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              It was late afternoon when I drove past the public school in Pittsburgh, PA where I spent my early years. For nostalgia's sake, I stopped to see if any of my old teachers were still there. I found the doors open, so I walked inside through the corridors I recalled so well.
            I walked the old, familiar hallways of the first and second floor, but the building seemed deserted. I went down to the basement and came out across from the shop classroom where Mr. Coree taught. I walked in, and there he was. Mr. Coree came from Haiti, wore his hair in braids, and he had the blackest skin I'd ever seen. As I looked at him sitting at his desk, I realized he hadn't changed much. He still wore the braids, but his hair was now a little gray.
            "Hi, Mr. Coree," I said, walking toward the front of the classroom, "remember me?"
            He looked up and said, "I know I should, just let me think a moment. "
            His eyes roamed my body from top to bottom, taking in my blond hair and my see through tank top that showed off my 40 inch tits and red nipples. His eye lingered at my mini skirt, which showed all of my legs, leaving almost nothing to the imagination.   He smiled and nodded his approval.

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            "I'm Vickie Evans, Mr. Coree, don't you remember. I was in your class when I was 10 years old. "
            "Little Vickie Evans, of course. My you have grown. " He took my tiny, white hands in his coal black ones and I noticed their size and strength. "What are you doing here at the old school?"
            "I was driving by and thought I'd stop in and see if you were around and say hi. "
            "So you came back to see your old teacher, huh?"
            "Yea," I said, smiling at him.
            "Then have a seat and let's talk. "
            I looked at the student's desks, and he said, "No, not there, Vickie. " He stepped forward and gripped my waist in his hands, then lifted me onto the edge of his desk. I wiggled back so I could sit comfortably. I saw Mr. Coree staring up my skirt, and since I don't wear panties, I knew he was getting an eyeful of my love patch. A huge bulge formed in his pants and it turned me on that my old teacher was getting a hard on over me.

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   I spread my legs wider and gave him a big grin.
            He stepped between my legs and slipped his big, black hands over my knees, sliding them along the inside of my thighs till his wrists bumped against the bottom of my skirt. My nipples grew hard as his thumbs tickled my pussy hair.
            He grinned at me and said, "What have you been doing all these years, Vickie. "
            "I got married, but now I'm divorced. My ex said I just wanted to have fun not be married. "
            "If I remember right, Vickie Evans just wanted to have fun in my class. That's why I used to have to paddle you all the time, remember?"
            "Boy, do I, Mr. Coree. Say, you still got the old butt buster you paddled me with?"
            "I still got it, and I still use it on my students. I used that old butt buster on your butt just about every day. I thought you liked it. "
            "I did. I was the big shit in class cause you whipped my ass every day. "

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   Coree pressed tight between my legs, keeping them spread apart. I folded my hands in my lap, pressing them against the bulge in his pants. I rubbed his hard dick while he tickled my cunt hair.
            "Maybe you need your ass whipped once more, Vickie," he said.
            "I'm a little old for you to spank me ain't I, Mr. Coree?"
            "Don't argue with your teacher," he said, as he pulled my hands and stepped back, sliding me off the desk. "I do it a little different for a big girl like you. Take off your clothes. "
            "Yes, sir," I said, grinning up at him. All those years as a student taught me to obey the teacher. I pulled off my tank top and my 40 inch creamy, white melons popped free. He stared wide-eyed at my cherry red nipples, already growing hard for him. I unsnapped and unzipped my skirt, dropping it to the floor and revealing my patch of pussy hair he'd been playing with. I slipped off my shoes and stood on display for him.
            He slipped his hands over my tits and squeezed and teased them saying, "I'm going to bust your butt, Vickie.

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            Holding my hands, he turned me around and stretched me face down across the top of his desk. I gripped the edge of the desk like we did as kids, only now there was something new. There were leather straps with Velcro fasteners attached to the desk corners. He wrapped them around my wrists, and then locked them with the Velcro. I heard the sound of a zipper and then a desk drawer opened and closed. When he walked back to where my head was, I looked up and saw he was naked with a big hard on. His black dick was at least 10 inches long and thick. It was the biggest I'd ever seen up close.
            "Wow, Mr. Coree," I said, "you got one big, black cock. "
            I looked up and saw he was holding the butt buster, a black, leather strap 5 inches wide and 18 inches long. He leaned over me, letting the cold leather lightly slap my bare ass and pressing his dick against my face. I rubbed my face on his dick, licking it up and down with my tongue. I was so horny I would've begged him to whip and fuck me.
            He climbed on the desk, sitting on my outstretched hands.

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   He grabbed my blond hair and shoved my face into his crotch. Suddenly, I felt the sharp sting of the leather crack across my bare ass. I gasped, and Mr. Coree rammed his big, black cock deep into my mouth. He wiggled forward, forcing my head back till it couldn't go any further, then pulled my hair and head forward, driving his cock down my throat. I thought I would choke, but I loved it.
            Mr. Coree went to work with the butt buster. Crack after crack lashed across my buttocks as I felt the sting then the heat in my ass. I screamed, but his huge dick stuffed down my throat muffled the sound. Every time I screamed my cheeks and tongue wiggled against his dick, and I felt it grow harder and thrust faster. I was giving Mr. Coree a blowjob by screaming.
            "Suck my black dick, Vickie," he said, cracking me over and over with the butt buster. I kicked the air with my legs and feet each time he slapped me.

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   I looked like a little white fish with Mr. Coree's big, black hook caught in my mouth. I couldn't go forward or back, I just wiggled and loved it all.
            The butt buster's cold leather set fire to my bare skin, as he whipped me faster. I screamed and kicked my feet through the air till I finally tasted the first salty drops of cum in my mouth. I shook my head back and forth from the pain as he pounded my ass faster and harder. Finally, Mr. Coree's cum gushed out of his black dick into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn't swallow it fast enough as it filled up my throat and mouth then spilled out over my lips. I gagged as I gulped gobs of it down. Finally his cock quit spitting jism, and I felt it soften and grow small. I swallowed the last mouthful of Mr. Coree's love juice, as he pulled his limp prick out of my mouth. He climbed down and looked at me.        "How did you like the feel of the butt buster, Vickie?"
            "I loved it, Mr.

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   Coree. "
            "Good. Now I'll show you the new things I got since you were my student. "
            He walked behind me and I heard a drawer open and close. I moaned when his hands spread my ass cheeks. He inserted a tube up my ass, and I felt a cool jelly ooze up inside me. He came around in front and lifted my head up by my hair. He pushed his soft prick against my lips and said, "Suck it up hard, Vickie. "
            I sucked his dick into my mouth and licked it all over with my tongue. In minutes he was hard and pounding my head up and down on all 10 inches of black meat. He pulled his dick from my mouth and disappeared from my sight. I felt the cheeks of my ass spread, and the head of his dick pressed against my ass hole.
            "Push, Vickie," he said, "spread your asshole. "
            I pushed hard and suddenly his dickhead popped inside my asshole. I shouted, as he pumped and pushed, driving his black dick deep inside my white ass.

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   He pumped my asshole furiously as I again kicked the air with my legs and feet, feeling like the insides of my ass would pull out. He grabbed my huge tits, pulling them backward and using them as handles while he pumped my ass.   Finally, I felt his cock spew cum inside me, filling my ass with his love juice.
            He finished hosing me and wriggled his cock out of my asshole. My sphincter muscle stretched wide and hurt, but I felt great. Mr. Coree walked around and smiled down at me.
            "That's my Haitian fanny fucker," he said, "How'd you like that?"
            "It was great, Mr. Coree. "
            He undid my wrists, then rolled me over onto my back and strapped my hands again. He climbed up and sat on my belly, then pushed his wet dick between my tits, and crushed them around it. He rubbed my big, white tits around his black cock, cleaning and drying it. It quickly grew hard and I raised my head, kissing his purple cockhead, as he tit fucked me. As he pumped faster, I opened my mouth and sucked his dick inside. I gagged from a slight taste of the chocolate road it traveled a short time ago, but the taste quickly evaporated as I sucked harder on his black prick.

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            Mr. Coree let go of my tits and pulled back. His dick jumped out of my mouth with a loud popping sound. He climbed off then stepped between my legs, and I felt his huge prick pressing against my love mound.
            "Oh yea, Mr. Coree, please fuck me hard. "
            "Now, Vickie, I'm going to give you my Haitian pussy pounder. "
            He shoved his dick deep into my love hole. I kicked my legs out to the sides as I felt his cock inside me. He grabbed my bare ass with his fingers, squeezing hard and making me scream.   Holding onto my ass, he slammed all 10 inches of his cock into my pussy. He fucked me slowly, moving his dick around inside me and I loved it. I wrapped my white legs around his black ass and tried to pull him further inside me.
            Mr. Coree watched my tits flop back and forth as he pounded his cock into me.

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   He picked up a ruler from the desk and cracked the flat side across my left nipple. I screamed as he cracked my right nipple, then he grinned at me as I screamed again. He beat my tits with the ruler smacking my huge melons on the sides, the bottoms, and the tops and across the nipples. He whipped my tits faster and harder, leaving red marks and welts where the ruler landed.
            I screamed and cried at the same time, begging him to stop but not wanting him to. My tits turned a fire red from the beating. At last he dropped the ruler and grabbed my sore, aching boobs in his hands. He squeezed tight, as he pulled and stretched them, lifting with all his strength. He stretched my tits almost twice their size, as I screamed in pain, feeling like my tits would rip off my body.
            I went wild as I felt his huge, black cock fill my small, white pussy and the terrible pain as he squeezed and stretched my tits. Finally I felt his cock explode inside me and his warm cum burst out and splattered my cunt walls. He pounded harder and harder, emptying his hose into my love hole.   At last he slowed and let go of my tits. I panted like an animal, as Mr. Coree ground his body between my legs, leaving the last drops of his jism inside me.


   Finally, he pulled his limp prick from my pussy.
            I lay exhausted. I heard a drawer open and water running, and then Mr. Coree appeared beside me with a self-inking stamp pad, a bottle of clear liquid and a cup of hot water. He put the bottle in the water, and then sat beside me.
            "Know what this is, Vickie?" he asked.
            "No, sir. "
            "It's a stamp that says Property of Mr. Coree, Haitian Headman, and I put it on all my property. The bottle heating in the hot water is a sealer. If I stamp something and put hot sealer on it then nothing can take the ink stamp off. It's sort of like branding a cow, only I'm going to brand Vickie Evans body. "
            I stared up at him wide eyed as he lifted my left tit. He pressed the self-inking stamp pad against the bottom of my tit, then pushed, driving it into my flesh. Next, he took the brush from the hot sealer and spread it over the ink on my boob.

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   I squirmed from the heat. A small square with the words "Property of Mr. Coree, Haitian Headman" were stamped and sealed on the bottom of my huge, white melon. Next, he stamped and sealed the top of my other tit. Then he rolled the lower half of my body over and repeated the inking and sealing on the bottom of both my ass cheeks. He rolled me back over and put down the inkpad. He took a pair of scissors out of his desk drawer and cut off all my pussy hair. Dropping the scissors, he picked up an electric razor and shaved off the last of my pussy hair down to bare skin. He placed the stamp pad across the top of my love mound and pressed hard. Then he placed it across the bottom of my pussy.
            "Please don't, Mr. Coree," I pleaded.
            He grinned at me as he pushed hard, stamping my white flesh, then spread the hot sealer over both marks. The top and bottom of my pussy were now stamped. I had his brand on me.

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   He climbed up and sat on my tits, letting his wet cock and balls lay across my face.
            "Remember how you used to make fun of me cause my hair was braided, and I was from Haiti?"
            "Yes, Mr. Coree. "
            "Now every time a man sees your naked white body, he's going to see my brands and know you're used and owned by a Haitian. How many white cocks you think your going to get now, Vickie?"
            "None sir. "
            "Your math is good, cause none is right. You belong to me now; you're my property. And that, Vickie, is the Haitian Humiliation. Don't you just love it?"
            "Yes I do, Mr. Coree, I love it. "
            "Good. We're done for tonight," he said, releasing my hands and pulling me upright.
            I sat on the desk, exhausted and sweating. Finally, I raised my head and said, "Will you whip me and fuck me again, Mr. Coree.

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            "I got something better for you, Vickie. I teach a class on Tuesday and Thursday night.   Each class has about 20 young men in it, all gang members. From now on every Tuesday and Thursday you're going to come here after class, about 7:30, and we're going to teach those young men how to use the butt buster, their fanny fuckers and their pussy pounders on you.   You'd like that, wouldn't you, Vickie?"
            "Yes sir," I said. "That kind of makes me a teacher, don't it?"
            "No, Vickie," he said, lifting up my stamped tit where I could see it, "I'm the teacher and those young men are the students. You're just a piece of property the teacher and students’ use. And I'll get good use out of this property. Now you can go. "
            I got down off the desk, picked up my clothes and walked to the door
            "Vickie Evans," Mr. Coree shouted, "bend over. "
            I bent over close to the floor, then jumped and screamed as I felt the crack of his hand across my bare flesh.
            "That's how I like my property to be, Ms Evans, obedient. You can go now, and be on time Tuesday. "
            "Yes sir, Mr.

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   Coree," I said, as I scooped my clothes up once more and headed out the door.   I knew I'd be on time Tuesday, and Thursday and every week after that. I couldn't wait to start going back to school with Mr. Coree as my teacher.