Boys will be boys


I had gone to this park to jack myself off, I had my pants down and I was in the middle of it when this guy snuck up on me and caught me in the act.

Fortunately he was similarly minded to me and he had already jacked himself off in another part of the park and was leaving when he found me doing it. He was a few years older than me but he seemed cool.

We talked for a while and he pulled his cock out and played with it. His cock wasn’t even hard, but it was longer and thicker than mine and it looked great. Then he asked me if he could hand job me.

I agreed and he gave me a really nice hand job and when I was ready to cum he actually went down on me and took my cum in his mouth.

That was the first time anybody had sucked my cock.

I had never enjoyed anything like that in my life – I had never had sex with a girl yet so I hadn’t even done that.

After he had finished sucking and swallowing my cum. He said that was wonderful and he had done that before but only with guys his age. He had never sucked a boy my age before until now. He said I tasted sweet and enjoyed it. I was just laying back enjoying the feeling of having it done to me he said we could meet again and possibly do it again.

I said do you want me to jack you off now.

He said not now – you can do it to me next time.

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   I said sure and we talked about it and made a date for the next Saturday.

I wanked myself off every day two or three times just thinking about what we might do. I had decided I wanted to suck his cock and hoped he would let me. I even tried to drink some of my own cum just to see what it tasted like. I didn’t get much – right up until I spurted I was going to drink it but once I had cum I sort of chickened out and only got what I had on my fingers. I did get quite a bit though and I could taste it. It was bit sour or salty or something – I just hoped I wouldn’t gag when I got him to cum in my mouth.
I assumed his would be almost the same.

On the Saturday I went early to make sure I didn’t miss him – I didn’t jack off before I went – I wanted it to be great when he did it to me like last time. He was early too as like me he said he was looking forward to the two of us having fun playing with each others cocks.

We found a good spot where we didn’t think we would be seen and we stripped our clothes off and just looking at him naked got me hot I didn’t think I was gay but looking at him made me feel like I wanted to be. We talked for a minute then he came over to me and held me and then he began to kiss me. I thought he must be gay to do that, but I didn’t object because it was making me feel even more sexed up. As we kissed we started to feel each others cock and play with them – we both got harder kissing each other and playing with each other cocks.

I broke the kiss and said seeing he had wanked me the first time could I wank him first and he said sure.

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I had a nice time playing with his cock and jacking him it is bigger than mine and I loved the feel of it in my hand. Just pulling the skin up over the top and down again very slowly as I looked at what I was doing and the lovely way his skin felt. I just played with it for a few minutes as I had never felt a cock as big as his and I was really enjoying the feel of it and just looking at it as I did it. Then I started to jack him and went slow to fast and then slow again – it was great just having my hand full of cock. My cock was hard all the time and it jumped sometimes when I felt something when I was wanking him or when he looked at me and it made me feel really good. A couple of times he pursed his lips as if he was kissing me, that gave me a good sensation too. He said he was really enjoying it and a couple of times when he said he was getting close to cumming I stopped so he could make it last longer. He said he didn’t mind me stopping - he said I was doing it well. I had already decided I would do what he had done to me. I said next time I will finish it and for him to let me know when he was close to cumming. He didn’t have to tell me - I could tell by the way he straightened his legs and began to breathe jerkily and loudly – I do the same sometimes. I just grabbed his cock harder and worked it up and down faster like I do when I can feel myself about to cum. He moaned and put his hands on his nipples and pulled on them and I could feel him getting ready to spurt so I got down so when he spurted it went straight into my mouth. It spurted right into my mouth like a jet and I swallowed his first lot and then put my mouth over his cock again and sucked and swallowed his cum as fast as he spurted and I pumped it into my mouth. He really made a lot this time.

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He really loved me doing it and I could hear him moan softly a few times. As he came he held my head on his cock and played with my ears which gave me a nice feeling as well. I sucked until the last drops of his cum had come out and I had swallowed it. I had now sucked a guy off and drank his cum – I must be gay. It actually enjoyed doing it – it made me feel really good – the taste of his cum wasn’t bad.

He asked me what he tasted like and I tried to describe it to him and he said that is pretty much how I tasted. He said I have sucked a few guys off but yours was the best. Then he said he would like to suck me and I let him do it from the start and we soon worked out the best way he liked doing it and I loved just having his cock in his mouth and his hand on it stroking it as he sucked it. I would do it like that in future.

I was in seventh heaven and the feeling of getting my cocked sucked was the most wonderful feeling I could ever have imagined. He played with my balls too while he sucked my cock and that made it feel better.

I lasted about 7 or 8 minutes then said I am going to cum and he just looked up into my eyes and he kept my cock in his mouth and I came and he swallowed my cum like I had swallowed his. I could tell he was enjoying it just by looking at his face. It was amazing how much we both like sucking each others cock and drinking cum.

After that we just sat together nude and talked about rhe sex we did and played with our cocks in the sun and slowly stroked them and after a while they got hard again and we started to wank ourselves as we were in the mood again.

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   He told me he had sex with two other guys about his age and maybe they might let me join in one day. I asked him if he ever fucked them in the bum and he told me he had. We talked about that for a while and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that – he said it hurt the first couple of times. I said I wasn’t sure I wanted to and the size of his cock would really hurt me if he put it up my bum. He said there is no hurry – when you want to try we can show you the best ways to do it.

After we had started I asked him if I could wank him and he agreed so I got down and played with and stroked his cock and licked his precum off it as it came out. I had a wonderful time playing with his cock and fondling his balls. This time we were at it for about 20 minutes having a rest every now and again but my hand never left his cock. Then he said I am getting close – are you going to swallow it.

I said no I want to see it spurt and see how far I can make it go. He laughed and said this is fun.

He lay back on the bench we were on and opened his legs wide and let me go as hard as I wanted to.

He was so close as he was saying ---OOo God …. . Ooohhh God ….

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  . Ohhhh S…h…. i…tttt …. and he was beginning to grunt and shake and then he moaned as I squeezed his cock hard and blocked his piss hole with my finger and held all his cum in his cock and when I thought it had enough pressure I let go and it spurted about a metre. One long string of cum then another that went almost as far then the next one didn’t go far at all and then it began to dribble out – but his first two spurts were amazing. I had never got one to go that far ever.

He grunted loudly each time he spurted and seemed to be enjoying it. He was gasping for air and breathing real heavy. – ohhh god he said that was fantastic.

I said that was amazing – I have never spurted that far ever.

He said neither have I it was the way you squeezed it and kept it all in my cock and then let it go. You were still pumping it and I thought I was going to pass out the sensation in my cock was so strong and my cock head was sooo sensitive – it actually hurt when you touched it there must have been so much blood trapped in it. God that was amazing. Nobody has ever made it feel like that before.

I said have you done this with many guys.

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He said plenty – there are a few of us who get together and have sex parties together – I am gay and they are all gay too and we love having sex parties.

I was curious to ask him what they all did together apart from bum fucking and wanking but I thought I would wait until I really wanted to get mixed up with his older friends. I was about 5 years younger than him and thought they may try and rape me or something – never having had sex with a guy before, I would be like a girl virgin.

I was so happy I had done it like that to him and made him feel good. I hoped he might do the same for me now.

He took a few minutes to recover – it was a pretty strong orgasm.

Once he was ready he said ok its your turn now – and he got my cock and began to stroke it and I lay back and enjoyed having my cock played with and stroked. As my precum ran out he let it drip down onto my cock skin and as he stroked my cock his hand was being lubricated by my pre cum. I was enjoying just having somebody else stroke me and I was really enjoying being wanked off by him. He got up and as he continued to stroke my cock he began to kiss me again and I was liking the both sensations of us kissing and him wanking me. We did it like that for about 5 minutes or more then he stopped kissing me and he started to play with my nipples and then he began to squeeze them and it felt good I had never played with them before and it felt good and I noticed he had done it to himself earlier – I said harder and he squeezed them really hard and said do you like that and I just nodded – I was in seventh heaven having been kissed and now being wanked off and having my nipples played with. He bent over and licked one nipple then sucked it and then began to bite it. I was really enjoying it and said harder and he bit me harder, each time he bit it harder it made me feel even better so I saidharder still and he really bit into them. It was a bit painful but it made me feel really good, so I didn’t stop him. Each time he bit my nipple my cock got harder – it was amazing.

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Then I said I am cumming, I’m cumming… quick ---- and he stopped sucking my nipple and then did what I did and squeezed my cock as I tried to spurt. I built up this pressure in my cock and I could feel the tube in my cock straining to keep it in then he let go and I shot as far as him and I saw it fly in a long rope to where it landed, about the same place as his. It looked fantastic.

Then he got down and sucked me clean and got all my other cum out by squeezing and sucking it. It was wonderful laying back and him doing it. I thought I must be gay to like an older guy doing that to me and liking it.

When he had finished we both lay back in the sun with soft cocks and he put his arm around me and played with the other nipple and I did the same to him. Where he had bitten me there was a little bit of blood where his teeth broke the skin – he said you will have a bruise there like a love bite.

I said good; I will cherish my first time getting that done - I never realised guys could really have good feelings in their nipples until today.

We played with our cocks for a while and talked about what we had done and how each of us felt doing it and having it done. Then he said I have to go – lets do a 69 before we go and the both of us got down and sucked each others cocks and had a wonderful time doing it. He started to cum and this bought me on as my mouth filled up with his cum and made me cum in his mouth about the same time. It felt awesome being sucked and sucking and me getting his cum about the same time I got his. I had only sucked him of a couple of times but I already was liking the taste of his cum.

I asked him how mine tasted as good as before and he said it wasn’t bad – I quite like it in a way.

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We kissed and I could taste the cum in our mouths and then we got dressed and kissed again and we walked back with each other hand in hand.

On the way he asked me if I had thought about getting ass fucked any more.

Maybe we can do something like that next time.

I was fascinated – I had never seen it done or had it done to me before so I wondered what it would be like. He had told me it hurt at first but it might be a nice hurt like he did when he bit my nipple.

The next time we got together - I would know.

That’s another story. Until next time happy wanking and sucking .
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