Lion's Lap


"Yes, that's exactly what I said. I'll explain this to you, but you can't tell anyone. " "All right sis, you can count on me!" "Well, here goes. The Lion god is the only reason this town is still here. He brings us great fortune, but not only that. Every now and then, when a woman comes of age, she must go appease him. This woman must be pure. In other words, a virgin. Once she goes to the Lion god, she must attempt to have sex with him. If she isn't big enough to accommodate his member, she cannot mate. Thus, she is asked to return in a few years, for another attempt at mating. " "Mating? What do you mean?" "Foolish Rebecca, have you ever wondered why there are little to no men in this village? It's because when a pure woman mates with the Lion god, she is marked. No matter how many children she has, they'll be women. If a woman has sex before she loses her virginity to the Lion god, she is banished. That's what happened to Sandra today in Town Square. Anyways, you only hear this information when you go to see him.

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   You only go to see him when you go to mate. I shouldn't be telling you this either. You're too young, you're not even 18. " "Well then what's to stop woman from leaving after they've had sex with him?" "They. . . don't want to leave. They want to stay to get more. " "More? Wait! Wait! So mother got pregnant with him?""Same with all the other woman" "So we're all his children?" "In a way, yes. "". . . That’s crazy. Mother said father was a brave man, and that he died in the war. I don't believe it" "Go see for yourself Rebecca, it's all too real.

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  " Rebecca ran outside her house in disbelief. As she stepped out unto the streets, one of the Lion god's statues lit up. It said in a deep voice: "You have been revealed the truth! Come to my temple, we must discuss things" Rebecca couldn't resist. She felt obliged to by some mysterious force. She walked across the streets, until finally getting to the back of the village. There lay the golden temple of the Lion god. She walked towards the huge temple doors that seemed to open magically. "Enter. . . " Rebecca did as she was told. She walked into the dark hall, and the doors closed behind. She was left in obscurity. "Hello? Lion god?" "YES" The Lion god appeared at the end of the Temple sitting in his huge golden chair. He must have been 4 times the size of a man.

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   He was very muscled all over. He lay there effortlessly in his chair, stroking a majestic erection. That was the first, and probably the biggest penis Rebecca saw. It was immense, like the Lion god's body, 4 times the size of a man. He sat there, stroking it with his paw. His golden cock skin sliding over his engorged ruby penis head. He kept looking at me; he had a smile on his face. He knew I wasn't looking at him directly. Rebecca just stood there amazed, he was so beautiful. His muscular golden body crowned by his mane. He was a king of king. He was her god. "Come closer young one. " Rebecca began to walk forward, each step echoing inside the temple. "It seems someone has told you the village's secret.

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   Now because of this atrocious act; I need to make sure you don't want to leave. Climb up unto my lap. " Rebecca edged closer and closer. The Lion god let go of his throbbing cock. It lay there, teasing her. Rebecca could feel a tingling inside her pussy. She didn't know why. She stared at it. The Lion god had huge balls hanging from his member. They were monstrous, almost the size of watermelons. The tingling got more intense. She could feel herself getting wet. It was dripping down her leg. The Lion god stared at each drop, as they slid down her leg. "I see you already want this to happen.

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   You've been keen on losing your virginity with me. " He smiled a little, and stroked his huge cock a little. "Climb up on my lap. " Rebecca finally got to the base of the chair. She grabbed onto his tail, and climbed up on his lap. The Lion god's cock was just under half her size. Her liquids continued to flow. As she stood there gazing, the trickle started to wet the Lion god's leg. "Yes, every woman wants it. No one can resist it. I can see your little cunt want it in you. You're getting so horny aren't you? You little virgin. You want me to take your virginity and plant my seed in you? Hmm, well you're in luck. That's what you have to do. " Rebecca got down on all fours, and picked up one of the balls.

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   She held it in her arms, and started to lick it. The Lion god started to stroke his cock. No one had tried this before. It was driving him wild. Rebecca licked faster and faster. The taste was exquisite. The Lion god continued to stroke himself with his paw. "OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!!! OOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!" The Lion god's penis was about to erupt when suddenly he yelled: "STOP!" Rebecca let the ball slide back down. She looked up at his wise face. "Young Rebecca, we need keep my royal semen to impregnate your virgin cunt. I can't go off wasting it. Now get up, and try to sit on my cock. " Rebecca got up and positioned the giant cock between her legs. She was in a trance of lust. Licking the Lion god's balls drove her crazy.

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   Her pussy was slick with come. She was about to sit down on his cock until the Lion god interrupted her. "Turn around, I want you to look at me. I want to see my little sluts enjoyment. " Rebecca made a 180-degree turn, and looked at him straight in the eyes. He smiled and nodded his head. Rebecca slowly went down, and placed the enormous cock on the entrance of her pussy. "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHH," Just the touch made Rebecca come. She had never had come in contact with a penis. Rebecca tried to slide it in a little more. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH YEEEESSSSS, OOH OOH OOOH YES!!!!!!!" Rebecca had her first orgasm, tons of fluids spilled over the Lion god's cock. "You'll need all the lubrication you can get, we haven't even started yet. " He started to purr as Rebecca put a little more weight on it. She was inserting more and more of the cock inside her. There was no resistance, the lubrication made her slide right on.

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   Soon she let all of her weight go. She slid on the Lion god's member completely, tearing her hymen. "Ooh! What's that I feel?!""Rebecca, those are called spurs. They're little spikes at the end of any Lion's penis. They help stimulate the pussy. ""It feels good" "You got it all the way in Rebecca, congrats. The only question now is, can you ride out the storm?" The huge Lion placed his paws on Rebecca and let out a roar. He started to force her body up and down. Rebecca was no longer in control. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH gooooood yessssssss!!!!!!!!!" She could feel the enormous hot cock sliding in and out. She could smell the sweet aroma of her young pussy. "OOOH, Fuck my virgin cunt!!!!! OOOOOH YESSSSS" The inside of her cunt were being tickled by the Lion god's twitching dick. She watched as he smiled; he had one thing in his mind: impregnating me. Soon she couldn't take the pleasure. She leaned against his chest.

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   Her pussy juices were soaking his cock and his balls. She rubbed my hands all over his chest and in his mane. "Ooooooooh, plant your seed in me!!!!!! I want you so bad!!!!!! OOOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEESSSSS!!!!!" The Lion tightened his grip onto Rebecca and pulled her down as far as he could. His twitching cock giving orgasms was about to explode. As Rebecca rubbed the Lion god, he rubbed her breast, while holding her down firmly. He let out a roar: "RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWW" It came out like a canon. The Lion's hot semen filled her cunt up. There was so much of it; it was spilling out back onto his balls. His cock twitching continuously. His eyes remained closed as he finished his orgasm. Rebecca had experienced orgasm but not like this last one. The hot come gushing into her cunt made her erupt. "OOOOOOOhhhhhh YYYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! I want you!!!!!!!! YEESSSSSSS FUCK ME GOOD!!!!!!" The semen finally stopped gushing into Rebecca's now experienced pussy. The Lion's cock was still hard though. He grabbed Rebecca's body, and slowly pulled her of his member.

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   A loud pop was heard, as the last litter of semen dripped out. He placed her back down on his lap. Rebecca needed to sit down. She sat with his cock between her legs. Rebecca had never experienced such pleasure. Monica was right, she never wanted to leave now, she wanted more. Since his big cock left her pussy, it felt very empty. All she could do to show her gratitude was hug his penis. As she did, she licked it, since it and his balls we're soaked in the Lion's semen and Rebecca's come. The Lion god sat there, rubbing her hair with his paw. "I never want to leave your kingdom. I love you Lion god. " "Yes, I know. No one has ever been through the ceremony without wanting more. You'll stay on my list even after you bear children.


  " "What happens if I don't get pregnant my love?" Rebecca continued to savor the sweet smell of his spunk. "Then we'll just have to try again, my dear. It's always better the second time. " "There's a second time?" With a smile the Lion god said, "There's still much you don't know about my kingdom. " ***************************************Well there you have it, my first try at an anthropomorphic story. It's a word, check for it yourself. A picture inspired me to write this story. If you liked this, be sure to check out Yiff, Yiffy, or Furry. (This story was just to see if they could be converted into animal sex stories. ).