Sue and I walk home from middle school. I was in the 6 grade and she was in the 8 grade. She was the hottest black girl in the school and she knew it. Even the white boys wanted to be with her. I was the chucky fat black boy who no one wonted to be around. Walking home with Sue is the only time I talk to any girl. Sue is my next door neighbor and her family and mine do thing together. Today Sue and I share something together.
I just got done doing my homework when I her heard a knock on the door. I open the door and saw the pretty Sue at the door and wearing a pair of short shorts and a tank top.
“Hi Greg what are you doing. ” She said with a sweet smile. All I could do is shake my head as I look at nipples poking threw her tank top. ” Greg I got this DVD I really won’t to watch can I watch here? I would watch it at home but my player broken. ” She rubs my arm and I felt my dick move. ” Well what you say?” “OK Sue go in the TV and I will set it up.

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  ” Sue skip threw the house to the TV room. I took that time to adjust my hard on and then fellow her in.
She gave me the DVD it was a burn one and it had no writing on it. Sue sat on the sofa that was against the wall and I sat in the recliner right in front on the TV. I press play ant the screen went black and a low moan came in. it sounded like my mom and dad on a Friday night. Then on the screen was a white woman naked with a nice huge ass. ” Sue what is this? What if my mom comes home?” “Greg your parents come home around 6:30 and it 4 now. So relax and let just watch the DVD and see what the big deal with porno movie is OK. ” She grabs the remote and press play again. I grab a pillow off the chair and put over my crotch to my hard on.
On the DVD a big black came in the room with the white girl and he smile and drop is pants. ” WHAT THE FUCK “Sue screams. The guy grabs her by the hair and force to her knees. He grabs his dick and forces it in her mouth.

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   I couldn’t believe that I’m watching this shit with Sue. I glance over at Sue and she playing with her nipples. She was so into the DVD that she forgot where she was. I put one hand under the pillow and started rubbing on my cock as I watch her. I look at the TV for to see the guy fucking the hell out that girl. She was screaming and crying as he drill her. I focus back on Sue and got an eye full. Sue now had one leg up and the other out wide. Her shorts were pull to the side by one hand and the other was busy rubbing on her pussy. This was first pussy I in person and it was nice. Her wet lips shine in the light of the room and the smell was nice candy. I took my hand off my cock I didn’t won’t to cum in my pants. I watch this sexy ass girl get off in front on me. Her head lean back and her hand was moving super fast. Her pussy became wet and it ran down to her asshole.

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   Her moan got louder and louder and then she shaking and scream,” HERE IT HIS!” A nice stream of pussy juicy came on to the sofa. My cock was leaking now and couldn’t move. Sue came back to earth and realizes what she did and where she did it. “Will Greg I think I should go now. ” She would not you at me. I walk to the player and got her DVD.   I handed it to her she down at make my crotch and smile. “Ha you got a hard on. ” “ Sue you come over here in those short shorts and tank top, nipples poking out, we watch xxx movie, and I watch you get off in front on me . So yes I have a bad hard on and now your leaving to take of alone. “I had a cry in my eye. Sue sexy smile came back and she look at me and took a two step to me. She grabs my hand and moves it to her breast. “I know you like that. You can’t fuck me and I’m not going to suck you off but I’ll help you get off like I did.

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  ” Without saying anything else she pushes back into the chair. She opens my pants to let my cock escape its prison. She look surprise by the size of it; it was around 6” long but its4” thick. She was able to get her hand   around it and being stroking it slow. She knew I wouldn’t last long she stop and lean forward placing her nipple to my mouth. I knew what she wonted so I suck like a baby. She started back stroking slowly; as her stroke I suck. I move my hand between her legs and stared rubbing that pussy. I was rubbing her pussy as fast as I could. I felt her grab on my cock get tight and a load moan came from her. Her pussy juicy ran out again. She remove my hand from her pussy and give me a kiss the lips. Now she was really ready to help out. She spilt on my cock and then she rub it in. she started slow then in no time she was working like I did her.

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   I was getting close and I won’t to cum s bad. ” Fucking shot that load. Shot that load. Show it to me. ” With that word it came and came. She kept jerking and I kept Cumming; some hit her, some landed me, and on the chair.
She wipe off cum chin and taste it. “ Not bad but not great ; maybe I could get use to it”  She wipe off hand on my shirt and give me a kiss and walk out.
Now that was  a good day.