Beyond Sin


Beyond Sin
Chapter 1
It been over a year and Yuna was sitting in her cabin with the airship of the Sphere Hunters. She got up and went into the bathroom, removing her clothes and getting in. She had been staring at a new sphere they had found, it was made during her pilgrimage by him. Unfortunately the sphere was broken and it just showed an image of him. She closed her eyes as they water began to cascade over her body. Her hands began running over her wet body, first her arms and then her breasts, seeing her nipples hardening under her light touch. Slowly her hands moved lower over her stomach and hen down between her legs making her gasp.
She had found herself more and more inclined to pleasure herself now that the threat of losing her aeons was no longer a problem. Every time it was his image that brought these feelings out. Her fingers began to slip over her clit a bit faster, and a single, slim finger carefully plunged into her depths. He fought to keep herself quiet, her hips rocking as the water continued to splash over her body. Soon after she felt the beginning of an orgasm, but before she could finish the whole ship lurched. “Damn!” she thought as she clutched the shower curtain rod for support.
Wrapping a towel around herself, she hurried into her room, hitting the communicator. “What’s going on up there Brother?” “It…is…” he split off into the Al Bhed language for a moment. “That giant dragon thing that protects Bevelle.

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   It is attacking us. ” She hurriedly pulled on her clothes and rushed to the lift where Rikku and Paine were already waiting for her. They got out onto the lift and went up onto the deck of the ship. Once they they activated their dress-spheres. Yuna took the gunner, while Rikku took the thief, and Paine took the swordsman. “It is still a zombie, healing magic will kill it. ” Yuna yelled over the wind. Rikku ran to the edge of the deck and used her steal ability, taking a super potion. She then tosses it right back into the chest of the beast as Yuna uses her gunning to keep the monster distracted. It took a desperate strike at Rikku, Paine stepped in and yanked her away, quickly severing the decaying arm from the beast. As the healing potion took effect and it died. They all breathed a sigh of relief and returned inside. As they got back to the bridge Brother had turned, “A message from Wakka and Lulu from Besaid, they say you must come…it is urgent. ” Yuna nods, then we go. ”
Chapter 2
It had been several days since the message had been sent, but they were not worried.

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   They were pleased as anything, when he blasted yet another blitz ball with the Incredible Jecht shot. Titus landed back on the beach with the Aurochs stunned as always. Wakka laughed, “Yeah, you still got it kid, even back from the dead can’t dull your skills, ya?” Lulu had come down to the beach, the baby sleeping peacefully in her arms as she sat under a large tree. “I thought you were retired Wakka?” “Ah, yeah Lu, I am…just giving them an inspirational speech for the coming season. They have changed their mind about joining New Yevon, with the re-appearance of their Captain. ” She just chuckled and sat back watching them. A few more minutes passed before a bright red airship passed overhead. “There they are,” Lulu called as the team began heading back to the village. Titus and Wakka trailed behind wanting to give the village time to greet the destroyer of Sin, and for bringing the Eternal Calm. He was a bit nervous seeing her and Rikku again after such a time.
He entered the edge of the village and an orange-haired girl clamped onto him like an out-of-control fiend. That sparked off a memory of when this same girl had done this on their way through the thunder plains. “Rikku?” he said looking down to her. “You’re alive? You’re alive!” she said surprised. She released her hold on him and dragged him through the crowd, until they were right at the edge.

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   She then gave him a shove and he stumbled right in front of Yuna, the same way he had when Auron had him become a guardian for her. She looked down and gasped. He stood up and looked at her, “Um…hiya. ” he said, repeating what he said the previous time they had met like that. She just smiled and threw herself into his arms, her lips crashing against his own, repeating the kiss they shared so long ago. The crowd dispersed and they slowed pulled apart, each blushing a little. She pointing up to the ship, “Brother did the paint. ” He smiled to her, but knew he didn’t want to see the ship’s paint job.
Chapter 3
There was a great feast planned for the re-appearance of Sir Titus. He and Yuna spent the whole time chatting quietly about what had happened since they last saw each other. As the night drew close and the huge village fire had turned to just coals, she stood and walked with him around the edge of the village. When she headed towards the airship’s lift, keeping his hand tight in hers, pulling him along. Once they were on the lift she pushed the ‘up’ button. As the lift ground to a stop, they stepped out, Yuna leding the way to her cabin.
“Wow, this is larger than the cabins in the origin…” he was cut off as Yuna kissed him again.

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   His arms wrapped around her tiny waist, pulling her body against his own. She couldn’t control herself, her hands running through his hair and moving back down, unbuttoning his vest and pushing it from his shoulders. She shivered running her hands down his muscular chest and abs. He leaned in, beginning to kiss and nibble along her neck, his hands undoing the large bow at her back that held her dress on. As it came loose it slipped a bit down her shoulders, the fabric brushed over her nipples causing them to harden visibly.
She gave a shiver and the top slipped completely off her, the skirt part still held on by a smaller tie. Her hands instinctively going to cover her breasts. He pulled her hands away and she let them drop as he began to kiss over the tops of her breasts and moving to one nipple, flicking a tongue over it. She gasped audibly, her hands moving back up into his hair, holding his head where it was. He nibbled and bit lightly at her nipple, gently pulling on it. He teased one nipple then the other alternating, her head rolling from side to side from the pleasure. Her hands were active as well, unbuttoning the strange pant-shorts he wore, reaching into it and grabbing his cock. It was only partially hard, and it was already quite large. As it grew she could no longer fit her hand around it, making her shiver. She started stroking it, his head pulling away from her breasts.

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   He groaned deeply as she stroked him, her pussy soaking even more hearing him.
He slid his hand up the inside of her thigh, pushing aside her panties and slipping inside and dipping inside her. She sighed and panted, the mere touch of his fingertip nearly sending her over the edge. He pulled his hand back and in one swift movement, had her in his arms, carried her over the bed and set her down. He moved his body down and lowered his head between her legs, making her jerk and writhe, having a huge orgasm within seconds. She grabbed his arms and pulled her up to her face again, kissing him hard, his cock rubbing against her, making her moan. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, nodding. With a small shift he was positioned, the head pressed against her dripping core. She nods again and he pushes into her, her hymen tearing away painlessly and he continues bumping against her cervix.
She quivered and shook against him, her body adjusting to his huge size. After a couple of minutes she nodded. He slowly began to withdraw his cock, until just the head was in her, then slid back in to bump against her cervix again. As they went on their pace increased, his cock slamming into her and she tilted her hips up to meet him, nearly screaming out with each thrust. They were soon moaning against each other as they neared a monumental mutual orgasm. He groaned deeply and she gave a strangled sort of scream as they came.

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   She had tears slowly streaming from her eyes, as she panted. He gently leaned down kissing her softly, gently brushing her tears away. She smiled to him as he gently rolled the to their sides, holding her close. “I love you,” she whispered. “I love you too Yuna,” he said kissing her lightly again. She leaned her head against his chest, yawning lightly. He pulled the blanket up over them, still holding her close.
Chapter 4
Their cabins were next to each other, so Rikku heard all that happened in there. She was a bit jealous of her cousin, she had seen Titus first, but he was in love with Yuna. Despite this she felt extremely horny, her hand slipping under her skirt. After a few minutes she had herself extremely wet and being an Al Bhed she had a special toy, one designed by her. She reached into the beside table and pulled it out, it looked like a plain dildo. She began running it long her slit and slipped it inside her. With a turn of the small dial on the end and it locks itself in place, vibrating at first. After a few seconds it began to thrust itself into her, vibrating hard against her g-spot.


   She groaned as it pounded into her causing a series of mini-orgasms as she climbed higher and higher until finally she screamed out, soaking the bed beneath her and nearly shooting the toy out of her. She switched it off, “God that was good, but not as good as the real thing. ” she thought, absently wondering if she could get Titus to herself for even an hour.
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