Making a Slave Part 1


Kristin sat on her bed waiting for him to call her soft green eyes starring at the clock on the wall. He was late again tonight and she had grown slightly worried. "Fifteen minutes late. He told me he was calling when he logged off". She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She was very attractive with her long black hair and tight frame. She stood 5' 9 and weighed 147lbs. Her breasts were nice and large size 38D. The only problem with the way she looked was every guy looked at her as a piece of meat. They only saw the blonde hair and gorgeous body. All until she had met Stephen. He was the only guy to ever say he loved her and he had never even seen her. Maybe that’s why she loved him, because he couldn't see her so he must love her for some other reason. She had met him online one night. She was searching different rooms on Yahoo and happened to catch his sn dark_souled_beast2000 there was something that drew her to him. Something that made her want to know him.

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   They talked a good hour the night they met and she had already fallen for him. They had been together now for three months. Their relationship evolved into more than just talking. They had done every type of role play imaginable, things she would never have been comfortable doing with out his guidance, they had phone sex at least once nightly and she loved every second of it. There was something about his voice, when he told her she had pleased him she would feel safe and loved. It had been three months now and every night was better and more exciting than the last. He said he had a surprise for her tonight; maybe that’s why she was so anxious. His surprises were always things edgy and uncomfortable but there was a piece of her deep down that wanted them. She sat there with her leg shaking and waiting. He was twenty minutes late when the phone finally rang. She knew better than to yell at him cause he would make it up to her another way.
"You’re late. Hope you have a good excuse" Her hand slipped into the waistband of her shorts. She knew that he would want this.
"I need no excuse.

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   I will do as I please and you will like it. " There was such strength in his voice she couldn't be mad at him even if she wanted. She knew just by the way he said things she was going to be his slave tonight. She was hoping to role play something else but being his slave wasn't bad. "I understand. I'm sorry master" was all she managed to whisper as her hand slid deeper. "You want to please your master don't you slave. . . . . You want your master to take you away and make you all his?" The way he said things made her tingle. The things she would do to him if she ever had the chance. She would be his slave if he would come and get her and she would love every minute in his arms. "Of course I do master.

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   I promise I would do anything to please you if you were here. " She let out a soft whimper as her finger reached her clit. "Then take your hand from your pants and go to the front door. I sent you a present. "
He knew her to well. She slid her hand away and stood up walking down the hall. She walked slowly by her parents room. She knew she would get yelled at if she got caught. Sure she was twenty four years old but she had moved back in with her parents after some hard times and they were quite strict. She finally made it to the door and stood there nervous. He would do this from time to time. Make some poor delivery guy drop off a package at midnight. She opened the door and saw nothing. Stepping out nervously she looked around. She couldn't see anything so she sighed.

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   "There is nothing here sweetie. " She turned to head back in and a hand grabbed her shoulder. Slightly startled she let out a small squeak. She turned to look at the person who grabbed her and smiled. "You bastard. You should have told me you were coming" She wrapped her arms around him. He was exactly the way he looked in the painting she had gotten. He was 6'1 and had a tall thin frame. He had a slightly pale completion but she knew that was because he spent all his time inside. She looked into his gray eyes for the first time ever and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around her and she felt safe with him. He leaned in and kissed her forehead. "You promised you would come away with me and do whatever I asked. " He took her hand and began to walk towards a long black limo which she had just noticed. "Did I? Well I was just playing.

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   Come on lets go inside and we can go somewhere later. " Stephen turned and let go of her hand. "I am getting in this car. It’s up to you whether or not you do. " He moved slowly to the limo door and stood there. "But if you do come I promise you a night you will never forget and that you will be mine forever” Without another word he slid into the car. The door closed and he sat there waiting. He counted to ten before he instructed the driver to start the car and leave. As the engine roared she finally made up her mind. This was the man she had fantasized about for three months straight. It would be her biggest mistake in life to turn him down. She ran to the car and quickly opened the door getting in. A smile danced upon his lips as he pulled her onto his lap. “Don’t worry Kristin. I promise you made the right choice.

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  ” She nodded slowly and sat there motionless. She could feel his hard cock beneath her and she loved every second of it. It had been ages since she had felt a dick and she didn’t want this to go away. She slipped from his lap and turned to face him. She knelt before him as her trembling hands lowered his zipper. As she pulled it all the way down, he grabbed her hands. “Who said you could play with that?” *he thrust her back* “If you want to play with something. ” He slid his dick from his pants and smiled* “Play with yourself. ”  
She was shocked to see he hadn’t been lying all this time. It really was 8 inches. As his hand sat there stroking it she felt warmth between her legs. Did he really want her to play with herself right here and now? They had just officially met for the first time and he didn’t want to fuck her. She was unsure as she stared at him, but that all changed rather quickly. The warmth between her legs had become harder and harder to ignore as she looked at him. She bit her bottom lip as her fingers slid gently into her shorts.

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   She gently teased at her panties. How could she be this wet already? Her index and middle finger rubbed slowly along her panties and were instantly moist. She had never felt like this before, but she wanted to feel like this much more often. With a soft moan she rubbed her panties into herself. All she wanted was to please him. All she needed was for him to want her as she wanted him. Her fingers nudged her panties aside as she wiggled her shorts down. She wanted him to see her in hopes it would make her want him more. She raised a finger to her mouth tasting her own juices. He loved when she did that for him. His eyes widened as she sucked her finger clean. Her fingers returned to her pussy and teased at her clit. He moaned louder and she could feel herself close to cumming. It shouldn’t be like this she told herself over and over. I should be this close yet.

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   Her breath became shallow as he stared at him. “Please Stephen fuck me. ” She moaned with desperation in her eyes. “Please just fuck me” His laughter filled the limo as he shakes his head. “No… You haven’t earned that right yet. ” She let out a gasp as she couldn’t take it anymore. Moving swiftly she attempted to mount him. He grasped her throat easily and shoved her down. “Finish for me…. Then maybe I will fuck you” She quickly spread her legs and pulled off her shirt. Her right hand teased her clit as her left massaged her nipples. Moaning she could feel herself beginning to cum. Her pussy clenched at her fingers pulling them deeper as she held back her sweet juices.  “Please Stephen cum on me” she blurted out. She needed to feel it.

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   She needed to know he was enjoying all this. That was all he could take. He moaned as he began to cum on her. His breath swallowed as warm sticky cum sprayed on her face and breasts. She moaned loudly as she felt herself release. His warm cum now running down her chest as her body convulsed. She leaned back collapsing upon the floor as her pussy stopped and she sighed. Her hands were soaked as well as the carpet. The entire limo reeked of sex. He smiled as he pulled up his pants and patted his lap. “That’s a good girl. Come sit with me. ”     End of Part one.

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