Susan and Lisa part 2, Lisa joins the fun.


Lisa met me at the door as I got home from school, and gave me a most wicked grin! She pulled me inside, grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled me forward, and his lips covered mine, her tongue slipping out, and prying open my lips! I quickly responded, out tongues came together in a tongue swirling dance that made my pussy pulse with desire!

Breaking the kiss, she said, "That's a warm up for tonight! Remember how I told you that my friend Angie had been dropping hints about my asking little sis to join us in a mutual jilling session? Well, I'm going to spend the night at her place, her parents are out of town, and she doesn't know it yet, but little sis is going to come along with me, and Angie's wish will come true!"

She giggled at the lustful smile that filled my face, and said she couldn't wait to see Angie's surprise when we two showed up at her door!

Before we left, Lisa told me what happens, when they had a sleepover with no parents around.

"First, we change into something more comfortable, then we retire to the TV room. Angie always has a very hot, X rated video usually featuring very hot lesbians, and the idea is to watch it, let our pussies become molten centers of horny lust, and see how long we can stand it, before we are slipping our fingers down there! Once that happens, we head for her bedroom, and the one who was first to reach for her pussy, gets her pussy stroked off by the other. Then, the giver becomes the givee as the favor is returned! Then, we spread our legs, and watch each other as we masturbate wildly, until we explode again! After that, we fool around with each other, and do whatever comes to mind!"

I could feel my pussy pulse with an erotic jolt, knowing that I was going to be in that scenario!

Angie's face was a mixture of confusion, lust and hope when she opened the door! Not quite knowing what to expect, however, she chose to play it safe.

"Lisa, and Susan too. I'm a bit confused, what are both of you doing here?"

"Well, since your parents are away, and since you've been asking me to include little sis in our sessions, here she is! Just as horny as we two get, and just as ready to join us in some fun! And with the house to ourselves, we will have a lot of fun!"

Our lust filled smiles spoke to the evening ahead! Angie invited us to change into something more comfortable, as she was about to do, and then head for the rec room. She had a DVD that she thought we'd like to watch for a little while.

Upstairs, we changed in different rooms, my sister told me that this was something her and Angie did on other sleepovers, to heighten the anticipation. I slipped on my blue satin nightie, it barely covered my ass cheeks, and was very aware of how close the bottom of the nightie was to my pussy and ass!

Meeting my sister, she was wearing her flame red nightie, it was a just a tiny bit longer than mine, but still revealed plenty of leg.

Angie joined us, and she was really ready to roll. She was wearing a sheer, see thru black nightie, her stiff nipples pressed out the front, and it just barely covered her pussy. Walking through the upstairs hallway and downstairs behind her, I could see her sexy ass cheeks through the thin, gauzy material as she walked, her rump looked very sexy! My pussy was already simmering!

Downstairs, the video started rolling, it was called "No Man's Land" and indeed it was. Very hot, sexy porn actresses, doing wild lesbian scenes, 69's, strap on dildo fucks, licking each others horny cunts, and a lot more! My pussy was starting to heat up furiously, I looked around, and I could see my sister and Angie also fighting the urge!
I finally reached the breaking point, when one very hot scene had a busty blonde and redhead fucking each other with a double dildo! I slipped my hand over my pussy, and felt the zing when I ran a finger over my horny opening.

"Aha, Susan has had enough!" Lisa giggled. "It's time, let's go upstairs, and get really comfortable!"

Angie and Lisa smiled at me, as the took me by the hands, and led me upstairs. My pussy was creamy slick, throbbing with need!

In Angie's bedroom, with a candle flame giving a soft, romantic lighting, Angie and Lisa gently slipped off my nightie, I lay down, and I felt Angie's fingers slide over my wispy blonde patch.

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"Go ahead and finger my little sis, stroke her pretty pussy, and make her cum", Lisa whispered to her best friend.

"Is that what you want? Does Susan need her pussy stroked, do you need to cum real hard?" Angie teased me.

Desperate, I grunted out, "Oh fuck yes, I need it right now! Finger my burning pussy, make me cum, make me squirt all over your hand!!"

Angie giggled, "What a hot little sis you have!"

As I felt Angie's fingers sliding up and down my slick opening, I felt Lisa's lips and tongue sucking and licking at my throbbing nipples, and I groaned with pure pleasure! My nipples were sending zings of wild pleasure straight at my pussy, and it felt like electric shocks of pleasure were zapping at my aching clit! Angie's fingers slowly went up, down, pressing just inside my bubbling center, over and over again. I could feel it building, a tsunami was about to engulf me. Angie's fingers started to slide around and around my clit, and that was it! I felt like I was being picked up, and I howled with sheer pleasure as my orgasm crashed into me, I could feel my pussy squirting, covering Angie's hand as my pussy convulsed over and over, gushing my orgasmic juices as my orgasm spun around inside me, making me cum so hard, it almost felt like an assault!

When I came back down to earth, I could see Angie and Lisa kissing wildly, and I eagerly joined in! We swapped hot, luscious kisses, bringing my pussy back to a horny, ready state! Forming a triangle, I could feel my sister's fingers at my pussy, while I had the pleasure of fingering Angie's fiery center, while Angie was stroking at my sister's sexy mound! We worked over each others hot, horny centers, I could smell the arousal of our hot, horny pussies filling the room! My sister worked me over expertly, and I hung on until she was polishing my pearl, and I was on the edge!

Angie howled "Oh fuck, yes, I'm cumming, fuck yes!!"

Her pussy exploded, her juices gushing, coating my fingers, I scooped her cream up to my mouth, savoring the hot, erotic taste of her juices. That did it, I could feel my pussy wrench wildly, I howled as I came, my inner muscles spasming wildly, and I enjoyed the sound of my sister's cry of joy joining ours, as Angie's fingers brought her off!

To show Angie how far I was willing to go, Lisa and I quickly arranged ourselves so that I was eagerly licking my sister's horny pussy!

"Oh fuck, that is so hot! I was wondering if you'd be interested in more than just fingers, glad to see it!" Angie whispered.

"Give me your cunt, baby", Lisa growled, "and get your mouth down there, and eat little sis!"

I could feel Angie arrange herself, and I was able to see the exciting spectacle of Lisa starting to eagerly lick and suck at Angie's pussy, while I felt Angie's lips and tongue make contact with mine! I grunted with pleasure, it was obvious that she was no novice, as I felt her lips, tongue and fingers skillfully working over my steaming core, giving my pulsing pussy a wild licking! I could feel it building back up, and I held on until it felt like Angie was eating me alive, fuck, she was damn good! I exploded, letting out howls of pleasure as my pussy dissolved in a wash of hot juices, Angie eagerly sucking them out, and swallowing my juices! That set off Lisa, and she let go, her pussy sending out waves of her nectar, as my mouth busily sucked them out, then Angie grunted out as she climaxed, washing my sister's pretty face down with a flood of her juices!

Sprawling out, we were still cranked up, and Angie told we going to have a female circle jerk! Arranging ourselves in a triangle shape we spread our legs, eager to masturbate to another orgasm! Taking large pillows, we made sure our upper bodies were propped up, so was could all clearly watch each other! Spreading my legs, I felt so nasty and lewd, displaying my horny pussy wantonly, knowing that my sister and her best friend were going to watch how I satisfied my lust when I was alone!

Our masturbation styles were as varied as we were. I watched Angie as she was laying back against her bedroom wall. My pussy pulsed with horny heat as I watched Angie slide the handle of her hairbrush into her horny pussy! She really got into it, her hips started to thrust powerfully, the handle of her thick hairbrush stretching her pussy wide open and helping to push her clit out at attention. As she wildly fucked the hairbrush handle her clit swelled up so much that its tip ran up and down the hairbrush handle as it thrust in and out.

My sister, her legs spread wide, kept her shiny, pale pink inner lips, opening, and clit constantly visible. She used her right thumb to strum up and down over her cl it while her other fingers danced over her tender pink lips and glistening hole.

Since I had been introduced to masturbation during the weekend orgy my sister and I had shared, I had tried several different styles, alone and with my sister when our parents were out. My favorite was when I ran my index finger up and down my opening until the wetness seeped out and my finger got creamy. Then I'd slip it in a little further and let my finger dip into my small hole and slide up to my sensitive little bump.

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  I did so, feeling the tide building as my finger, soaked with my natural lube, played in small circles over my twitching clit while I watched Angie and Lisa fingering themselves.

Angie grunted, "Oh fuck yeah! Too bad my last boyfriend didn't have it what it took, he'd still be fucking me! I love feeling the fullness stretching my cunt, and fucking myself in front of you is making me so fucking hot!"

Lisa grunted out, "Damn, it feels so good to have you watch me as I stroke myself! I'm gonna really blow!"

I joined in, "When I spread my legs, I felt so nasty and lewd, displaying my horny pussy so brazenly, knowing that my sister and her best friend are watching how I satisfy my lust! It feels so fucking hot to know that you are going to watch me cum!"

Listening to us pant, grunt, moan and mutter dirty words while we worked on our horny little pussies made me feel so damn hot and nasty. I felt like I was just an overheated little slut who needed to have her legs spread so Lisa and Angie could watch me play with my cunt as I got off!

The room was full of the scent of our overheated pussies! It was just a matter of who could last the longest!

Finally Angie couldn't hold back anymore. Her panting increased, she was working the hairbrush handle in and out of her slurping pussy fast with her left hand while her right thumb and forefinger pinched her small clit erection and stroked it from base to tip. She started squealing and going over the edge!

That gave me the last jolt I needed, the squelching sound of Angie's juicy pussy being fucked hard and the sight of Angie cumming, as I watched the hairbrush handle fucking Angie's juicy pussy, I started squealing with pleasure as my cries of pleasure joined Angie's as my horny little pussy exploded.

Almost on cue, as her fingers stroked up and down and over her clit and her slit while she panted and watched us, Lisa howled with pleasure, her body froze, tensed, and quivered. Her nipples were hugely erect and crinkled and her tongue ran over her lips as she watched us cumming, joining us in an orgasmic rush!

We collapsed, well spent and satisfied. I felt Angie and Lisa cuddling me as the bed blankets covered us, and just before sleep took me, Angie whispered, "Sleep well girls, my parents aren't home till late tomorrow, so we'll have a day long orgy!"