one wish part 1


Jack and Dave are walking down the aisle of caravel games with their two dates, Jennifer and Mellissa. Today’s Friday night, and the last day of the fall festival; by tomorrow everything will be all packed up. The four of them have been on all the good rides over and over, and are heading home for the night.
“Hell of a day, huh?” says Dave. “Can’t wait to get home and to bed. ”
“Me neither,” says Mellissa, hanging on Dave’s shoulder and biting her lower lip provocatively. Jake rolls his eyes while Dave leans down and kisses Mellissa.
“I can’t wait either,” adds Jennifer, never the one to be out done, while pressing her body up against Jake’s. Jake’s well muscled chest is in stark contrast with Jennifer’s soft and full breasts as she presses up against him, threatening to break the lone, stretched button holding back the swell of her bosom.
“Hmmm,” reply’s Jake, and he too begins kissing Jennifer. After a few seconds he breaks it off and says, “Let’s use up the last of these tickets and go back to our dorm. ” By our dorm Jake means his and Dave’s, since they share a dorm.
Everyone glances around to see what might be good as a last ride, when Mellissa notice’s a small inconspicuous red tent behind an old, splintery sign with the words “Fortunes” burned into it.
“Let’s go there!” she exclaims. “I’ve always wanted to have my fortune told. ”
“Sure, sounds good to me,” agrees Jennifer, and the issue is decided.

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   The foursome enter the tent to find that it’s much bigger than it had appeared on the outside. In the middle of the tent is a circular wooden table with a completely transparent and painstakingly polished crystal ball. One might have said it was glass, but it was obviously not. I was pure. Perfect. Iridescent in its own unblemished majesty, and all around a very nice crystal ball. At the table are five chairs, and when the four of them all look away from the crystal ball they notice a decrepit old lady is sitting in the farthest one, partially hidden in shadow. She is wearing no finery, no gaudy jewels fake or real, but only a simple spider web shawl draped heavily over her shoulders and a long, loose-flowing cotton dress. Her dress is brown, her shawl is bright white.
“Sit down please, young-un’s and ask me what you wish to know. ” She sits perched expectantly on her seat with her face thrust forward, waiting for the four college students to do what she asked. Hesitantly, they all sit, somehow unnerved by the crooked and bent old woman. She has a slight Russian accent.
Jennifer pips up. “We’d like to know our fortunes please.

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“Of course, of course, but what specifically?” the old fortune teller appears to lean in closer though everyone could have sworn she didn’t move. Jennifer boldly continues.
“Um, am I going to be happy with my life? I mean when I’m older and look back at what I’ve done. Not that I mean anything by that! I mean…” the fortune teller lifts her hand and immediately Jennifer stops. The old lady smiles her understanding, nodding her head as if in approval, then looks to Jennifer’s right, at Jake. Jake stammers.
“Well, I’d like to know if I’ll find the right woman and have a load of kids. ” Where did that come from, wonders Jake. I didn’t mean to say that. He looks over at Jennifer to see an equally confused look on her face.
She continues down the line.
“I’d like to know if Engineering is the right major for me,” says Dave.
“I’d like to know, ummmm. Well it’d be cool if I knew the meaning of life. ” The old fortune teller smiles at that one.

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“Very good. ” She draws in a deep breath and at the same time the indirect lighting, no one can see the source of said light, the indirect lighting dims. Everyone involuntarily leans closers as the crystal ball becomes more and more opaque as the light dims, everyone wanting to see something in the glass. Looking closer, however only reveals that the opaqueness is due to a swirling fog moving is small circles inside of the solid crystal ball. The fortune teller does not lean closer.
“You, Jennifer. You will be very satisfied with your accomplishments in your old age, and they will bring you comfort on your death bed. You, Jake, will indeed marry a good wife, and will have many, many children. I believe that the first with be a litter of eight. ” She frowns slightly at that, but shakes her head as if setting whatever she was thinking aside. “You, David, are destined to be a world-changing engineer, though beware to show extra care when building bridges, and you. ” She lifts her pointed finger at Mellissa, but smiles warmly. “The meaning of life is happiness. ” Then, as she appears about to stand, the fortune-teller flinches, or perhaps her eyes glanced so sharply at the crystal ball that it gave the appearance of such. After drawing in a breath and holding it for a brief second, she leans over the table and lowers her voice to a whisper, another smile curling the edges of her mouth.

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“I have one present for all of you, before you leave today. It’s a very special present, and I don’t give it lightly, but you’re questions deem you more worthy than most and I think correctly that you will all benefit greatly from this. ” As if by magic, the fortuneteller is now holding four cards in her hand. Each has a solid red back, and on the other side a red diamond centered on a white background.
“Playing cards?” asks David.
“No, wishing cards. Each one is good for one wish. All you have to do, when you are ready, is place a finger on the diamonds, and state your wish. As fair warning, I suggest thinking through all the possible ramifications of your wish, as well as your wording. You only get one each. ” She ceremoniously hands each card individually to everyone.
“Now, the festival is closing, and I must begin packing. ” She turns away and disappears behind a curtain.
“Huh, load of bull. Besides, the park shouldn’t close ‘til seven.

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“Uh, Dave?” says Mellissa. “It’s seven o’clock. ”
“No way!” shouts Jake. “That’d mean we were here for an hour! It couldn’t have been an hour. ”
“I guess time flies,” twitters Jennifer. She smiles at Jake, flipping the wishing card between her fingers, then pockets it. Everyone else does the same, and they split up, each pair of love birds going to their roosts.
David and Mellissa arrive with a rumble at Dave’s small dormitory. He can’t even restrain himself from groping Mellissa all the way up the stairs, but Mellissa doesn’t care. Even as they walk through the door he’s got his arm around her waist and is feeling up her mound through her skimpy skirt, making her stand on tip-toes while spreading her legs wider. He begins taking off her skirt while she simultaneously begins to undo his jeans. His bulge is massive and growing down his leg visibly. When she pulls down his boxers it begins thickening and is quickly stands erect, straining skyward from the attention of his young female friend. He too moves and takes off her pink panties, then grabs the fork of her legs and squeezes her pussy mound. She gives a satisfying “oh” at the sharp squeeze, and presses her body up against his, David’s hot, thick dick pressing against Mellissa’s flat stomach and Mellissa’s flaring pussy pressed against his bare leg.

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   Neither of them can resist a few dry humps, but they both want to do much more than that and so quickly back apart and look at each other. It’s then that Mellissa notices David’s card sticking out of his pile of clothing.
“Hey look, your wish card” she says, then sexily adds “…what are you going to wish for?” she saunters over to her small purse and pulls out her own card, drawing it over her lips.
“I dunno, you go first. ” He too picks up his card and fingers it, still sporting a raging boner.
“Mmmm,” she presses her thumb against the diamond in the center of the card. “I wish that you were hung like a horse, and I’ll be your willing filly. ” She smiles sexily at him and again is right next to him.
David looks down at himself, then grins at Mellissa.
“Nothing. ” He says, unsurprised. “I guess you can’t wish for what you already have. ”
They begin kissing, and roll over onto the bed. Mellissa tosses the card down on the floor, though mysteriously the red diamond has disappeared, leaving only a red side and a white side.
“Come here big bo-OY!” she squeaks out in mid-sentence, her entire body clenching and her legs involuntarily pulling apart.

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   Her hand immediately flies down to cover her pussy.
“What was that!” she cries. She takes her hand off her pussy and pulls up her shirt.
“AH!” she sharply breaths as another spasm makes her shudder, but now it’s clear that the source is indeed her pussy. Simultaneously with her short exclamation her hips clench together and her legs pull a little apart, but that isn’t what amazes David. What causes David dick to throb is that her pussy lips flashed open, displaying the deepening pink of the inside of her pussy, then shut closed just as quickly. A steady dribble of fluid begins to leak from her pussy, and said pussy is rapidly changing before both of their eyes. The tight, neat line of Mellissa’s pussy is, for lack of a better word, loosening. At the same time, her outer lips are turning black and appear to be getting a little leathery, though as her pussy lips continue to grow more slack they seem to only be getting softer. Another flash convulses Mellissa’s entire vagina, again displaying her pussy wide open, though this time it not only spreads wider, but changes inside of her pussy are apparent as well. In the successive series of flashes that follow Dave sees that her tiny, incredibly sexy pussy hole has migrated up from the bottom of her slit to the very middle, and while it’s not exactly a gaping hole, it’s now obviously not as tight as it used to be.   Fluid from her pussy is starting to slick up her legs now as well, and is definitely making a mess on the bed.
“Davi-eek!-David, your-ekk!- Look!-eek!-Oh god make it stop. ” She lets out an involuntary squeak with each convulsion of her pussy.
David, however, understands the pointing finger.

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   Looking down at himself, he is shocked to see that his own dick is changing as well. A black color races up his shaft, changing abruptly to a soft pink halfway up. His dick begins to thicken, and the skin begins thickening perceptibly as well. His ball sack becomes black and leathery, and his balls immediately begin to swell.
Then bigger changes rapidly take hold. The head of his dick balloons and flattens a little, angling down as well. His piss hole becomes more prominent and widens, and also relocates a bit to the center of the  flat, angled side of the head. All the while Dave’s dick is also lengthening like a snake, growing out of him now so fast that it’s sliding through his hands.   In almost no time at all Dave has an enormous, perfect horse’s cock, and a raging boner at that. It’s nearly two and a half feet long.
“What the fuck?!?” asks David. Meanwhile Mellissa begins crying as her pussy winks unmercifully.
“I need you in me David, I need it to stop and it’ll stop if we fuck, I know it. I’m so fucking randy Dave, please, oh god, pleasepleasepleaseplease…” she trails off and her pussy winks in a short series of three flashes, making David’s cock jump. The smell of Mellissa’s pussy is suddenly overwhelming, and mind bogglingly erotic.

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   Without a second though he is on top of Mellissa with his cock in between them. Mellissa grabs his cock and puts it in her mouth immediately, running her tongue up and down his shaft as well as sucking on his now enormous head. She can barely fit his head in her mouth, and as she sucks on it a squirt of pre-cum shoots into her mouth, making her gag, then swallow. She had never swallowed before, and David is momentarily stunned as his dick pounds.
Mellissa, whose pussy is driving her mad with desire and horniness, immediately drops David’s dick to point directly at her lips, her pussy flashes once and in concert David drives home. Despite the apparent looseness of her pussy, she’s painfully tight around David’s cock, and screams from a mixture of the pain and the impossible level of arousal she has been brought to by her own flashing pussy. David thrusts into her, his dick smoothly sliding into her pussy first one foot, then two, and finally David bottoms out his entire dick into Mellissa, their crotches meeting flush. It seems impossible; David can feel the massive length of his dick all the way up inside of her. It can’t possibly have all fit, she simply isn’t tall enough, and yet it did. Resolving to ponder the mysteries of Mellissa’s pussy later, he hammers Mellissa hard, pulling nearly all the way out, (and once falling out, though he drives right back in), and with inhumanly powerful strokes pumps Mellissa’s soft pussy, made small again compared with David’s horse-cock. Their love making is shaking the very frame of the room, awakening several other tenants.
Meanwhile Mellissa can’t shut up.
“Ohhhh fuck, ohhhhh fuck, fuck me David! Oh God oh my god!” and so on. An intense feeling is building up in her seemingly bottomless pussy, bigger than any she has ever had, but won’t release even though she knows that it aught to have by now. She feels as if she’s on the verge of an orgasm, but while  she get’s closer and closer it remains out of reach.

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   She let’s out a scream of frustration and doubles her efforts to elongate David’s stroke by rolling her pelvis.
Meanwhile David is like an enormous, long, steaming piston, and yes it is steaming as his shaft is pulled out of Mellissa into the night air, only to be plunged back in to the hilt. A long bulge outline’s his dick on her sexy flat stomach as he enters her, disappearing under her ribcage. Her pussy is unusually hot and extremely wet, though despite her wetness their joined sexes make no unpleasant noises as he pushes into her. He feels his own orgasm coming and is sweating profusely. Panting heavily they both make love like they never had before until David starts going even faster. Mellissa, eyes widening with the fear that she might be left wanting if David orgasmed without her, intensifies her efforts further and is rewarded by the familiar climaxing prior to an orgasm, except that this one is of epic proportions.
David orgasms first. With a grunt, he presses himself forcefully as far into Mellissa’s love hole as is physically possible, and a stirring in his balls turns into a torrent. A previously unimaginable amount of cum travels up David’s dick and explodes into Mellissa’s depths. Gushes of boiling hot cum fill Mellissa’s pussy and send her, finally, overboard. Mellissa’s pussy ripples up David’s cock completely beyond control and forcefully squeezes and pulls all of his cum out even as David continues to orgasm. Mellissa, of course, is screaming as the shear amount of sensation erupting from her pussy nearly makes her pass out, but she is cruelly forced to endure the epic orgasm. Finally, several cups of cum and minutes later, David is empty and spent, and so is Mellissa. David’s dick softens and begins its slow retreat, but he lays on top of Mellissa the entire way until his dick finally slips out of Mellissa’s grasping pussy.


Rolling over with a very contented sigh, he examines his dick. It has retreated almost fully into a “sheath” of skin, and only the top of this dick is sticking, almost timidly, out. Also, even though it is now entirely flaccid, it is still pointed vertically due to both an anatomical rearrangement of his penis as well as the sheath itself.   David looks over at Mellissa just in time to see her cry out as her pussy ejects with a spasm a thick creamy stream of cum. This triggers a rapid fire series of convulsions that eject a fair amount of David’s cum onto the bed and carpet, though still far more of David’s cum remains in her pussy, cooling and settling. After that, though, Mellissa’s pussy finally lays quiet. For now that is.
They both clean up and get dressed without a word. Even though David’s cock is pointing vertically the bulge in his pants doesn’t reveal that, though it is perhaps a bit higher than it aught to be, and since the majority of his member now is actually resting inside of him his bulge isn’t unbelievably big, and is now almost entirely due to his much enlarged ball sack. Both of them, though neither of them fully realize it, smell like horses now as well, and Mellissa still smells inexplicably arousing to David. David drives her home without incident.
Meanwhile, Jake is driving Jennifer over to her apartment.
The trip is uneventful and painfully quiet. Mostly they just listen to the radio. When they get home, Jake walks Jennifer to the door, and there they kiss passionately, but Jake turns away afterwards as if to go home.

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“Jake, where you going?” asks Jennifer, still with the door open. She can’t understand Jake, sometimes he has this weird sense of chivalry. “You know, my folks aren’t home. ” She bites her lower lip and strikes the sexiest pose she knows.
Jake may be chivalrous, but he’s not dense. He turns on his heel and walks inside with his hand on Jennifer’s waist and a lop-sided smile. He hadn’t wanted to pressure her, but if she wants to then, hey, you know?

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