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Topic: Fairy SeductionJeremy was having one very frustrating day, from the sudden divorce from his wife, to the loss of his job, to the sudden death of his father. He had no idea how all of this could happen within a week, nor did he know how he was even putting up with it all, truly he felt like lying down going to sleep and never waking up. He sighed in frustration as he walked through the forest behind his house, in his childhood this place had always provided him with a safe place of rest for him, now he just hoped it would calm his nerves. As he walked through the wood twilight was descending, giving everything from the grass to the leaves of the trees a red hue from the setting sun giving him a moment’s peace from the troubles of the real world. He stopped his walk and sat down on the ground, head buried in his hands and he began crying, away from the world he was finally allowed to let it all out. He stayed there until he was out of tears and even longer until night had fallen. He sighed, looking up to the vast array of stars above him, a speck of light shot across the sky in the moment. He mumbled under his breath, “I wish I didn’t have to deal with this world. . ”Immediately a small rustling came from a bush not five feet away, and a small giggling noise. It sounded like a young girl was giggling at him, “Aright come out of there. . ” he said in an annoyed gruff voice standing and moving towards the bush. It shook again and the giggling noise happened once more, and then it sounded like the girl ran from the bush into the forest. Jeremy was confused at this but he shrugged and took off after the girl, he couldn’t explain why but he felt the need to find out who this girl was, a strange new goal taking place in his mind. He ran through the forest, sometimes thinking he lost track of the sounds of the running girl, but a rustling bush and a giggle would tell him where to go, he followed without thinking why he was following, just the thought of finding the girl on his mind.

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  Suddenly he burst out to the edge of the forest to a location he had never even seen before; he walked out slowly to the sight in front of him. It was a lake, not a ripple on its surface, surrounded by trees and seemingly out of a fairy tale. He had never heard of this lake ever being here, nor had he even seen it here before. He walked out slowly to stand at its edge and looked into the waters, his reflection showed like a mirror. He was about an average man, strongly built from working out to get rid of frustration on a bad day. He had no facial hair, liking to keep it clean, well kept black hair, and had bright blue eyes. He had blue jeans and a simple undershirt on, having come here from his gym in the garage. He sighed looking at his figure, he didn’t know what he had done to have everything go so wrong. Suddenly, he felt as peace, without a problem or care in the world, he seemed happy almost. He saw his image smile and had a sparkle in its eye. Then he realized he Was smiling, he didn’t know why he had nothing to smile about. Then that giggle came from behind him, and he spun around to try and catch what it was, he opened his mouth in awe at the sight of it. It was a woman, one of the most beautiful he had ever seen. There just didn’t seem to be anything wrong with her at all, pristine down to the last detail, and the more he looked at her, the more beautiful she seemed to become. She had brilliant green eyes and long blonde hair, but there was two features the stuck out the most to him.

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   The first, where two large wings sprouting from her back, like a dragonfly’s, a rainbow seemed to glisten over them and they looked rather fragile. The second, was the fact she wore no clothing stand before him in the nude, her breasts standing out to be viewed by him and her hairless vagina present as well. As he stood staring at her figure she giggled again, “You humans are so funny, can’t stop staring at a woman. ” She giggled again watching his eyes dip up and down then snap back to her eyes, facing turning red a little. “You shouldn’t. . Wait what are you!?” he was very confused suddenly, this didn’t seem real, but he felt so calm almost drawn to her, he was fighting not to take a step towards her. She giggled again, shifting her weight onto one leg, “What’s the matter? You don’t like me?” He blinked and took a step forward, “No! Your. . lovely!” She smiled at that, he didn’t seem to have much objection or control for some reason. She raised a hand and made a beckoning motion to him, he began walking slowly towards her, he couldn’t help but go to her. “Come here. . you look so trouble, I want to help you. .

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  ” she said it slowly and with a slight seductive tone. He moved to her, standing directly in front of her his eyes locked to hers, she gave him a loving smile and moved her lips right next to his brushing against them. “I can make it all go away. . just surrender yourself to me. . ” she whispered softly to him. He struggled for a moment but her alluring presence coupled with his recent trauma broke his resolve, he whispered back, “I’ll do anything. ”She gave a soft giggle, this one sounded nothing like that of a little girl, more a women getting what she wanted from a man. She pressed her lips to his and he succumbed to her, wrapping his arms around her lithe form and kissing her deeply, their tongues intertwining within one another, he easily feel the hardness straining against his pants now, as it had been since he laid eyes on her. The kiss seemed to last for eternity as he forgot what it was like to have never known this woman; she was slowly taking over the way he thought with the way she looked. He pulled away from her lips slowly, looking into her opening eyes with a new longing, she whispered to him, “You can have me. . and you will submit yourself to me. .

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  ” He was suddenly overcome with desire for her, he couldn’t stop what he was going to do next because it filled every fiber of his body suddenly. He didn’t know how he had lost his clothes or if he had even had them before, whichever it was he didn’t care. He pushed up against her and easily found a soft wall made of leaves behind her that was strong yet soft and pressed her up against it kissing her lustfully. She made a small noise into his mouth that he ignored as if it was a sound of protest, moving to hold her up by her legs taking control during the situation. Then without warning he viciously entered her and pounded against her into the vines he was the only thing holding her up now. He was becoming an animal, he didn’t care about his previous life anymore, and his sole object was this fascinating woman and being with her. He continued to pound against her as she moaned gleefully into the air as he grunted with each thrust. Her glistening wings flapped in rhythm to each thrust, sparkling lights falling around them as he continued on in her. As he held her and continued he brought is lips back to hers and continued with a lustful kiss again, this time they each were moaning into the others mouths in the joy of the moment. As he continued his lust for her she started to moan ever louder, almost trying to force herself back against him with each thrust into her. Her wings started to flap against his back now as her hands clung to him for support the dust fell around them more, each one that hit him felt like her touching him all over in a ever caressing fashion. He began to feel the pressure building as he thrust harder, slamming against her in long slow, but still fast thrusts.   And then simultaneously the moaned into each other’s mouths as her wings went crazy beating around her. He felt himself releasing into her as she clamped onto him having an orgasm in rhythm with his own heightening the experience. He started to go limp as he continued to pour into her wave after wave, each time she clung to him a little tighter.

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  As he began to become too weak to support his legs he started to fall backwards, the motes of dust had put him through a feeling the near exhausted him because of it. Her wings let them slowly fall to the soft grass below them still holding onto one another, and still connected. She looked into his eyes with a pleased smile, “Your amazing. . for a human. . my human. . ” and she began kissing him once more, this one filled with passion. He found the energy to kiss back, his mind slipping into oblivion as he forgot everything he once was, he now belonged to this magnificent being. .

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