Seducing Married Women Pt. 4


The girls (they never did tell me their names) and I went to the bedroom. My nipples stil had a little trickle of blood from each one but one or other of the girls always licked it if there was more than just a little and wneh they did I felt myself getting hotter. They pushed me onto the bed and then walked around it. As they did they took off their clothes. Both were very slinder and had almost no more than little blossoming nipples. They had shaved pussies and a couple tatoos. The tatoos were very erotic, several demonic looking characters raping girls and then I looked closer and the tatoo was on them getting raped by these creatures. I do not know why but I felt afraid and hot all at one time.

The bag they had was open now and one put on a huge strap on dildo. It was really thick and over a foot long. "We are going to train you to enjoy pain. " one said and the one with the dildo was between my legs that they had spread and put restrains on. They also now spread my arms and strapped them to so that I was really helpless and whatever they wanted to do I could not stop them. One girl had the knife and then she had another that was very evil looking. The one with the strap on pushed the head into me making me moan. "Oh, we have a big cunt do we?" she said and pushed more.

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   "Oh yes, yes. . . : I was moaning. The other with the knife began running it all arond my body leaving, sometimes a trail of blood were it went through the skin. The dildo was moving but it was teasing me and as I got close to an orgasm the girl would ask me and I said yes and then she stopped moving and slapped my tits hard several times. THe one that had the knife got a box from the bag they had and opened it so that I could see. It had long needles in it, very thin and some very flexible. She handed the girl in me with the dildo a gag and she put it on and I could hardly make any sounds. The one set up a little table and started a small flame on a little burner they had and the needles were over the flame. "What do you think, tits first?" she said and the other said, "Yeah, she needs to have them tortured so that she has orgasms from the torture not the pleasure. " and so, one long needle was hot and the girl held my right tits so the nipple was erect and she took the needle and touched the hot end to the middle of my nipple. I moaned as it burned and then she pushed the needle until it slipped into my nipple. I was writhing in pain and the dildo was deep in me streaching my pussy out. The needle was going further into my tit after going through he nipple.

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   The one with the dildo was moving it in and out just so slow and the needle was matching it. The needle was fully in my tit and she left it there and got another that was hot. "Now the other" she said and took my left tits and held the nipple and the burn sent waves of pain and the dilco sank into my pussy and sent waves of pleasure. She slowly twisted the needle and sank it into my tit as the dildo worked in and out slowly.

They both began kissing me and the dildo went faster and then I was on the edge of an orgasm and they stopped. They looked at me writhing for need of an orgasm and laughed. "Now through the sides?" one said and the other said "Yes. " and the next needle came to me. She held my tit up streaching it and then the needle touched the side of it making me cry if I could have. Then it hurt more as she pushed it into my tit and began twisting the needle and pushing it through my tit. From one side to the other the longer needle went and then out the other side and she put something on it to make it stay. Another was there and she did the same thing vertically and then the other tit. I was crying in pain as they kissed each other and the dilco moved in and out of my cunt. They began biting my tits all over and my body and the dildo was out now and the one was sucking my clit till I was ready and then stopped. Suddenly I had an orgasm as they hurt my tits and I sprayed all over.

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more later.