed and put the cock at the entrance of my ass. “wait. ” I wimped. “ive never. ” I sighed and jamie leaned over and kissed my shoulder. “I know. ill be gentle.

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  ” Jamie sighed and leaving a trail of kisses along my shoulder. She loved anal, to have me fuck her up the ass but I have never let her fuck me.

                “just lay down. ” Jamie smiled and I sighed. “I promise you will like it. ” jamie smiled and took off the strap on and got my strapless strap-on. “this is thinner. ” She smiled kissed me softly. “ok. ” I sighed and watched her lube it up. “ready?” jamie asked kissing me. “I guess?” I sighed and she put the vibrator at the entrances of my ass.  “just take a deep breath, don’t hold your breath. ” Jamie smiled and I just nodded and jamie slowly started to put the vibrator to my ass. I winced and jamie pulled out and grabbed the lube and started to work her fingers in same circle around the puckered whole working the lube in.


   she inserted her pinky and my muscle contracted around it.  

                “just relax. ” Jamie breathed working her finger in and out of me. “ready?” she asked and I just nodded. “just breath. ” Jamie put the vibrator back to my ass and slowly started to thrust in and out only working about an inch in and out. “oh god. ” I breathed feeling my pussy react. “feel good?” jamie asked pushing a little bit further in. “ yes. ” I breathed reaching down to rub my clit. “yes. ” Jamie laughed and started to work a little hard in and out of me. “im going to turn it on. ” Jamie smiled and reached down and turned the vibrator on.

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   “oh god. ” I started to breath harder and I felt the orgasm build. “fuck. ” I sighed and worked my clit faster. “mmhhmmm” jamie breathed rocking in and our of me.

                “yes. ” I rocked towards her. I never thaught I would enjoy this but oh my god she worked my ass and I wanted more. I wanted her to fuck me. I wanted to make her come, I wanted to come. “oh god. ” Jamie closed ther eyes and grabbed my hips pulling me towards her. As we both came closer to our orgasm. “jamie yes. ” I grabbed the bed sheets and came hard.

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   “yes. ” I screamed and jamie started to fuck me harder. Getting closer to her orgasm. I reached down and started to massage her clit with my finger. Forcing her half of the strap on deeper into her. “sigh. ” Jamie moaned and I pulled her out of me and sat up. lay down. ” I breathed and she moved so she was laying on the bed. I removed the strapless strap on and started to suck on her pussy. “mhhm. ” Jamie moaned and tangled her fingers in my hair. “yes. ” Jamie breathed. And I started to finger her.

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   Putting two fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her ass. “oh. ” Jamie moaned and started finger her hard.

                “yes. ” Jamie breathed. “yes, yes, yes, yes!” jamies high pitched screams came out and I sucked harder. “oh my god!” jamie cam and I smiled. “thank god. ” Jamie breathed and watched me. “your two wet for that to be the first time you came. “I came 3 times before I tied you to the bed. that’s why I wanted to fuck you. I wanted you to come. I needed you to come. ” Jamie laughed rolling my hard nipple between her fingers.

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                “mhhm. ” I laughed and moved her fingers. “so you did it because you felt guilty?” I laughed kissing her. Leaving a trail down her neck. “my pussy is to sensitive. I cant take it. ” jamie breathed and I pouted. “I know, but let’s go take a bath and then start over. Because I need to reconnect with you. things weren’t looking good. ” Jamie looked down and I bite down on her nipple softly. “I wouldn’t have let it get to that. ” I laughed putting my fingers down to her slit and pulling them back up and sucking on them. “to the bath and back to the sex. ” I smiled getting out of bed.

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