My Abduction


Moments later I wake up. My head is throbbing from all of the lights. I hear noises, feel movement, but could not fully regain consciousness. My legs and arms felt so heavy, as if I was extremely drunk. I couldn't move at all, but it felt as if I was bound to something. My head hurt so much I kept my eyes closed and I felt the hard metallic bed I laid on push roughly against me. It was slightly cold in the air. I could feel my tank top ripped to shreds on top of me and my panties torn at the crotch. I felt cold smooth fingers poke and prod at my exposed pussy. I shuddered and stirred awake more readily. My eyes focused a little better and I could make out a small grey being standing in front of me!I screamed. I kept screaming and screaming and trying to struggle free but I was strapped down with buckles to what appeared to be an examination table. My legs were wide open and I looked down at the small creature and screamed to be let go. "Please I won't tell anyone what happened. I want to go home! Please!!!!"He started speaking loudly in his native tongue. Wildly it seemed to me! I was so afraid that I couldn't calm myself down or speak reasonably.

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   My body trembled as I watched him reach around me and slab some really cold hard slime onto my mouth. It covered it completely and I couldn't open it. It hardened so fast that I was glad it didn't get over my nose. I struggled but I couldn't make any noise or scream anymore. I tried to break away from the buckles but I couldn't budge at all. This grey being moved forward with his fingers again at my pussy. It pushed my pussy lips open and started to poke around. It hurt me and I started to cry furiously. Tears came pouring down as I watched this being with a large head and lanky limbs stand between my legs. Its fingers pushed into my cunt and I struggled against them. Hopelessly my movements caused it to thrust its fingers into and out of my cunt harder and faster. I cried harder as I watched helplessly as this alien being climbed onto me. It must have flipped a switch on the side of the examination bed because the buckles around my legs suddenly pushed my legs up and outward into the air. With my pussy fully exposed and open I cried and struggled to get away. It was futile.

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   It moved its face up to my cunt and sniffed it. It opened its mouth and a slender long slimy tongue came out and thrusted itself up my tight cunt. I shrieked at the sight of it but no sound could be heard because of the slime hardened on my mouth. This small being then raised itself up and looked downward at me. I could see a gray thick rod protrude out from beneath its large belly. It was covered in slime and was dripping a white thick liquid from its tip. "Oh my God! It's going to fuck me! NOOOOO!!!!!" I tried in vain to struggle and scream and get away. Then it I felt it come pushing down into me. It was wet and warm sloshing into my tight cunt. I could feel this male alien press his fat body up against my tits. His head came right up to my tits and it started to lick my nipples. Its large engorged dick swelled up even more in my cunt. It stretched my tight walls out further. This alien cock was long and he rammed into my body so deeply. .

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  . my body soon betrayed me. I cried harder and my pussy exploded in pleasure. I came hard and pulsed all around the dick pumping into me. I looked down at the slime and my cum. I started to pump my body against this alien harder and faster. I couldn't help but cry more at my vile acts. I felt so despicable and disgusted with myself. I couldn't believe that I would willing let my pussy get ravaged by a monster. But the feeling of pleasure was overwhelming. He sucked hard on my tits, I could feel his tongue lick over my nipples as his mouth suck furiously on my tit. The sensation was pulled excitedly from my big juicy tits as I rocked by hot sexy body back and forth across this alien rod. I could feel its juices pulsing into my hot cunt. I shoved myself hard against him as I felt his hot juices pouring into my cunt. It just kept pouring until it dripped out and down around my legs.


   My body just shook in orgasm after orgasm as it spewed forth its seed into me. It climbed off of me after it finished. I saw it walk off and its thick long dick drooping with slime and cum dripping off of it. Maybe this thing will take me back home now that it's done with me. I hoped and prayed. I wanted to go, I was so ashamed that I had just had sex with an alien creature. I wanted to just hide my face in my pillows again at home. But I was wrong. The door slid open and a large green and brown slimy monster slid its way into the room. I couldn't make out anything. I didn't know where its eyes were or what it was. I wanted to screamed again. I was absolutely horrified! I wanted to get out of there!!! But I was still bound tightly to the examination bed. It slithered its way towards me with long tentacles coming out at me immediately. It didn't care or understand that I was crying and struggling.

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   It just proceeded to rub its twenty or so tentacles all over my now naked body. My pussy was sore and swollen. It was oversensitive and I groaned as I felt small tentacles prod around my cunt. This was a nightmare! I couldn't believe what was happening to me! It was out of a horror movie or horrible dream. The next thing I saw was a giant tentacle shoot out towards me. I looked like it had a big penis on the end and it quickly shoved into my cunt. With animalistic instincts and growls and grumbles, this thing humped hungrily against my naked body. My tits hung and shook crazily as this monster bounced against me. I helplessly let this vile creature violate me. What else could happen?Just then, another tentacle penis comes shooting out of it and at my mouth. It knocks off the harden slime so easily, but before I could scream or say anything it shoved its cock into my mouth. It was ramming my pussy and mouth so hard it hurt me. I weakly humped against it as it pulled my slender body back and forth. Another tentacle dick came shooting out from underneath it and wrapped itself up my left leg up to my ass. Its slimy head shoved its way deep into my virgin ass.

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   My screams and cries were muffled by the giant cock buried in my mouth. I gurgled and struggled against it to no avail. There I was on this metal examination bed with bright lights hanging overhead. I looked down at myself as if I was experiencing an outerbody experience. I could see this monstrosity with tentacles wildly waving all around. Small tentacles penises surrounded, sucked, and pumped its seed all over my body. The larger dicks were pumping furiously into my pussy, ass, and mouth. My whole body was filthy and covered in this alien slime and cum. At this sight I knew that this was it. They were either going to kill me soon after this or if I was lucky they were going to keep me here for some purpose. Any feeling of hope to go back home was all gone. I cried helplessly as it pumped slimed into my pussy. My cunt contracted against his thick cock. The tight walls of my pussy and my ass forced my holes wider with its thick cocks inside of me. I could feel his cocks rub against each other between my tight sopping wet holes.

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   I steadily rocked myself against these slimy rods until I orgasmed hard on the heads of the dicks. I could feel it fuck furiously into my mouth and its pulsing shaft told me that his seed was about to spew forth. I braced myself as it exploded jets of hot cum down my mouth. I choked and struggled to swallow all of its seed. I could feel it fill my stomach as I felt it continuously pulse and pump into my pussy and ass. My body exploded in enormous pleasure. I shuddered hard as I humped my sex into the many cocks of the alien beast before me. Its many small slimy penis tentacles swirled around my body drooling its cum all over me. These little cocks dripped all over my big round tits. I could see the slime cover my thick round nipples and coat them perfectly. My cunt and ass was covered in slime and cum. Cum started pouring out from between my pussy and ass lips as the cocks pulled out of my holes. It started to take my buckles off. I couldn't fight or break free because my limbs felt so heavy all of a sudden. I could barely walk.

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   This thing helped me to my feet. I hoped they would let me go. It practically dragged me to another room. This time it looked more like a prison room. "No!" I screamed weakly. My muscles were so tired. I couldn't fight at all, but I tried so hard to. It opened the door and threw me into the room. The metal door slammed hard and I could hear the door lock. "No, I want to go home!" I cried futilely on the floor. It was dark. The air was humid and the scent was musky and dusty. I could hear some stirring in the room. Two beings came at me front out of nowhere in the dark. They startled me and I screamed weakly.

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   "Don't hurt me please. I just want to go home. I just want to go home. " I pleaded so much with them. Little did I know that I was going to be kept as a sex slave on the ship. I was going to be the whore for the prisoners they captured. Various beings were going to fuck me. The alien crew that ruled the ship were going to take turns fucking me. I struggled and kept trying to plead with being as they breathed and prodded my naked slime covered body on the floor. I couldn't really move, I was so tired and I felt like I just couldn't fight anymore. So I slowly calmed myself and just laid there whimpering. One being came over between my legs and instinctively pushed it open to reveal my juicy sore cunt. This hideous green creature had two dicks come out of his lower body and shoved roughly into my pussy and asshole. It immediately fucked my holes hungrily like it hadn't fucked anything in years. It cried softly from the pain of being stretch hard against his big thick rough cocks.

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   His cocks had uniform bumps all around and sucked against the walls of my cunt as it thrusted into it. This other creature looked like a human male. But his face was deformed. I couldn't tell but I felt it start to shoot liquid all over my tits. My tits were covered in milky white slime and it dribbled down thickly between my arm pits. Then I watch and felt helplessly as this things started to suck hard on my nipples. My thick round nipples ached with pleasure as it nibbled and sucked my big full tits. Its penis grew out long and found its way to my mouth. It hovered over me and fucked my mouth quickly and roughly. It breathed and groaned heavily above me as it watched its partner in crime plunge its cocks deep into my cunt and ass. I could feel the being in my pussy and ass shudder violently against me. It made a grunting and growling noise so deep within it as it suddenly exploded loads of its alien juice inside of my body. As I watch it slink away tucking its cocks underneath its hideous form, I felt this deformed human looking creature shove its growing dick into my mouth harder. It pumped wildly and furiously into my little mouth and sucked hungrily on my tits. I finally shoots its thick slimy load into my mouth.


   The milky white substance dribbles out of my mouth and down my cheeks. I lay there violated. I was utterly exhausted and wanted to pass out forever. Maybe wake up at home, or some place safe and warm. I felt like I was drugged suddenly. In a heavy slumber I drifted in and out sometimes feeling some prodding at my cunt, pulling at my tits and sucking on my nipples, and hard quick jabs of thick alien cocks in and out of pussy and ass. These filthy animals soaked my body in their slime and cum juices. They shamed me by making me cum on their thick cocks. Now they're going to use my body and fuck me. They'll rape me and let more rape me as they travel. I was their whore, their sex slave now. .