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Had she lost all will to control herself, was she so deeply entangled in her own labyrinth of sexual gratification that she was willing to risk her life for passionate, anonomyous encouter? No, she had to get back to work. Had to make a living, had to restake her claim on the corner of 5th and Beaumont before someone else got the prime location. Turning, bringing herself back to reality she headed back for the safety of the street. The brick wall met her face with a grainy testimonial to its unyeilding strength. His hands grasped like two boa constrictors around her thin wrists, pinning her between him and the wall. His breath, cool on her ear asked "Leaving so soon?" A tremor of ecstasy and panic coursed a river down her spine that ended in the collecting wetness between her statuesque legs. Her legs trembled as he urged his body ever closer to hers, melding himself into her curves. She could feel the outline of his erection protruding against her carelessly spread thighs. Her heart pulsated in her breast, painfully thumping into the brick wall. Trying to add space between herself and the abrasive edifice, she pushed her plump backside into his hips. The swell of his erect shaft nuzzled the underside of her bare ass, beneath her short silk skirt. Eclipse's own desire for the stranger was beginning to bathe her upper thighs with a dizzying hunger she had never experienced before. A soft unrestrained moan erupted from her glossed red lips, as his hands roamed down her pinned arms and to the pliable flesh of her breasts. The sinewy fingers crept toward her straining nipples that were still being forcefully held against the brick. She heard his own attention starved reply as she slowly twisted her ass into his impriosoned cock. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see the desire in his eyes.


   Turning her body, under his hands, she face the mesmerizing stranger completely. His hands slid gradually, tenderly beneath the fabric of her mid-drift blouse. Icy chills were woven across her hot skin as she bound her emerald eyes to his nearly opal orbs. Sharp pin pricks pulled an excited gasp from Eclipse causing her to arch into the pain that titillated her nipples. The long fingers pinched and nuzzled her nipples into tight knots. Weighing her breasts in his hands, he lifted them pulling them away from her body and toward himself: as though he were inspecting treasured antiquities from a bygone era. With a tantilizing ease, his eyes memorized her body as she was held his prisoneer. Pushing herself back fully against the cold brick of the building, his hands held her hips. Eclipse felt his fingers began to inch her skirt along her legs, and gathering the sliky fabric at her waist: between both his knoted hands. Her hot, weeping sex was exposed to his devouring gaze, her shaven mound seemingly puslated with a life all its own. Eclipse widened her stance, exposing her slippery, swollen clit. Touching her clit, the tips of his calused fingers glistened with her yearning to cum for him. The sight of her, trembling with an intense mingling of fear and lust was nearly more than he could manage. His lips were her undoing as he kissed her open, waiting mouth. His teeth tugged gently at her lower lip, urging her to allow him further exploration of her moist abyss.

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   The powerful muscle of his tongue jutted forth, catching hers in a battle of domination. She could feel his hands gently opening her distended pussy lips, seeking out her throbing clit. Eclipse moaned into his kiss, pushing her hips to merge with his hand: shuddering against his hand as he worked three fingers into her gaping sex. His thumb waged a war on her clit, pinning the pulsing nub to her hot flesh. Her own hands made short work of his clothing, pulling his raging, rigid mass from inside his black jeans. Eclipse's thin, assured fingers wrapped around his cock tigthly. Tearing his mouth away from hers, he kissed along her jaw and throat, as Eclipse began to slowly stroke him. Her cunt felt empty as he removed his hands from her cum covered slit. Ripping hands tore away her blouse as he drew her erect nipples into his mouth. Eclipse felt the spiky tendrils of pain, illiciting a guteral cry, holding the back of his head while he suckled at her breast. He tasted, savored the coppery nectar the flowed from her breast and down his throat. Drawing her heat, her indulgent existance into his body, the dark stranger feed his own hunger. Unaware of her own impending demise, Eclipse implanted his steel cock deeply into her sopping cunt. Grasping her thighs, he wraped himself with her legs, supporting her body with his own. Lightheaded and dizzy, she impaled her body over and over onto his sheathed cock, almost to weak to offer the screams that her body emmited.

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   She could feel the rough brick tearing into the soft flesh of her back as he pumped harder and faster into her aching pussy, his mouth never leaving her breast. She felt the cold enter her body, as waves of passion crested deep inside her. With a final gasp, drawing back his cock, drawing in her life: he slammed forward, driving deeper and harder into her. He shook as his cock spasamed sputtering and oozing forth the bloody remnants of his own kept passion. Her body slumped against his, so near death that her heart was nearly dormant inside her chest. Lowering her to the alley floor, he covered her best he could with her tattered clothing. Kneeling down beside her, he bit into his own wrist: allowing the mixture of their mingled blood to flow from him, into her slightly opened lips. Holding her head, he fed her, waiting patiently for her eyes to flutter and focus on her. The two open holes on her breast healed instantniously, as Eclipse wrapped her lips around the bleeding wound. His healing essence filled her, rejuvinted her, strengthed her: surpassing all mortal comprehension. Opening her eyes, she looked at him. With a sudden panic, she ripped her mouth away from him: spitting the blood in her mouth onto the ground beside her. His smiled wickedly as he helped her to her feet. "What have you done to me?" Eclipse asked, looking down at herself, then back to him. He stood silently, watching her.

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