Halloweentown High


Seventeen -Year-Old witch, Marnie Cromwell had recently opened the portal between Halloweentown and the Mortal Realm and her proposal to take twelve Halloweentown students to study abroad in the Mortal Realm had been accepted. The first day of school had gone off without a hitch much to Marnie's amazement and she, her brother Dylan, and the Halloweentown students had opted to stay after school to hang out in the "locker" or the magical student lounge that Marnie's grandmother Agatha had created for them. Wearing their human suits and not having their usual two fuck sessions a day that was required in Halloweentown was taking a toll on the young teen students and little did Marnie know they were preparing to take much more than one load off in the student lounge.
After each student took off their human suits, Marnie decided to take attendance so that she knew she had all the students with her. "Okay lets see, Natasha?" Marnie asked as she strolled up and down the hallway. The young, shapely, blonde fairy chirped in Marnie's ear and quickly fluttered away. "Ethan?" the melancholy, warlock uttered a quick "yes". "Uh, Marnie. . . " Dylan said as he urgently tapped her shoulder. "Not now Dylan I need to find Chester!" Marnie said agitated. "Marnie. . . he's here but.

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  . . . well just turn around!" Dylan said. With that Marnie whirled around only to see all twelve of her students naked and writhing and moaning on the floor engaged in a massive fuck session. . . . well all except Natalie, the sexy, little, hot pink troll who was dancing erotically and eyeing Marnie's brother Dylan.  
 "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON???" Marnie screamed at the students. "What?" said Pete the werewolf as he casually thrusted into Cassie, another teen witch, We fuck twice a day in Halloweentown, its required to keep us the happy carefree people that we are! "IN THE MORTAL REALM SEX IS KEPT VERY PRIVATE GUYS! THIS ISN'T NATURAL!!!" "Oh lighten up Marnie. . " Ethan said coming up behind her. "No one said you couldn't be a part of this too. .

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  . " he said as he began to fondle her breasts and rub her pussy. "Oh no. . . Stop that. . . OoOoOh. . . no I. . . well alright" Marnie complied.

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   Dylan watched in horror as Ethan laid his sister on the floor beside him and started to eat her young pussy. That is, until a very naked Natalie came up to him, unzipped his pants, and started to suck his cock into her plump pink lips.  
 "Mmmmmmmm. . . . Oh yes Natalie. . . suck on my cock. . . . make me cum" Dylan moaned. Natalie complied and just as Dylan was about to bust his load she pulled off and bent over so that he could fuck her doggie style.

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   Dylan quickly jumped on her and thrusted in an out at a jackhammer speed. "OH DYLAN FUCK YES THATS IT POUND MY PINK TROLL PUSSY RAW!!!!" "Yeah Natalie, You like that you little slut, you like when I pull your hair and fuck your sweet pussy?" "FUCK YES DYLAN!" The human and creature quickly flipped over and Natalie began to ride Dylan cowgirl style her large soft breasts bouncing away. "Mmmmm Dylan yessss suck my titties as I ride your big cock. . . mmmm yessss. . . . ooooooo I'm cumming Dylan I'm cumminggggg!!!!" Natalie Screamed as she orgasmed all over Dylan's fat member. He quickly pulled out and started to jack off over Natalie's tits. . . "mmmmm yeah Natalie. .

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  . you want my baby making batter all over your fat pink tits?" "mmmhhhh yes dylan spurt your seed all over my tittys I need it!" "Oooohhh fuckkk take it Natalie. . . . Take my cum you troll slut!" Dylan screamed as he spurted cum all over Natalie's nipples. "mmmmmmm" Natalie moaned as she licked up his cum, "That was amazing Dylan thanks!!!" she quickly kissed Dylan on the cheek and sprinted over to eat Natasha the fairy's pussy her cute ass bouncing as she went. . .