Sarah's Alien Encounter


Suddenly she felt a massive tentacle being thrust into her pussy, and she let out a shriek of pain. It barely fit in her small virgin pussy, and she could feel her labia tightly gripping the tentacle. It stayed still and throbbed inside her for a moment as her shrieks calmed down, and then it fucked her hard. Her mouth was open, frozen in a scream of pain and pleasure, though no noise came out. The tentacle pumped her pussy hard, and her entire body quivered. Eventually she let out a deep breath and began to grunt and moan as the tentacle slid in and out in a steady rhythm. Her head rolled slowly from side to side as she succumbed to the penetration of her pussy. She lost all thoughts of fear as she felt herself reaching climax. The originally horrid thought of losing her virginity to an alien tentacle suddenly appealed to her, as she was consumed in her own pleasure. Her legs sprang apart as far as they could go as she climaxed. The tentacle was in her so tight that her cum momentarily built up pressure inside her and then squirted out of her pussy in all directions. Her back arched and her head rolled back instantaneously as she screamed in pleasure. Her legs were thrashing, and the tentacles fought hard to keep her steady. Her orgasm eventually subsided, and she hung there, entirely out of breath. But it didn’t end there. The tentacle continued to fuck her, and she continued to climax, moaning louder and louder as each orgasm sent waves of pleasure through her body.

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   She went through eight orgasms until she finally got what she had at first feared but came to want. She was completely exhausted, though the tentacle fucked her more. But now it was no longer moving at a steady pace, but whipping around wildly inside her. It began to spasm, and she knew what was to come – suddenly she felt a gush of hot liquid rapidly fill her stuffed pussy as the tentacle ejaculated inside her. It lasted for 15 seconds as an entire gallon of cum filled her as much as possible while the rest poured out of her pussy. She moaned at the feel of the giant tentacle gently pumping cum into her, and continued to moan even after it was finished. The tentacle pulled out of her pussy, bringing with it a cascade of its own hot cum. Her body lay limp, finally being able to rest after the long fuck. The tentacles around her arms and legs slowly lowered her to the ground, and then released her. She was so exhausted that her legs crumpled beneath her and she fell to the ground in a thin pool of warm cum that had formed when the excess cum from the tentacle spilled out of her. Her beautiful naked body lay there, exposed to any more advances the tentacles may have wanted to make. Though she felt physically terrible, a smile crossed her face as the warm cum that she was laying in reminded her of the pleasurable fuck she had just had. After catching her breath, she looked around at the other girls. Many of them were lying on the ground too, covered in sweat and cum. Their wet hair matted their faces, and as she looked at them, she noticed cum was streaming out of their mouths.

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   She hadn’t noticed this before, and she wasn’t quite sure what the reason was. But as she looked over at the cum dripping from the tentacles, she realized why. She suddenly became fearful again. She could handle being fucked in her pussy, because it made her feel good. But being fucked in the mouth would give her no pleasure at all. As she looked at the tentacles some more, she became repulsed by their appearance. They were wide and slightly pointed at the end, and ridged with veins that ran up and down the tentacle. The veins pulsed rapidly, and she suddenly remembered the pleasurable feel of the cum being pumped inside of her, though this did not console her. The tentacles were reddish gray, a sickly color with a hint of green in it. Her mind suddenly shifted from the appearance of the tentacles back to the cum dripping out of the girls’ mouths. Suddenly she saw multiple tentacles dart towards her, and they each grabbed her legs and arms. They pulled her up into the air, and there she dangled, as another tentacle came towards her. She hung there, staring at the tentacle before her. She was whimpering in terror, and despite every effort she gave to fight back, her exhausted body just wouldn’t give in. She knew what the tentacle was going to do and this caused her to make tears that streamed slowly down her face.

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   Suddenly the tentacle rushed at her head and thrust itself into her mouth. Her eyes went wide in terror as the pulsing tentacle filled her mouth. It went in and out of her mouth slowly, and then increased slightly in speed. As it fucked her mouth, she could taste the small amount of cum that was still on the tentacle. It tasted surprisingly good to her, and as her interest fell on the taste of the cum, she stopped crying. She was still horrified by the massive tentacle that was fucking her mouth, but she found some consolation in the wonderful taste of the cum. The fucking continued, and then the tentacle started to shudder. She had felt this before, while having her pussy fucked, and she had liked it. This gave her a little hope. The tentacle pulsed wildly, and she could feel a bulge traveling up to the tip. She suddenly remembered the amount of cum that had been gushed into her pussy, but it was too late to prepare her for it. Her entire mouth was filled instantly by the hot cum, and as space inside of her mouth ran out, the cum started pouring down her throat. She started to gag, but managed to hold the cum down. It tasted good, but she started feeling sick as the cum filled up her stomach. Her stomach wasn’t filled all the way, but her body would not allow it to be filled anymore.

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   The cum built up inside of her mouth, and then it spewed out, forcing its way past her lips that were tightly wrapped around the tentacle. Cum gushed and bubbled out of her mouth, as the tentacle offloaded its last long stream of cum. As the stream of cum started to subside, the four tentacles that restrained her lowered her to the ground. The tentacle in her mouth gave off one last burst, and then pulled out as the restraining tentacles released her. She fell to the ground, spewing out cum as she fell. She lay there on the ground, coughing out the cum that was in her mouth and throat. She felt like she was choking, but as the cum emptied out of her throat, she caught her breath again. Her mouth was coated in cum, and as she lay there on her back, her tongue licked at her lips. Her throat gasped for air, but her curious tongue probed her lips, licking up the wonderful tasting cum. Her body started to feel less weak, and she realized that the cum was giving her energy. It was serving the same purpose as food. She didn’t feel thirsty either, and actually felt refreshed. It was at that moment that she realized what the alien planned to do. It was planning on keeping her alive, so that it could fuck her. She and all the other girls were being used to help the aliens reproduce.

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   Everything the alien needed was right there. It had the tentacles to fuck her, and the cum to keep her alive and impregnate her. She also realized why the tentacles were so wide. Over time, they would stretch her pussy larger and larger, and her pussy would get used to it. Then when she would have the alien babies, the labor would never hurt her because her pussy would be wide enough to handle the baby aliens. She would be impregnated over and over again, and would be reproducing alien babies for the rest of her life. Though she realized she should feel horrified at the thought of it, she actually liked the idea. She would be fed every day, eating the wonderful tasting cum. She would be pleasured every day as the tentacles would slide into her pussy over and over again. As she thought about this, she wondered what it would be like having an alien baby. She would be breeding a race of aliens, all created from the alien’s sperm and her eggs. She knew her normal life was leading nowhere, and felt happiness in the fact that she would be the mother of a flourishing species that she and a few other girls would create. She would never have to worry about anything. She would be completely taken care of. Her mind suddenly wandered back to the thought of her cum-filled stomach.

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   She wondered how she would be able to handle the day-to-day fill of cum in her mouth. As an answer, she suddenly felt her stomach give way and felt the cum travel through her intestines down to her rectum. She stood up, and felt the cum fill her ass. Her sphincter muscles immediately gave way, and the cum came pouring out of her ass. There were no human feces that came out, just hot, liquid cum. Her body felt so good as the cum emptied out of her, and she knew she would enjoy emptying her stomach every day. Suddenly the four restraining tentacles grabbed her again. The fifth one loomed near, and she knew she would be fucked again. She enjoyed this thought, and as she looked over at the other girls, she saw that they too were enjoying what the tentacles were doing to them. She accepted what was about to come, and did not struggle at all. Then, the fifth tentacle waved back and forth in the air, and with one quick motion, it thrust itself into her pussy. .