A Dream Fulfilled


Diandra lay on the bed, her platinum hair pooling out around her as she slept. She turned; the silk robe she wore came undone slightly, exposing her left shoulder and the top portion of her breast.

She sighed in her sleep, a soft moan sliding from her. She bent her left leg, her knee almost level with her naval. The robe slid from her legs revealing her legs up to her creamy thighs.

A shadowed figure watched her as she slept, but she did not stir from her slumber at the other’s presence. She hadn’t even realized there was another being in the room. She turned again, this time lying on her stomach, the robe sliding below her shoulders, hints of skin showing beneath the hair that slid over her back.

The shadow watched her, one hand resting on a column as it leaned against the marble. Diandra had been here for a long time, several months. Disappearing for a day or so when she was needed in the Fae Realm, but always, she returned. In the months she had been staying at The Bloody Rose, she had grown from the small child she had appeared as and grown into a young woman who appeared to be in her late teens. Her form was small, but only a blind man could not notice the curves that she had. But she had still not regained her memories of her former lives. Everyone had hope that some day she would remember, but everyone also realized that it was something that would happen in its own time.

Diandra turned again, but a hand pulled the silk sheet over her body, allowing the darkness only a brief glimpse of the soft flesh beneath.

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It was that brief glimpse that caused a soft growl and sexual energy to emit from the shadowy figure. This did cause Diandra to wake up, her silver and azure eyes glowed softly as they looked around the darkness. “Who’s there?” she whispered.

The figure raised a hand, the lights in the room turning on, casting a dim, warm glow over the room. Merriec stepped away from the column, smiling strangely. Diandra sat up slightly, holding the sheet close to her body, a soft blush to her cheeks. “Hello, Lord Merriec,” she said as she glanced around the room. “Is something the matter?” Merriec shook his head, his black hair gleaming in the dim light. “Then why are you in here?”

Merriec was suddenly on the bed, his face so close to hers that he could feel the warmth of her lips. “Ma belle fleur (My beautiful flower), what reason do you think I have for being in here? You. ” He leaned forward, brushing his lips against hers as one of his hands gently tugged at the sheet she clutched to her chest.

“L-Lord Merriec. I don’t-“

“Shh, Diandra. I won’t hurt you. Je ne ferais jamais cela a’ vous (I would never do that to you).

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   I gave you my memories from your past life. I wanted you to see how I loved you, and respected you, hoping you would remember. I could not stand to think that you could fear me. Je souhaite seulement vous me rappeler nous (I only wish for you to remember us). ”

Diandra’s eyes began to tear, “Merriec, I’m so sorry. I’ve tried, I really have. I just can’t remember. I know how much you loved Shailiha-“

Merriec placed a finger to her lips. “Je vous ai aim’e, Diandra. Je toujours (I loved you, Diandra. I still do). I value your friendship. I cherish your beauty. Within and without. I told myself that your friendship love was all that I could ever want or need, but when you died, I felt as if I’d cursed us both by not giving in to my true feelings and desires.

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   Chaque nuit, je r^eve de vous (Every night, I dream of you). I dream of what it would be like to make love to you. I even have nightmares of holding you as you die again, still having never known what it is to have been with you. Please, Ma Fae. Make one dream true, and make sure the other never comes true again. Permettez-moi de donner ceci aux tous les deux nous (Allow me to give this to the both of us). ”

Tears slid down from Diandra’s eyes as she kissed the tip of his finger that rested against her lips. He leaned in and kissed her tears from her cheeks as her hands moved to his face. Merriec’s hands slid to her shoulders, his palms moving over her soft skin as he caressed the silk off her shoulders.

Her hands pulled his face to hers and she kissed him slowly, sensually, her tongue sliding against his.

Merriec’s hands moved over her back, his fingers spread so that he could touch as much of her as possible. Her hands moved to his shirt, slowly pulling it up form his waist, he reluctantly raised his arms, the soft growl in his throat relaying he did not like that lack of contact his body had with hers, but she had the shirt off him before a heartbeat sounded within her chest and his hands were moving over her body once again in exploration.

He nuzzled against her neck, his hands moving to her breasts, pressing against the soft flesh. His fingertips brushed over her nipples, eliciting soft moans as his touch caused them grow harder.

Diandra’s hands moved through Merriec’s dark hair, her fingers tightening slightly.

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   Merriec pulled the sheet away from her body and sat back. His gaze locked with hers, seductive possession swirling in his eyes as he allowed his gaze to lower, taking in the sight of her naked body before him.

He smiled at the soft blush that covered her body. He loved how it made her areolas and nipples a darker pink. He noticed that she kept one leg bent and leaning over the other, concealing her womanhood.

His palm rested on her bended knee. He couldn’t believe how perfectly his hands rested against her body, as if she was created for him and his touch alone.

Merriec laid down on the bed, propped up on one elbow as he slid his hand up her thigh, slowly moving it inward, until his fingers were brushing against her inner thigh. Slowly, his gaze moved back up her body to her face. He smiled, his hand gently caressing her creamy soft skin. She returned his smile, one hand moving to cup his cheek. He turned his head at the last instant and kissed her palm. “Je vous veux, Diandra. Tout le vous (I want you, Diandra. All of you).

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She smiled to him, love shining in her eyes. While Diandra did not have the memories of her past lives, she had no doubt in her mind that she loved Merriec. Since the first moment she had laid eyes on him, she had felt a strange pull to him from within her soul. Merriec had shown her nothing but patience, tenderness, caring, and love since that day he appeared on the rise in Mongolia . “Merriec, I give myself to you. Completely. Mind, body, and soul. ”

The conviction and tenderness that was in those words touched the deepest recesses of Merriec’s soul. He kissed her passionately; the fire and passion within that kiss seared her to her very core. His hand slid from her thigh and cupped her, his palm pressing against the moist warmth as he slid a finger gently inside her.

They both gasped. She from his gentle invasion. He from the wet fire that gripped his finger so tightly. Her body moved slightly, sliding his palm against her as his finger moved deeper. The soft moan issuing from her made him pull back from the kiss slightly.

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   “Ma belle fleur(My beautiful flower), if you continue like this, Je ne pourrai pas se commander (I will not be able to control myself). ” He smiled and leaned over, grazing his teeth over her breast, teasing her nipple before he gently sucked on it, his finger moving slowly within her.

He didn’t slide deep inside her. He wanted to wait a while longer before he brought her that instant of pain before the pleasure rippled through her body.

“Merriec,” Diandra whispered, “mark me as yours. Please. Take my blood and brand me as yours. ”

He slid his finger out of her, the pressed two into her entrance, she gasped again, feeling his fingers stretching her. “Si est ce ce que vous voulez vraiment (If that is what you really want). ” She nodded, and he smiled, lifting his head and moving his lips to her neck.

“No. Not there. Not yet. I want you to do it here,” her hands gently guided his head to her left breast. “Please, Merriec.

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   Here. On my breast. Over my heart. ”

He tenderly kissed her breast before his fangs skimmed over the gently swell, searching. She moaned, her sheath tightening around his fingers as he pulled them back more, he didn’t want her to lose her innocence to his probing fingers.

He sank his fangs into the soft creamy swell of her breast. The taste of her blood reminded him of spiced wine. The very essence of her was intoxicating. Her hips moved slightly, trying to take his fingers deeper, but he wouldn’t allow that. His palm grinded gently against her as he slowly released the endorphins into her body, keeping the sensations to a minimum. He wanted all of her their first time. He wanted to give her pleasure, and have his own.

Diandra moaned, her arms cradling his head as he sucked gently. Her breathing was slightly ragged as she fought to keep her moans low. He sent a strong burst of pleasure through her body, making her body jerk and a soft scream to sound from her.

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He pulled his lips from the wonderful taste of her blood, his tongue moving over the wound, healing it, but leaving a faint scar. He had done as she had asked, and now he would do more.

He brushed his lips over her stomach, slowly making his way lower. Relishing in the texture of her skin, the warmth, the taste, he was in Heaven. Everything about her made his blood heat.

He nibbled at the soft mound between her thighs and she gasped, her body tensing. “Shh,” he said as he moved his body between her legs. His gaze met hers as he lowered his head, his tongue gently pressing against her, sliding over her, tasting her.

She groaned, her hips moving against his mouth as he slid it deeper, tasting more of her. He felt and tasted the juices coming from her. He loved it. He wanted more. He slid his tongue along her lower lips, his tongue probing and swirling over her.

She moaned, her hands sliding through his hair, her body arching into his mouth. His tongue moved faster, driving her to moan and scream as juices flowed from her.

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   His tongue moved to lap at the nectar, taking every drop that he came forth from her.

He crawled up her body and kissed her, letting her taste what he did. Something he desired from her.

She moaned softly at the taste, and then placed a hand on his shoulder, gently pushing him until he was on his back. She smiled, her fingertips gently moving over his chest. She caressed the scar there as she stared at it thoughtfully for a moment before leaning down, and pressing her lips gently against it in a soft kiss.

He closed his eyes, reveling in the soft kisses that were so innocent, and yet not. He couldn’t help but think she was in his mind, somehow knowing exactly what he wanted.

He felt her fingers grasp the waist of his pants and pull them slowly down. His member sprang from the fabric and his breath hitched. He had wanted this for so long. He opened his eyes and smiled. He had wanted her.

Her gaze met his and held it as her fingers wrapped around his shaft, slowly moving along the length of him. He smiled and moaned at the sensation.


   She smiled, her head lowering until he could feel her warm breath over the velvet tip. He held his breath.

Slowly, her lips closed around him, her tongue swirling against him. Her mouth was hot and wet as she sucked him. Her fingers rising to meet her lips, then back to the base, driving him mad with desire. His hips rotated sliding him deep into her mouth. He wanted to be completely inside her.

She felt the tip of him pressing against the back of her throat and moaned, the vibrations making him gasp. Then he nearly screamed as he felt her take him deep into her throat, her gaze never wavering from his. She swallowed, her muscles tightening around him, making him scream in pleasure once more. One hand moved to her hair and gripped it gently, pulling her head against his thrusting hips. She didn’t try to make him stop, if anything, her tight mouth and swallowing urged him on.

He felt the build-up inside him. His hips thrust faster as he moaned. He tried to tell her, he wanted to, but as he watched her, looking into her glowing eyes, he could only manage a moan of pleasure before he felt himself release, spilling his seed down her throat.



He fell back against the bed, breathing heavily. Diandra sat up, placing a soft kiss on the tip of his member before he pulled her face to his for another searing kiss.

Merriec wrapped his arms around Diandra’s waist and turned so that he lay on top of her, covering her body with his own. Her body fit so perfectly against his that he just lay there for a moment, letting their bodies mold to one another.

She smiled softly, her legs rising as the arch of her foot molded against the curves of his leg. He felt her center pressing against him. Merriec smiled, sliding a finger tenderly down one side of her face. “Ma belle fleur, I want you to know that when I enter you, it may hurt, but only for a moment. ”

Diandra nodded, placing her hands on his shoulders for comfort and support. “I understand, Merriec. ”

Merriec slowly eased into her, clenching his teeth against the pleasure as he felt how tight her body was around him. She moaned, feeling him stretching her, filling her as no one else could.

He pressed against the proof of her innocence and stopped, waiting for her body to adjust to him. “Diandra?”

Her nails pressed against his skin in anticipation. “Go on, Merriec.

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With one sudden, solid thrust he broke through the thin barrier, she cried out softly and her nails broke through a layer of his skin, but he liked the small amount of pain.

He waited a moment, then kissed her as his hips began rocking gently as he moved within her.

Wet, hot velvet gripped him as he moved in and out of her. Soft moans of pleasure filled the room as he began to move faster.

Merriec’s lips moved over Diandra in exploration. He noted her every reaction. He groaned as he felt her legs wrap around him, tightening, pulling him deeper inside.

His hands moved down her sides then cupped her buttocks, gripping them, he moved faster, harder, driving deeper with every thrust.

Diandra screamed softly, pulling her nails over Merriec’s back. Something hard brushed against her chest as he moved, sending electric sparks throughout her body, only adding to the pleasure he was giving her.

Merriec moved faster, unable to think. All he was aware of was the pleasure and Diandra, the source of the sensations rippling through his body.

Diandra’s screams of pleasure grew with Merriec’s. He looked into her eyes and she tilted her head to the side, exposing her neck to him. He smiled as he moaned and leaned down, licking her neck lovingly before he sank his teeth into her for a second time.

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He let the chemicals flow freely into her as he thrust his hips against her. Her screams rising in pitch as the pleasure of his bite and the full force of her orgasm hit her.

Her body clenched, gripping his as she screamed. The force of her sheath around him made him climax at that exact moment, filling her with his warm juices.

His body began to relax, but hers did not. She was still under his spell, his fangs buried deep in her jugular. He groaned, slowly decreasing the endorphins that pumped into her until her body relaxed.

Reluctantly, he released her from his bite, making sure a faint mark remained on her neck after the wound healed. She had given herself to him, and he would keep her for as long as she wished to stay. And any vampire’s gaze to rest on her neck would see the mark as bright as a new brand, and know not to touch her without permission. Hers or his.

She groaned softly and he rose slightly, looking down at her. Smoky pleasure filled her eyes as he gazed into them. “Yes, Diandra?”

“Something’s shocking me. ” Her hand moved over her chest and brushed against a small metal object.

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Merriec felt the chain against his neck shift and he looked down. Shailiha’s ring rested against Diandra’s chest, glowing softly. “It is your ring. J’ai ‘et’e ‘ego’i’ste en le gardant (I have been selfish in keeping it). I was to give it back to you when you returned to me. ”

With those words, he untied the chain and slid the ring from it. He smiled as he placed it on her left hand, the same finger she had pulled it from before when she gave it to him.

Diandra gasped and tensed, her eyes flashing white as lightening. She sat up and looked around, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Merriec, that was why I couldn’t remember! I placed my memories in the ring I gave to you!” She sat up and hugged him, holding onto to him tightly, as if she hadn’t seen him in an eternity.

  Merriec returned her embrace with just as much love and happiness. “Je suppose que je ne devrais pas avoir ‘et’e ‘ego’i’ste, non? (I suppose I should have given it back sooner, no?)” He smiled, nuzzling into her neck and lying down, holding her to him as they drifted to sleep.

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