RoomForRent ch5-Naughty rumors


Naughty rumors
Sweat has covered her voluptuous body as Alex caresses her tits while her eyes affixed at the exhausted young man. She can clearly see Rael catching his breath as he exploded on her face. The young maid didn’t mind it at all and so will she. Alex can hear her self begging to be fucked as she touches her cunt.
Inside the room the lady had washed her face with the warm water from the wash room. She came out the door still naked positioning herself before Rael’s still throbbing cock. “I’ve never fucked someone as hard as you. ”
“That’s because this is the first time you’ve fucked me. ”, answered back by Rael.
They were almost ready for another round when a ringing sound surrounds the room. Instantly she was alarmed and admitted that it’s her cell. She picked up her clothing and pulled out her small cell phone. “Hello, yes ma’am…it’s terrific. . you’ll be very pleased…”
After she hung the phone, Rael was left with his mouth still opened wide as he looked at the young hot body gaze through the door where he almost caught Alex.
Without a word or anything Rael was left in the room with his lips still wet from the luscious kiss she left him with.

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   “What is wrong with that bitch?”
Regardless of what mood his in, he felt sticky and so he rush toward the bathroom, cleaning himself as if a new banging action will suddenly take place. He was not expecting Vi nor Sheryl to arrive within the next three hours but his door was getting louder.
As he opened the door, he saw the hot Filipina babe she fucked not an hour ago. “Y-you!?. . ”
“I would like to ask for a favor. . my boss wants to meet you. ”
“By boss. . you mean Jun’s aunt?”
She nods at him and before he could even add another words she answered his untold question. “I’m Neri. ”
Rael was acting like he doesn’t really want to come but she showed him her most pitiful eyes. Looking at her gorgeous body he made a contract with her. “Just promise me this isn’t the last time we’ll make out.

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Again a nod but that’s all Rael needed and without any more remorse he followed her lead to Jun’s house. Last time he came here he didn’t even made to their receiving area but now his in a room he doesn’t even know whom.
Knock. . knock
Neri gazed at him to enter and to his surprised she locked the door. Rael would’ve screamed or banged the door open but he noticed that he’s not alone as the water in the shower room echoes.
It seems that door of the bathroom was purposely left opened but Rael doesn’t need to think twice as he entered without any regards to consequences. Inside he found a bidy behind the silhouette. The water was flowing effortlessly on her smooth and fragile body.
He almost called her Venus at the sight of her fucking great carcass coming out of the shower. “You must be Rael. . aren’t you Jun’s boyfriend?”
Now it’s his turn to nod, he was stunned to see Jun’s gorgeous aunt parading in front of him without any clothing to cover her big boobs and shiny clit. “I can see that you are not as faithful as Jun told her father. ”
“That makes the two of us unfaithful doesn’t it?”
“What do you mean?”, she said almost innocently.

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“. . I’m here because you want me to ravish you just like how I ravished your husband’s daughter, right?”
It’s like something took over Ela as she attacked the young man’s lips like hungry ghoul trying to sip Rael’s life away. But the effect is traversed as the young chap extends his hands to grab Ela’s bountiful tits.
“Fuck me hard, Rael”
There is no need for that as the guy lifted her up to have his starving lips to her pinkish nipples. “Hmm…this’ll gonna be good. . ”
He kissed her lips to her ears, down her throat and her beautiful shoulders. She moans with excitement as Ela grab the back of Rael’s head. To his thrill, Ela rid of his shirt  as the chap put her down to undress.
Within 60 seconds Rael’s dick was already enjoying the breeze of the wind as Ela deep-throated him. He can feel the back of her throat with every thrust he made. “Oooohhh…. you’re just as good. .

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  but this is my show. ”
And with these words, Rael throw her on her back facing the mirror where she can see her pretty face. Suddenly, between her thighs she felt her manhood trying to penetrate her. “Aaahh…you’re big. ”
Is all she can say as Rael repeatedly penetrated her like a pistol. From the back she can feel the young man’s hand caressing her breasts, kneading them like a baker to his bread.
“oohhhhh…this is great…right. . touch me there. ”
“Wer- not done yet. . ”, the chap almost gag at his words as he lifted both of her thighs so she can see herself getting fucked from the mirror. She can clearly see herself swallowing the big hard pipe of Rael.
Ela just took her shower but blisters of sweat are now forming on every pores of her body, just to show how much she’s enjoying the flame, the flame that Rael ignited when he pierce through her womb.

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  . there…. . ooohhhhh”, her face showed more appreciation than her words as Rael saw her smile through the mirror.
“Ahhhh…I’m cumminggg…cummmmiiingg…ooooohhhh. . ”
She drools as Ela reached the peak of her lust but the young man got a hold of his tongue and managed to get a grip. He grasp Ela by the arm and lead her inside the bathroom. Inside, he let the shower cool off her body but before her temperature cool down his lips journeyed to her shiny clit.
Putting her right leg onto his shoulder, Rael’s flipping tongue drove the slutty wife crazy. “Ohh!. . you’re so good. . there.

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  . a-ah”
The chap can taste her hot juice beside the water running over their skin. Like a child wanting to drink he followed the water on her skin touching her sensitive part. Her gorge, her thigh and even Ela’s anus didn’t escape him.
“Oooohhh…let me suck on you. . ”
He guided her below, allowing his steady 10-inch rod to be tasted by Jun’s aunt. “You like my cock?. . . Ela?”
“uhhmmm…uhhh”, she answered him by swallowing his manhood letting Rael feel the wall of her throat.
“Bend over. . i’ll fuck your shaven cunt from behind. .

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Just as he said, she obeyed without regress.   And like a dog hungry for fucking, he pound her pussy hard producing a juicy, sexy sound. “Yeah…oooohhhh…”
Looking down he saw lively tits swaying back and forth as he penetrate her with force. With extra effort he grabbed her bouncing tits, kneading them as he thrust forward. “Ahh. . ahhh…”, she was excited to have another man molests her, to have her pussy pounded and abused.
As Rael looked over the side he saw a hose. He got a hold of it and let his left hand free while his right hand is busy pinching her pink and growing nipples. “Ooo-oh…Rael squeeze them more. . ooohhh…”.
To Ela’s delight, raising her hormone to a new level as the young man let a strong current of water run through the hose allowing the liquid to blow her clit stimulating her cunt even more.
“. .

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  this is so fucking great…ooooo-ooohhh…”
The bitch really need a good fuck is what Rael presumed as he look at her slender but juicy body from behind. Her smooth skin could drive any man crazy, perhaps one of the reason Jun’s father bought her.
“Give me more. . just a little more…”
Rael knew she’s about to release another blasts, his not further behind as well. He touch her back giving sensation to Ela through her spines. “Ooohhh. . cumming. . “
“Me too…Ohhh-hh”
He grabbed her tits for the last time and slapped her buttocks. “Cum inside me. . ”
That’s something he doesn’t hear all day and so Rael let her bursts of cum inside her, hitting her inner walls. “Oooohhhhh….

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  . gggooood…”
They both fell on each other’s still naked body with the water falling over. Exhausted and unable to speak for a while just catching their breath. Suddenly they both heard a knock on the door outside.
“Your husband. . ?”, before he could even complete his query. Rael saw a disapproving nod from Ela before she explained. Ela’s husband got a cardiac arrest and is currently in the hospital. The doctors said he would last long since his in a coma.
“Jun’s with him right now. I would be going later. ”
Suddenly, Rael felt his heart almost ripping apart for what he did to the old man. His facial reaction didn’t escape the observant eyes of Ela. “Don’t worry this is actually what my husband want.

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He looked at her with big question mark written in his eyes. “He left a document which I just saw earlier. That asshole, he knew I won’t let him down. I love him though people won’t believe if I say so. ”
Rael couldn’t believe it himself but Ela soon cleared it up. In his letter, Ela’s husband specifically asked her not marrying anyone else. He doesn’t want his richness go over to other’s blood and let Jun in a miserable life. “That sucker wants me to have sex with Jun’s boyfriend if really need it but told me not to get preggy anymore. ”
Rael was in a burst of laughter as he find everything hilarious and funny. “I’m not kidding Rael, the reason I chose to have sex with you is to tell you not leave Jun and me. ”
“You’re not joking?”
Ela’s eyes spoke the truth but still the young man has a disarrayed mind. “Don’t leave us Rael. You can have me, Jun and even my maid, Leena. ”
“This is really unbelievable. .


  it’s like you are offering me a harem of my own. ”
“Well if you want more girls than us I am very sure Jun will understand. She only wishes that you marry her. ”
Rael stood up still confused and in disbelief. “I don’t know what to say. ”
“You don’t have to…if I saw you coming back here with Jun than it’s all good. ”
The bathroom door opened revealing the dazzling body of Leena, the maid Ela was talking about. She’s just in her panty with her two pair of beautiful jugs freed to breathe the air. “Drinks?”
She came in with two pair of juice as well but her body got Rael in fighting cock mode again. He fought hard to dress himself up though fucking them both will definitely be enticing but the burden of accepting Ela’s offer lingers through his head.
“I’ll be thinking about it Ela. ”, he said leaving Ela a deep kiss and Leena a smack on her butt which almost made the juice slip on her.