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"Hey, you think you could hand me that pen from the shelf behind the door? This one just quit on me. " He said, fiddling with the pen. I smiled and walked behind the door, shutting it as I grabbed the pen off of the shelf. The second I heard the door click I wasn't sure I was happy or scared out of my wits. Johnathan turned around and looked at me, and for the first time I actually felt like he was checking me out. "Is that really the only reason you came up here?" I was shocked by his question. Was I that obvious? I wasn't sure how to answer the question. I stood there just staring in shock for a few moments when he said, " I know it's not, so you mght as well just fess up!""Well. . . , umm. . , you see it's like this, I uh. . . .

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  . " I stammered. I sounded like such an idiot. "Janelle, listen, it's ok. I know what your going through. " He stood up and walked over to me and rubbed my shoulders. This was so abrupt that it sent chills all over my body. He knew it did and it made him go lower to my hands. I was so shocked that I didn't have time to react when he turned me around and kissed me. His tounge was in my mouth and slowly massaging mine. His lips were so soft and the kiss was so intense that I completely forgot about everything around us. Suddenly I was aware of his hands on my back, slowly moving downwards to my ass. His hands circled around my butt and before I knew it they were up my shorts and carressing my bare ass. He pulled me closer to him and I could feel his hard on against my lower abdomen. It felt so huge and firm.

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   I could feel myself getting wet just thinking about it inside of me. A chill ran up my spine and he turned me back around and started kissing my neck as he unsnapped and unzipped my pants. I hadn't worn any panties so he pulled them down with no other barriers. He seemed so ancious and I loved it. I never expected him to want me like this. He croutched down on the floor and started licking my ass hole. I was so shocked. I had never had this done before but is felt so good. "Oh Shit, that feels good!" He was taking hid tougue in and out of my ass and he seemd to be loving it as much as I did. I was hoping he would never stop when he pushed my back so that I was bending over with my ass in the air. He started teasing my clit with his toungue, flicking it lightly then roughly. I bent over as far as I could grabbing my ankles. I could see him through my legs carressing himself over his pants as he licked me. "Fuck me! Fuck me now!" I begged him, almost too loudly. After all, there were other employees in the store.

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   But he never said a word he just got up and and dropped his pants. I finaly got to see him, all of him. It was the biggest one I had ever seen. At first I was a little scared but once he started rubbing it against me, I was fine. I wanted him inside of me and I didn't want to wait any longer. I stood up straight and took my shorts off the rest of the way. I walked over to the counter and leaned over on it spreading my legs out so that he could see all of me. "Oh, damn your so small. " He was jacken himself off as he studied me. I could feel myself throbbing and dripping I wanted him so bad. He must've noticed because he walked over to me and slowly slid himself into me. I felt completely filled and It hurt. But he kept going anywayz. I started to cry out but he placed his had over my mouth. After a few thrusts, it started to feel good.

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   I wanted him to go harder but I was afraid he would hurt me more. But soon all the pain was gone and I was lost in the pleasure. I could feel myself climaxing and I cried out into his hand. I felt myself orgasm three. . , four. . , than five times. It felt so incredible that if it weren't for his hand I would have been screaming. I wondered why he hadn't cum yet when he pulled out of me. I felt a little dissappointed that it was over but suddenly I felt him pocking my ass with his finger. It was wet with my pussy juice and it felt pretty good. But before I knew it, he was shoving himself into my small ass. With the position I was in I couldn't stop him. It hurt so bad I wanted him to stop.


   I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks. I was biting his hand to but he didn't seem to notice. He fucked away at my ass as I cried. My ass must've stretched because it started to feel a little better and I reached under myself and started rubbing my clit. He was making these low grunting and moaning noises as he sped up his rhythem. I could feel myself about to cum again and this one felt like it was gonna be big. I could feel him jerking inside of me as he shoved it in all the way. I screamed into his hand in pain and in pleasure as I reached my finale, and ultimate orgasm. He was moaning loudly and I knew someone had to of heard him but I no longer cared. He left himself inside of me for a second as he caught his breath. THen he slowly pulled himself out of me and I felt like I had been split open but I didn't care. My all time dream had come true. After that we both put our clothes back on and I got my check an left. Shortly after that night, Johnathan transfered and I never saw him again. But he will always be my favorite manager.

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  This is my first story. Tell me what you think. Please be easy on me. .