Third Day on the Job


The elevator eventually started climbing the floors.   I was heading to the 42 nd floor, and usually by about the 30 th floor the elevator was empty, unless some of my coworkers were there (though I didn’t see any of them, and attributed this to my tardiness).   As predicted, the first 20 or 25 floors had many stops and people poured out of the elevator.   As the last person got out for floor 26, I nervously pressed button with the “42” several times, hoping the doors would close quickly so I could get on with my day.   The elevator finally continued its ascent, but only for a few seconds before it lurched to a stop and everything went dark.
“Oh shit…” I mumbled.   I had been given a memo on my first day that said they were having problems with the elevators.   I guess two guys from my office had independently gotten stuck around floor 33.   I looked up above the door and sure enough, the marker pointed between the 33 rd and 34 th floor.   “Figures,” I said, leaning against the closest wall and slumping to the floor.   I let my head fall into my hands and rubbed my eyes, trying to vent some of my frustration.
Within a few moments the faint emergency lights blinked on, and I looked up from the floor.   I was suddenly startled to realize that I was not in fact alone in the elevator like I had thought.   Two teenage girls were standing on the other side of the elevator (they might have been 18 or 19).   They were dressed similarly: black buckle shoes, white stockings, short khaki skirts that came about half way to their knees, and white button-up blouses that were too short to cover their navel.   They both had toned skin and hair which hung loosely down the front of their shoulders, though the one’s hair was a little longer and a dark shade of brown while the other’s was blonde.


     The brunette also appeared to be slightly taller and a bit more slender than the blonde.   Despite their differences, they were both equally attractive for their age and could have easily been sisters.
The girls were nervously whispering and giggling to each other, casually glancing in my direction and smiling.   I looked at them and smiled, attributing their behavior to girls being girls.   “First time in a broken elevator, ladies?” I asked politely.
“Not exactly,” the shorter girl answered.   “Kendra and I get caught quite often, actually. ”
“Isn’t it almost spooky how often it happens, Crystal ?” asked the other girl.   They both laughed and I smiled, putting up with their immature demeanor.   “But Joe,” Kendra continued now looking me in the eye, “this isn’t exactly a mistake. ”   I blinked my eyes, surprised that somehow this girl, whom I was fairly sure I had never met before, knew my name.   Kendra and Crystal laughed at my shocked expression.
“Oh, don’t worry Joe,” Crystal said as she and Kendra approached me, her fingers lightly trailing over the waistband of her skirt.
“We’ve been watching you,” Kendra interjected, her hand caressing her breast, “…for quite a while now. ”
“What’s the meaning of this?” I asked frantically, starting to wonder what I had gotten myself caught in.

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     “And just how old are you two?” I asked, wondering if I was the target of some sort of plan to dirty the firm’s reputation by getting caught fooling around with minors.
“ Crystal ’s 17,” Kendra answered.   “I’m 19. ”   Her hands reached down to the seam of her skirt and she slowly bunched the skirt into her hands, sliding the khaki material up her thighs, past the tops of her white stockings and revealing the bottom of a pair of white cotton panties beneath.   By now the girls were only a foot or so from me, and I was still sitting on the floor.
“Girls, I can’t do this!” I said sternly, starting to become disturbed as to what these young beautiful girls might claim happened in the elevator.
“It’s not about what you can and can’t do,” Crystal said, a forcefulness growing in her voice, “but rather about what you WILL do. ”   Crystal raised her hand, and instantly I was on my feet.   I hadn’t told my body to pick itself up, but somehow my legs decided that they wanted to get up.   I tried to walk to the other end of the elevator, putting some distance between me and the girls, but I couldn’t move.   I tried harder to force my feet to walk, but my muscles would not respond.   Somehow I was frozen stiff before these two young girls.
“You are the selected target,” Crystal said calmly as her fingers started to unbutton the top button of her blouse.   “You are now ours. ”
Kendra’s eyes focused on my crotch.

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     Slowly she extended her fingers towards the fly of my pants, as if calling for something.   Instantly, I felt my penis jump in response, and an erection started forming, a tent becoming clearly visible beneath the dark material of my slacks.   My face began to flush and my jaw clenched as intense sexual energy began to travel through my body.   “What’s happening to me?” I managed to mutter through my grit teeth.
“Don’t worry, babe,” Crystal said, her lips pouted.   “Just work with us here. ”   She finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled the white material back from her body, revealing a brilliantly white bra that seemed to glow as it held the two perfect globes of her flesh, which pulsed under Crystal’s breathing.   My cock, quickly becoming fully erect from Kendra’s control, leaped in my pants.   Kendra was standing slightly behind Crystal , licking her lips and still focusing on my pants, which felt like they were shrinking.
All of the sudden my legs started to move, encircling me behind the girls and taking me to the center of the large elevator, a few feet from Kendra.   With a spread of her hands, a backless wooden bench appeared out of nowhere.   Kendra walked to one end of the bench and sat down straddling it, once again forcing her skirt to ride up her slender legs and exposing her panties, which were now shining in a similar way as Crystal ’s bra, captivating my attention.   Kendra clenched the sides of her blouse and gave a fierce pull, popping the buttons off and literally ripping the shirt from her body.   Kendra was wearing a bra identical to Crystal ’s, and she had the same perfect breasts which were even more magnificent against her slightly thinner frame.
While I gazed back and forth between her chest and panties, Kendra patted the bench in front of her with her hand inviting me to sit down between her open legs.

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     My feet responded by walking me over and straddling the bench, sitting me down with my back to her.   Kendra’s hands gently came up my back and over my shoulders, reaching around to start undoing my necktie.   She pressed her body into mine, forcing her firm chest into my back.   I could feel the warmth radiate from her breasts as she whispered into my ear, “Just relax.   You couldn’t do anything even if you wanted to anyway. ”
Kendra was right.   My body was totally out of my control and appeared to be under the direct influence of these vixens who were seducing me, though for what purpose I did not know.
As Kendra undid my necktie and started unbuttoning my shirt, Crystal walked over and stood in front of me, my eyes staring at the front of her skirt.   Seeing the perfection of these teenagers’ physical attributes, I could only imagine the wonderful pleasures that would be had with what was hidden from my sight.
Crystal ’s fingers gently reached under my chin and gracefully raised my head to look up at her wonderful breasts, which were now lifting and falling in rhythm with her breathing, which had increased considerably.   Crystal tossed her head back as her hands gently caressed her face, then traced a path down her neck and finally fell onto her bra-covered breasts, which she started to massage gently, letting a light moan escape from her lips.
Crystal ’s head came back up and she looked me in the eyes as her fingers undid a clasp on the front of her bra.   Shrugging her shoulders, the undergarment fell from her frame and the 17-year-old stood before me topless, looking down at me over her round, firm breasts, which were finally free from her bra.   Her skin was flawless, and the swell of her full chest was crowned with two perfect nipples.
Crystal took my hands and placed them on her breasts.

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     Without telling them to do so, my fingers started kneading her firm flesh in a way that did not quite seem natural to me, but in a way that was obviously pleasuring Crystal perfectly, as evidenced by the immediate increase of her breathing.   It seemed as if her legs were losing strength, and slowly Crystal lowered herself onto my lap so that we faced each other.   Just thinking about the nearness of her still-covered cunt made my dick yearn for the feel of being inside of her.   Kendra finished unbuttoning my shirt from behind and started to massage my chest and shoulders as Crystal bent down to kiss me, her lips and tongue bringing all sorts of pleasure to my mouth and her moans echoing in my throat as I continued to massage her breasts.
After breaking her long, masterful kiss, Crystal slowly brought one of her breasts to my mouth.   Instantly my tongue leaped out of my mouth to lick the erect nipple, my lips following suit and beginning to suck on the silky breast at the whim of Crystal ’s sexual desires.   Crystal ’s skin had a sweetness unlike I had ever tasted, and it made me want to lick all of her.   The harder I sucked her flesh, the better it tasted and the harder she forced it against my mouth.   Even though I realized that she was somehow controlling me like an interactive sex toy, I was obviously enjoying what she was putting me through as a pulse of energy started to gather in my groin.
After a few moments, Crystal raised herself off of my lap, taking her succulent breast away from my mouth.   I wanted with all my might to follow her, to not take her flesh from my lips, but some force held my head still and she easily pulled away.
Crystal turned around and re-straddled the bench, facing away from me.   As she stood there, her hair falling down her bare back, a mysterious music softly crept into my ears.   Although I could not tell where it was coming from, the tune didn’t sound like it was coming from any speakers in the elevator and it was getting louder.   As I began to wonder whether or not I was going crazy, Crystal started moving her hips from side to side to the beat that I heard in my head.

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     Her hands traveled up and down her topless body, and my eyes were fixed on the back of her skirt, which was stretched across her tight ass.
Slowly, Crystal started to lower herself onto me again, being sure to rub herself against my bulging cock as much as possible.   She sat on my lap as her rump grinded again and again against my dick in rhythm with the strange music.   Crystal turned her head to look over her shoulder at me, a devilish smile now on her rather innocent-looking face, watching how I would react to her.   All the sudden my hand started to move, demonstrating that I still did not have control over my body.   My fingers went to the back of Crystal ’s skirt, finding a zipper tucked beneath a seam.   I gripped the zipper and slowly my hand traveled the length of Crystal ’s ass, unzipping her skirt from underneath her.   As my fingers passed under her, she grinded harder and harder against me, forcing the zipper (and my fingers which held it) against the crack of her ass, bringing louder moans from her.   My index finger slid along her backdoor a few times before continuing to strip her of her article of clothing.
Finally I reached the bottom of her skirt and the zipper slipped from the track, so that the back of her skirt was completely open.   My hand stayed under her as she tugged on the top of the khaki material, dropping the skirt on the floor.   My fingers played along the inside of Crystal ’s soft thigh while my other hand was made to reach around her and grip one of her breasts.   My fingers drifted up to the front of her panties, slipping under the thin material and gently playing along the lips of her pussy beneath, her heat radiating onto my palm.
All of the sudden Kendra interjected.   “ Crystal , we must hurry and perform the test before Mother grows impatient and is upset with us.

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Crystal sighed, obviously wanting to force my fingers into her cunt with all of the might she could muster out of me.   Slowly my fingers began to penetrate her.
“ Crystal !” Kendra objected.
Grunting with frustration, Crystal eased up on her lap dance, which had made my pants moist with my own precum.   My fingers slowly slid out of her panties and out from under her.   Crystal was not the only one who was frustrated.   My penis slowly started decreasing in its firmness as the hot 17-year-old got up from my lap and turned to address Kendra, her bare breasts bouncing with her insistence.
“Can I at least perform the test this time?” Crystal asked.
“You know that since I’m the oldest, I get the first taste.   If you continue to learn, Mother might let you go first next time,” Kendra answered.   Crystal didn’t seem happy with the arrangement, but she did not continue to argue.   Instead she dismounted the bench and stepped over to a more open part of the elevator.   My leg swung over the repositioning my body to face her.
Kendra also stood up from the bench, pulling my unbuttoned shirt from my back, and she stepped between me and Crystal, who was now a few feet away standing there wearing only her panties, stockings, and shoes.   Crystal folded her arms around her naked breasts, pushing her boobs against her chest and pouted while glaring at Kendra.

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Kendra stood in front of me, putting her hands behind her waist and slowly unzipping her skirt until it fell around her ankles and she could kick it aside.   She bent over and her hands rested on my knees, propping her up as she looked into my eyes and gave me a perfect view of her cleavage – her luscious breasts hung there, only supported by her stretched bra.
“Here’s the game plan,” Kendra said as her facial expression, once innocent, started to morph into a sly grin.   She lowered her voice to a whisper, “We are going to suck you, fuck you, and do everything you ever wanted the hot little schoolgirls of your fantasies to do to you. ”   She licked her lips.   “But this will be no fantasy.   It will be hell, because as much as you will want to, you will be prevented from blowing even a drop of your cum anywhere. ”   Both of the girls were smiling widely as I looked on in terror.
Kendra slowly undid my pants as Crystal knelt down and took off my shoes.   My body lifted itself enough so that Kendra could pull off my pants and slide my boxers to the floor.   After stepping out of my shorts, my legs spread themselves and Kendra knelt on her knees in-between them.   Kendra took my now only half-erect dick into her soft hand as Crystal stepped behind her, pulling the brunette’s hair back to reveal her beautiful cleavage.   As Kendra slowly began rubbing my cock with her hand, Crystal reached around her chest to remove her bra.   As the radiantly white material fell from her chest, Kendra’s breasts only fell slightly forward before hanging firmly off of her delicious body.
Kendra lowered her head and extended her tongue to take a lick of the precum that had made my groin moist.

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     “Mother was right,” she said, “he IS ripe!”   Crystal bit her lower lip and slipped her hand under the front of her panties, seemingly picking up where I left off while her other hand worked on one of her dazzling breasts.
Kendra wrapped her tongue around the underside of my dick, licking me back to the base and giving my balls a light suckling.   My cock grew to full length as she licked back up to the tip and then swirled her hot tongue around the head.   I began to moan as Kendra took my dick into her juicy mouth.   She slid her tongue along me as she started thrusting her mouth down the distance of my erection.
I began to moan as I felt my balls tighten.   I began to wonder if Kendra might have been wrong in thinking that I wouldn’t cum.   She kept pounding her face onto my dick, and I was sure that I was going to surprise her by blowing my load into her pretty young mouth.   I could feel more and more semen rush into my dick, but nothing came out!   Again and again I felt my cum flowing into my penis, and pressure started to build at the tip, which would not allow even a drop to drizzle out.
Trying to fight what was starting to turn painful, I looked at Crystal, who was now laying on the floor pounding her fist into her young pussy.   All of the sudden her whole body shook as a mighty orgasm ripped through her body and she started to slow her pace.
Wishing that I could feel the same release, it felt like my dick was being stretched by the pressure of my cum kept inside of it, as more and more of it flowed from my balls.   Kendra sped up even more until I started grunting at the tension.   All I wanted to do was squirt my load into this succulent teen’s hot little mouth, but my body would not eject its own cum.
Finally Kendra released my cock from her mouth, strings of saliva and precum trailing from her lips.

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     The head and half of the shaft of my dick was now purple from all the blood and semen flowing to it, my veins bulging out of my member.   Kendra extended her hand to grasp the tip and gently pulled.   In response to her, my cock mysteriously grew at least an inch and a half.   I screamed at the stretching of my flesh, and Kendra finally seemed satisfied with my length, which was now at least 9”.   While the extra length had brought some relief by easing the pressure a bit, my need to cum did not subside, and I doubted that the girls were through with me yet.
Kendra stood up and was joined by Crystal, who had now recovered from her orgasm, and they both waved a hand over me.   My body obeyed and laid me down on the bench, my huge prick standing straight up in the air.
As Kendra stood by my cock and slowly stroked it, Crystal bent down and lightly kissed me before saying, “I just brought myself to an awesome orgasm, and now I’m going to fuck you until I have another one at least as big. ”   She paused.   “This might take a while, so prepare yourself for a long ride.   I’m not the easiest girl to please. ”   Her smile struck a fear into my heart, and I knew that her pleasure was my torment.
With that, Crystal slipped off her panties and kicked off her shoes.   She then sat on my stomach, her legs on either side of me and the juices leftover from her previous orgasm dripped onto my skin.   Looking me in the eye, Crystal lifted her feet one at a time to the top of my chest, letting me gaze along her leg and into her pussy as she slowly slid the sheer material of her stockings down the distance of her elegant legs.


     This girl was torturing me by giving me a wide open gaze into her magnificent cunt and not letting me cum.
When she was completely naked, Crystal stood up and took a few small steps back to position herself directly over my dick, which pointed straight at her steamy depths.   Slowly she lowered herself onto my pressured cock.   Even at my new length I slid right into her hole, which was well lubricated from her orgasm.  
Slowly Crystal lowered herself until she was practically sitting on my balls, all of my dick inside of her.   She wiggled her butt, grinding her pussy against the base of my dick and my mouth dropped as once again my cum started flowing into my cock, though a drop never left my body.   Crystal quickened her pace and was soon pounding herself on my engorged member, her short breaths coming with each thrust.
Meanwhile, Kendra had slipped off her panties and walked over to me.   She slowly raised one stocking-covered leg over my head and lowered it on the other side of the bench.   I looked up to find myself staring at a shaved pussy which glistened, even in the faint light.   The edges of Kendra’s pussy were extremely puffy as a clear liquid slowly dribbled out of her and ran down her leg.   Kendra’s hands began sternly rubbing her breasts and her eyes closed as she was clearly enjoying stimulating her own arousal.
As Crystal continued pounding on my aching dick, slowly my hand crept up to touch Kendra’s thigh where her nectar had begun to flow.   My fingers wiped some of her wetness and then came to my mouth, where my tongue licked off her juices.   I was confronted with a taste even better than that of Crystal ’s breasts, and eagerly hungered for more.


Kendra made my hand reach up again and start to rub the front of her cunt, her body quivering at my touch.   Then slowly two of my fingers penetrated her swollen pussy, working their way around inside of her.   I could hear Kendra groaning as she made me insert a third finger, and then a fourth, and start working my way in and out of her sex.   Soon she moved my thumb directly to her inflamed clit, where I began flicking her soft-spot back and forth.
As I continued to work her pussy, Kendra’s strength began to fail her, and more of her weight was being put on my hand, which she kept under her, supporting her stunning body.   Soon her cum began trickling down my arm to my elbow before dripping to the floor.   Her body began to shake, and as Kendra began to come to orgasm, I felt Crystal bear down on my dick, slamming all of her bodyweight onto my throbbing cock, and yet still I did not cum.   I put more and more force onto Kendra’s pussy and her muscles clenched my hand, trying to suck it into her.   In a similar fashion, Crystal ’s cunt gripped the bottom of my dick and began squeezing with a strength that made my dick go numb.   Her pussy milked my prostate, forcing all my available semen further and further into my dick, pushing against the tip which had somehow been plugged.
I began to scream at the top of my lungs as the pain radiating from my groin became unbearable.   Kendra and Crystal paid me no mind, however, as they experienced orgasm after orgasm, showing me again and again what I longed to do myself, and they soaked my crotch and my arm in the process.
As the girls’ orgasms began to subside, a fog-like air strangely crept into the elevator.   Suddenly the dark silhouette of a female appeared in the fog.   As the smoke cleared, I saw a woman, perhaps the age of 27, standing dressed in black leather high-heal boots which stretched along the outside of her legs up to her garter, which she wore without any panties, her clear-shaven pussy very visible.

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     She also wore a black leather bikini-style bra, which was pulled beneath her two plump, round, luscious breasts.   Her black hair and olive skin matched her attire, and she began to walk towards the three of us, my hand still gently working Kendra’s pussy, and Crystal still gently gyrating on my dick.
The mysterious and alluring woman first walked over to Crystal .   “Mother,” Crystal groaned.
“My girls,” the woman answered, lifting Crystal off of my painful penis, which popped out of her cunt as she dismounted me.   The woman plunged her hand into Crystal ’s pussy, making Crystal jump, and began to lick her fingers.   “Is he ready?” she asked.
“He is prepared for you, Mother,” Kendra answered, slowly removing my hand from inside her, letting it fall to my chest in a puddle of her cum.
“Yes,” the woman hissed with approval as she spotted my swollen and painful dick.   Her hand lightly played over the shaft as I grit my teeth and groaned.
The woman turned and in a puff of smoke a high stool appeared beside the bench.   She sat on the stool, spreading her legs so her marvelous pussy rested on the round surface.    “Joseph,” she said looking over my body which was wet with the two teenagers’ juices.   “I am Kylie, an ageless goddess of young sirens, among whom you have already met my daughters, Kendra and Crystal.   It was when you first heard their voices, even as softly as whispers, that you were put under their spell.

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     They exist for my pleasure, to lore men such as yourself into the position that you now find yourself in, painful as it may be. ”
Kylie slid off the stood, her pussy trailing along the top, and she came to kneel beside my head, looking into my eyes, and starting to massage her breasts which were only inches from my mouth.   “But I have good news for you,” she continued, a look of pity and empathy coming over her face.   “I am your release.   I am your fulfillment, and all of that sizzling hot semen trapped inside of you will be consumed by my body. ”   Kylie stood, putting her shaved cunt right above my head.   “My pussy will work you like you’ve never been worked before.   So get up,” she continued, “and start fucking the hell out of me. ”
All of my sexual energies burned for Kylie and the sweet release that she promised.   All of the sudden I felt that I had control of my body again.   I stood up, exercising the freewill which had been returned to me, and stepped aggressively toward Kylie, who backed up until she was against the wall.   I could feel her warm breath on my neck as we were only an inch apart, and I looked down at her.   Forcefully I kissed her, letting my mouth play over hers, sucking her lip and intertwining our tongues.
Slowly my dick drifted against her exposed pussy, making her sigh with pleasure as I felt a wetness leak onto my pulsing dick.   “Make me cum,” she whispered, “and your torments are over.

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  ”   I slowly but firmly slid my cock into her steamy sex.   My hips began trusting into Kylie in a steady rhythm, bringing forth “oohs” and “ahhs” from not only her but also both of her daughters watching us.
Soon my speed had increased, and my balls were slapping the underside of Kylie’s pussy as I fucked her harder and harder.   All of the sudden Kylie jumped onto me, wrapping her legs around my torso, the leather of her boots gripping my naked skin.   As I forced her harder and harder against the wall of the elevator, she pulverized my dick with her pussy, falling again and again upon my massive rod.   Kylie’s large breasts bounced against her frame as I pushed repeatedly into her depths.
All of the sudden Kylie started shrieking as I felt her fluids flow all around my dick.   Kylie’s cunt abruptly grabbed my dick, squeezing it several times and all at once my cum was released from its prison.   Again and again my steamy cum leapt from my cock only to be swallowed by Kylie’s body, which not only milked me but sucked at all of my semen which had been kept contained by her daughters’.   The experience was so intense that I began to fall to the floor, and soon I was laying on my back with Kylie on top of me, her pussy still devouring my semen.   Time after time, my body sent spurts of my cum into her as my vision started to fade and I blacked out.
When I came to, I was still laying on the floor of the elevator.   I opened my eyes, the lights above me sending pain through my head, though I couldn’t feel any other parts of my body.   In the quiet of the elevator I heard the smacking of lips and when I looked towards my feet, I saw a gorgeous, young, 16-year-old redhead kissing and licking my once-again erect penis.   Behind her stood Kylie, her cunt and thighs shimmering from her massive orgasms.

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     Kendra and Crystal each sat at her feet embracing one of her legs and desperately trying to lick the remaining nectar from her skin.
“Welcome back, Joseph,” Kylie cooed.   “It’s normal for our men to loose consciousness.   I just can’t seem to find any that can keep up. ”   She smiled.   “Oh, meet Fiona. ”   The redhead looked up at me, my cock buried in her mouth.   “I hope you feel some satisfaction in contributing to the number of my offspring.   She will continue to use your body to train herself in pleasing men, so that she might better serve me.   But don’t worry, she won’t get anything out of you.   I have drained you of all your seed, and you will not be able to cum for days, until your body replenishes itself.   In the meantime, Fiona will learn what stimulates you and gives you pleasure, using that knowledge in the future to allure men who are attracted to her assets.   I’m sure you’ll enjoy her education…if you can stay awake. ”
With that, my back involuntarily arched due to Fiona’s efforts, and my vision started to blur again.   Every nerve in my body was firing, alerting me to my still-intense state of arousal.

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     But soon this feeling also began to fade as Fiona sucked and slurped by cock and I blacked out again.
The next thing I heard was a the sound of metal on metal from the direction of the elevator door.   I looked around me to find myself clothed again, and propped up against the side of the elevator, my briefcase sitting beside me.
“Don’t worry buddy, we’ll have you out of there really quick,” I heard a masculine voice say on the other side of the doors.   “You’re lucky, only being trapped in there for 15 minutes before we could get to you.   The other guys were in there close to an hour. ”
Fifteen minutes?   I had to be in there longer than that!   Then the thought hit me: perhaps it was all just a dream.   An intense dream to be sure, but maybe I just fell asleep when the elevator lost power.   I concluded that this must have been what happened, and was more than happy to get out of the elevator and begin my day at the firm.
Yet I did find it strange that for the rest of the week I could not blow my load when my girlfriend and I had sex – that had never been a problem before.   She didn’t complain, however.   She said I seemed larger than ever, and I sent her through orgasms mightier than she had ever known.
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Batumi, a city on the Black Sea coast and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara in Georgia, is a vibrant hub of tourism, nightlife, and a unique blend of European and Asian cultures. Among the many attractions of Batumi, one cannot overlook the allure of the escort girls Batumi, who add a unique charm to this city's nightlife.

The escort girls of Batumi are admired for their distinct beauty, which is a captivating blend of exotic allure and classic elegance. Their features are often a mix of the diverse ethnicities that have intermingled in this region over centuries. Their beauty is not merely skin deep; these women are known for their intelligence, sophistication, and the ability to hold engaging conversations on a wide range of topics. This makes them the perfect companions for social events, business gatherings, or simply a quiet dinner at a high-end restaurant.

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The escort industry in Batumi is well-regulated and professional, ensuring the safety and privacy of both the clients and the escorts. Engaging in intimate activities with the escort girls Batumi is a matter of mutual consent, respect, and understanding. They are diligent about maintaining their health and hygiene, and clients are expected to reciprocate the same.
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The nightlife in Batumi is vibrant and varied, with something to cater to every taste. From bustling nightclubs, where one can dance the night away, to cozy wine bars offering a selection of Georgia's finest wines, the city never sleeps. The escort girls Batumi can be your guide to this exciting nightlife, introducing you to the best spots in the city.

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Batumi is also a city rich in culture and history, with numerous museums, art galleries, and architectural wonders to explore. The Batumi Boulevard, with its beautiful beach, the Alphabet Tower, the Batumi Botanical Garden, and the Piazza Square are just a few of the many attractions that this city offers. The escort girls Batumi can not only accompany you to these sites but can also provide insightful commentary, as many of them are well-versed in the city's history and culture.

In conclusion, Batumi is a city that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, historical richness, vibrant nightlife, and the exotic allure of the escort girls Batumi. Whether you are a tourist seeking to explore the city's attractions, or a businessman looking for a sophisticated companion, the escort girls Batumi can enhance your experience in this wonderful city.
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