"The Violation and Domination of Valerie Miles" by M. Satyr


by Marc Satyr

Valerie Miles was actually a beautiful 19 year old, but she considered herself plain. As a college Sophomore at a small college in the Midwest she had been asked out by several of the male students, but she had turned most of them down. She never "put out" on dates, so she soon found she got fewer invitations. She was considered cold and aloof, perhaps even a Lesbian by the men. "Hot girl but she hates sex," they contended. They admired her curvaceous body with its firm "C" cup breasts that jutted out from her slender 5'3" inch body and her shapely hips that seemed to be so inviting. They also admired her innocent face with its pretty though slightly longish nose and high cheekbones that gave her the profile of a film actress. Her bright green eyes were inviting pools they would love to immerse themselves in. Her light brown shoulder length hair was always well coiffed and they wanted to hold her by it and use her mouth with its full well shaped lips for a second pussy. But she focused on her studies as a pre-med student and had achieved a straight A average all the way through high school and college.

She was not, however, as cold as they thought. At home she often used the large round bed posts of her bed to rub her clitoris on until she achieved a climax. It was safe. She could not impale herself and destroy her hymen. Sometimes she used the handle of a hair brush to bring herself off as she lay naked on her bed in the dorm being careful not to push the handle too far in her inviting young vagina. Or she sometimes combined the brush with her long slender fingers to massage around her clitoris and come with gasping passionate sighs when she was alone.

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  She was not cold; she was shy and wanted to please her physician father. She focused on her goal to become a physician and join the staff of the large hospital in which he was the head surgeon.

She was an avid swimmer and instead of using the college pool she joined a health club where she went 4 or 5 days a week to swim, ride exercise bikes and do some minor lifting focusing on keeping her lovely body trim and hard. She worried most about her thighs. They were firm but larger than she would like. She always wore a two piece blue bathing suit that revealed her well shaped breasts, her flat belly and her beautiful ass. She kept the hair on her Venus mound trimmed but not shaved because of the bathing suit. Her cunt lips were surrounded by a light brown mound of hair through which her pink slit peeked in an alluring way.

The owner of the gym where she worked out had noticed her the first time he saw her. Unknown to the women who used the health spa he had installed t. v. cameras in their shower and locker rooms. He always watched Valerie as she undressed and put on her swim suit. His cock grew hard at the sight of her sexy young body. When she showered he admired the way she gently stroked her find cone shaped breasts with their beautiful long pink nipples and carefully ran the wash cloth over her pink labia and puckered tight anus.

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   He watched as she toweled her beautiful sculpted body and jerked off. He knew he wanted to fuck her. What's more he laid plans to make her his sex slave.

One day when she arrived at the gym she noted that it was unusually empty. She was almost the only one in the pool. Two other well built young men lolled by the side of the pool. They were muscular and wore small bathing suits that outlined their large penises. She felt a lump in her throat as she noticed them eyeing her as she dove in. She had swum only a lap or two when one of them dived in, and suddenly she felt his hands around her stomach. He came up from under water and pulled her down with him. She struggled. He grabbed her swim suit bra and she got away although her top had been pulled down around her stomach. He grabbed at her trunks and as she pulled herself up on the side of the pool she felt the bottom of her tight swim suit sliding off her firm round hips. The other man now ran to her and pulled her up. He pushed her against the wall and began kissing her.

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   Her swim suit bra was around her belly and her swim suit trunks around her knees and he was tonguing heras he kissed her brutally and fingering her vagina.

"No, please don't" she screamed.

"Take her to the locker room and fuck her," she heard someone call from the entrance to the men's locker room. The two men dragged her to the locker room where they threw her over a bench and clawed her swim suit off her body. She lay on her belly over the wooden bench kicking and struggling against her attackers. It was to no avail. One of them grabbed her by the back of the head and forced his cock into her mouth while the other pulled her legs apart and began to take her with his tongue as he inserted a finger in her anus.

"Fuck the shit out of her," the voice commanded.

She recognized the voice. It was the owner of the gym, Mr. Galloway. How could he do this to her. He had always been so nice, and now he was ordering these two big guys to rape her.

She felt the man behind her forcing his big penis into her tight vagina entrance. She felt her hymen being ripped open as he violently thrust in her the full length of his big cock.

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   The other man was forced his cock deeper in her mouth and fucking her face so she choked and gagged. She gave up fighting the rape as the man fucked her hard and deep, plowing her violently. The two men took turns fucking her over the bench in both her mouth and vagina.

"You like this, don't you, bitch. "

"She fucking loves it, man. "

The two men came in her. She heard them grunting with satisfaction as they pumped their cocks dry in her mouth and pussy.

"Now I'll take her in the place she will learn to love most, her sweet young ass," the owner of the gym said.

He grabbed her by her breasts and held them firmly as he positioned himself behind her. She felt his cock rip into her only remaining virgin hole and pushing through her sphincter violently. She shoved in and out of her dry anus untilhe had the full length of his big hard cock in her. Her insides burned as her thrust the full length of his pole in her tight ass hole reaming her with a vengence.

"Save something for us," the other men said as the man fucked her rectum.

"There'll be plenty left of this fine ass when I finish," Galloway said thrusting into her even harder.

He came in her ass.

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   She felt the cock contracting as it spewed the warm cum deep in her bowels. Then each of the others took her in the same place and equally roughly. When they finished fucking her ass they stood her on her feet. She could hardly remain standing and one of them held her up from behind by her breasts kneading them in his paws. Mr. Galloway stood towering over her as she struggled to remain standing.

"You bastard," she said, "why did you do this?"

He hit her in the belly and knocked the breath out of her andslapped her across her cheek.

"You, my sweet young cunt, will respond to me with respect. You will be my sex slave and learn to service me and learn to enjoy it. Do you understand?"

She slumped to her knees gasping for breath and began to sob quietly. She knew the ordeal would not end there.