Meeting and Seducing Married Women Pt. 1


I have seen a lot of stuff here while reading other stories that really do make me hot but I wanted to write about something my Aunt Brenda taught me a few years ago. I was here in Georgia and we had been in bed for hours and finally fell asleep. We woke up the next day (Thursday) and got up and decided to go eat at IHOP for breakfast then Brenda said she had something that she wanted to show me after. We ate with little or no excitement and drove to the Mall of Georgia and went in. We walked around and window shopped and finally I said, "So what is it that you wanted to show me?" and she smiled. "Well, something you need to learn to do if you really wanna have some really hot sex is to seduce married women. " she said and I looked at her, "And you are going to teach me today?" I said half laughing. "Yes, this is one of my favorite places to come to since many of these ladies have money and are bored to tears with their husbands. " "Okay, I am paying attention. " I said and we walked around a little. We went to the book store and Brenda looked around, "I see several good possibilities. " she said. "Really? Which ones?" I asked her.

"Well, the woman in the self help section is good, the other one in the exercise books section I would bet on and the older one that is in the cooking books section. " I looked and all of them were very attractive and would be great in bed I was thinking. "So which one?" Brenda asked me.

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   "How about self help for $50. 00" I said laughing. "Self Help it is then. " and she walked over to the section and I found a good place to watch and listen from. Brenda is short and plus size remember with 42EEE tits and a proportioned figure and she uses her body to get what and who she wants. The woman was maybe in her late 20s and was married and looked like she was too busy for herself. Brenda walked over and started looking at books. She slowly got closer all the time talking to herself, "No this is stupid, not this one, no not that one, Oh none of these are for me. . . " she kept saying and the woman, a lovely red head looked at her each time she said something. "You sound like me, not sure what you are looking for. " the woman said and Brenda smiled, "Well, short, plump, big chest. . .

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  what category is that in?" she said and they both laughed. "Well, married, good figure, to busy to have a life, never see my husband and get any. . . " she said, I do not see that category either. " the woman said sadly then laughed. "Maybe we should get together and write our own book. " Brenda said laughing. "Maybe we should. " the woman said, ""Jackie, " she said extending her hand. "Brenda. " my aunt sid and shook her hand but held it long after the shaking was done. The woman looked uncomfortable at first but the let her keep her hand and Brenda moved just a little closer till she was next to her and their arms touched then she let her hand go.

"There really isn't anything here to help me. " Brenda said and the woman looked at her and she said "Not for me either.

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  " she said and Brenda said, "Let's get something for lunch, my treat. " and the woman looked at her watch and said, "Sounds wonderful. " They walked out with their arms touching but not holding hands and I followed them. Brenda made eye contact and the look said, "just stay close enough to watch and learn" and I smiled. They went to a place that had a restruant and went in. I followed a few seconds later and they sat in a nice cozy place by Brenda's request and I managed to sit at table away so I heard everything they said. Brenda ordered and drink and the woman, Jackie, looked at her and smiled and ordered one also, two Marguritas came to tem and Jackie sipped hers and Brenda drank hers almost straight down. Jackie looked at her and said, "My my, you are thirsty aren't you?" and Brenda looked at her and said, "Can I tell you something?" and Jackie said "Go ahead. " "Well, to be honest, ah well, to be really honest with you, I am very nervous being around you. You are so great looking and look at me. " she said and the woman looked at her. "Don't think that way, you are really lovely if I can say so. " she said. Brenda looked at her and sipped her drink. She had her tits on top of the table and her clevage was all open for the woman to see and I saw her looking and catching herself and looking away.

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   She also had on a nice low cut dress and was very casual in the buttons were down to three from the top. They ordered food and another drink and Brenda kept just looking at the woman. Brenda was letting her say what was to be said. "Do you know something Brenda?" she said. "What Jackie. " "If you were a man, I would think you are getting me tipsy to seduce me. " and Brenda laughed and did not answer. Brenda let her hand fall on Jackie's. "So are you?" Jackie said. "Am I what?" Brenda answered her. "Trying to seduce me. " Jackie. Brenda looked at her glass and then into her eyes, "I should be so lucky. " she said and now had Jackie's hand in hers. "You know what?" Jackie said.

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   "What" Brenda said. "I think it is working. " Jackie said and sipped her drink the rest of the way and ordered another.

They ate lunch and had a few more drinks and were obviously really tipsy when they left. Now each other had their arms around their waists. Brenda knew the mall well and they were going to a place that can be a little private and so I followed them. They walked into the corner and no one could see them and Brenda moved Jackie against the wall and took her face into her hands and kissed her softly and Jackie let her kiss her as Brenda teased her lips with her tongue. Then her tongue was deep in Jackie's mouth and making her hotter. "So where can we go?" Brenda said out of breath. "My house is not far away. " she said and Brenda said "Okay. " and they walked out the entrance to the car, a BMW and Brenda made the sign to call her on her cell. I got to her car and followed her and they pulled into a nice place with hangings and everything around the property. I drove on by and parked a few houses down the street and got out and walked back. They went in the door and she made the sign to call me again and so I did.

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   She answered the phone and acted like it was someone at work. "If you want me you will have to find me, I am not coming back in today. " she said. I asked her what I should do while she was in bed?" and she said, "Oh you know me, I just leave the door open so anytime you wanna come visit feel free. " and Jackie was in the background, "Are we going to go up to bed or not?" and Brenda whispered "Come in and up stairs. " and so they left the door and went up. I waited and opened the door and took off my shoes and up stairs. Brenda was undressing her prise and I watched as she lost her clothes and Brenda made everything a wonderful thing. She kissed her shoulders as her blouse came off and her bra and skirt and panties and so on. Then Jackie said, "Now, for my treat, let me see. " and Brenda took her things ofand Jackie said, "Oh my god, they are huge and delicious I bet. " she said and Brenda told her, "Then enjoy them. " and Jackie had her face buried in Brenda cleavage and sucking her nipples and massagging her tits.

Brenda sat Jackie on the bed and laid her down and slowly moved up her legs until Jackie let out a moan as Brenda took her clit in her mouth and sucked it and played with it. I was watching at the door and wet as hell and Brenda made sure I had a good view but kept Jackie turned from the door.


   Then Brenda buried her tongue inside of Jackie's pussy and she let out a cry, "Oh god, yes, oh damn, yes. " and Brenda kept it going until she was rewarded with an orgasm. JAckie got up and laid Brenda down, "Now my turn. " and began doing what Brenda had done for her. Brenda had a nice wet orgasm and they slowly moved to a 69 and began all over again with Jackie concentrating on Brenda's chest. THey we laying in each others arms after kissing and Brenda said, "I have a confession to make. " andJackie said, "And what would that be?" and Brenda got on one elbow, "Well, this is all a set up, I have had my niece watching us all the time. I have been teaching her how to seduce married women and she is right outside the door watching. " and Jackie looked like she did not believe it. "Come on in Sophia. " she said and I was already naked and soaking wet. Jackie went to cover her self. Branda took the sheets and told me to get in bed too. She started to get up and Brenda sat on her chest and told me, "Lick her into submission. " and so I began eating a very nice pussy.

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   Soon the struggle was gone and her hips moved with my mouth. Now all three of us were there kissing and touching and sucking. Jackie looked at Brenda while sucking her nipples again. "Does this mean I am a lesbian, my husband may not want me to be. " she said. "Well, what it means is that now you will get some great sex anytime you like. " and Jackie looked at us, "I can live with that. " and we all laid there again working on the next ogasm.
See ya all
Sophia. .