Average Blonde Part 2

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Topic: Average Blonde Part 2It was my 18th birthday this sunday so i had planned the whole day i would have a pool party because we had just got a pool put in the month before and invite all my close friends over. The day went all to plan, i got heaps of pesents and a lot of hugs which i loved. That night while i was cleaning up i found a envolope addressed to me with money in it, but there was not return address. When i got in my room i looked over the envolope to try and find any clues as to who had sent it, but i couldn't find any. The next day i was thinking of what to spend the money on i could always buy a 6 pack. When i was driving home from school i past this sign that advertised a adults only store that opened up last week so i desided to go in and look at what they sell. There was things like DVDs, uniforms with parts missing some had just the tops or some had hole where the nipples could show through, there was whips and collars, and then i got to the toy part. There where dildos and strapons, double dildos and long fat ones, then i came to the anal plugs. Most of the were long and fat but there was one that was short and skinny. I thought to myself what the hell, so i brought it with the money given to me in the envolope. When i got home my parents where out so i went up stairs but then thought what the hell and went out side to the lounge chairs and lay down i looked over the package the plug came in and read the safety rules, like don't keep in direct sunlight and all that. I then looked at the plug and felt a tingle in the pussy, i quickly ran up stairs and came back with the egg i got for my 17th birthday, I had an idea. I stripped off down to my socks, which i always thought looked sexy in and felt down the lips of my pussy, the idea i had suddenly got me to orgasm straight away and i cummed all over the chair. I started to lick the plug getting it lubricated to insert in my ass hole. It felt funny at first as i lay there on the chair so walked and lay on the grass on my towel i got from my room while i got the egg. Lying on my stomach still naked i felt hot even with the plug up my ass.

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   i started to pull in and out i rubbed my pussy. Orgasming after two minutes felt amazing. As we lived in a suburben area we had a large backyard with high fences and  a large hedge surounding the fence for maximum privacy. As i cleaned off with my towel i started to walk around the yard still naked mind you, it felt wonderful with the air on my body and on my wet pussy. The plug still being in my ass felt amazingly hot as i walked, it moved side to side as my legs moved my ass cheeks. It was a hot day so i desided to go for a swim i pulled the plug out with a "pop" and put it with the egg. Then i ran and jumped into the pool with only my socks on. The water against my body felt smoothing and relaxing. I desided to clean myself out so i opened up my pussy and let the water fill me up, i quickly closed up to hold as much water as i could in my pussy and got out of the pool. I collected my clothes and toys and walked back into the house to take a shower feeling the water try to come out i held my legs together to hold it in. I let it out in the shower and cleaned of the rest of my cum, then i masturbated abit to the sounds of the water. When my parents came home i was up in my room lying on my bed, the idea i had would have to what till the weeked cause i fould out i had to look after my cousin till her parents came back from there star wars convention interstate. The week went slow i didn't masturbate incase my cousin found me, so i had to wait till she left. On saturday we went shopping and then i spilt and went of on my own as i was waking back home i saw a couple making out and i started to feeling horny just looking at them. When i got home i ran straight up to my room and found my toys knowing that i had at lest a couple of hours till my parents came home i got undressed but left my runners and socks on, i went and got the toys and i found my sunnies and hat and walked downstairs and got a towel.

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   The idea i got was to go to the park where it was not muched used and masturbate with the two toys at once. Our house had a gate at the back fence so i walked down the back and out the gate with only my shoes, socks, hat, and my towel over my shoulder. I wasn't afraid of being caught naked outside and in the park cause most of the neighbours were on vacation. When i got to the park there was no one there the couple i couldn't see anywhere so i walked over to trees to a pivate area i found one day and lay my towel down. I lay there finger fucking myself for a while and then i heared a nose from the bushed near me. As i looked though the branches of the bushes i gould see the couple. The guy was lying down on his back and the women was over him sucking his cock. I was shocked at what i saw but i then relised that i was naked as well so i didn't much care as i was about to go back to masturbating i saw the guys cock. It looked at least 9 inches long and 2 inches thick. Suddenly i felt my own orgasm come on i started to rub my pussy and then i felt it coming i had to hold onto the trunk of the tree to keep myself up right. When it past i felt angry i wanted to orgasm with my toys in me so i desided to go home and try again tommorow. The next day mum and dad went to visit her sister and i stayed home cause i had something else to do. When they left i got ready i took my clothes off and got my toys i inserted the plug up my ass and put the egg in my pussy and turned it on random but put up the strength of the vibratios then i put my sunnies and hat on and left my shoes and socks on and then put sunscreen all over my body. I got into my jeep and drive for about 20 minutes to a private parkland. There was nobody there so i got out and got my towel i started to walk along to the most surcluded area i could find.

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  I layed down and started to rub my ass agains the ground so my ass got a workout from the plug, that alone gave me a very intence orgasm you wouldn't believe unless you try it. I got up on my knees and took out the egg i push it against my pussy until it went it the feeling still shocked me but it felt great to have it iside me. I took the remote and turned it to low and just sat there for a while then the felling of my next orgasm started to come, so i turned it to high and lay down on my towel and started to rub my nipples when i suddenly let out a load moan. At first i thought someone had heared my but it was just a bird. When i finished i went for a walk around to see the surounding area. There was a small playground with a swing and a small slide with a sandpit at the foot of it. My plug felt amazing as it moved to the motion of my legs as i walked that i got another two orgasms out of it. I hoped back into my car and drove back to my house just as i got out of the shower i heared my parents drive in the driveway. I had many time that i could strip of and masturbate and many outdoors in public. But the most exciting ones were in class at school. The though of pleasuring myself in public or even just outdoors is the most erotic feeling anyone can have. .