Wolf's First Time


It was another normal evening outside, i could see through my bedroom window, there was little wind, and the stars had just started to show themselfs through the tree's. So i check the time, its like 6:30, and i decide its about time that i get going. I walk to my bedroom door, to make sure my dad wasnt around, then i run to the window, and climbed onto the tree outside, closing my window after me. I drop to the floor, my muscles are aching like usual by now, but i just ignore it, and run the block. By now it had gotten dark, must be around 7 i think, and so what if ive got cramp, and im feeling weird, got more important things to think about, see im thinking about this girl im dating, her name is Jessica, shes a real fireball, and she wants me to be her first.
   Now any guy who has ever been offered this opportunity, will know that they will do Anything to get the job done. Me included. See im not exactly the best looking guy in the world, ive got mousey brown hair, and dull brown eyes, and im really skinny, most guys are like beefed up by the time they get to my age, either that or they are just geeks, so here i am stuck in the middle, with no major sexual experience myself. So when i get this offer from Jessica, i cant help but get turned on at the thought alone.
  But then my dad tells me its the time of the month, and i cant go out. But dad, that totally sucks, see i cant tell him the truth, coz he will think im a little virgin boy, well he would be right, but hey, he doesnt need to know.
Anyway, so i decided i was gonna sneak out, easy. So here i am, on the way to pick her up, and give her a special night she, or i, will ever forget. But then as im crossing the street, just my luck, i notice this blaring sound, and this really bright light. Ouch. A car.

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So i hear these voices, but they are far away, and i cant see nothing. "Stupid dog run out right in front of my car". Some guy rants.  "But isnt he beautiful". a Female voice replies.  I think to myself, i aint no dumb dog. I try to tell them this, but no words come out, and i feel unconciousness fading back again. So it just comes, and i fade out, with the incessant whining of some poor creature nearby in my ears.
When i wake up again, its pitch black, and i can feel some soft or blanket over me, the whining has also stopped, i'm in some room somwhere, maybe a basement or something, but i notice one of the ground level windows is open. Thanks guys, but ive got a date, i think, so i start padding towards the window. . . . , wait padding ?, also whats the clicking sound when i walk ?, and why am i so low to the ground ? i notice a reflection on an old mirror in the corner, so i decide to have a look at myself. And man did i get the shock of my life.

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  Im not looking at my reflection, im looking at a, at a, i'm looking at a wolf. A powerfully built wolf by the looks of it too, with glossy white fur all over and. . . . wait, and a raging hard on. Wow i think to myself, is this me ?, i step closer to the reflection and confirm that it is me.
Nice i think to myself, looking at my manhood, i seem pleased to see myself. I laugh at this, but only pant in the mirror. Why not go see Jessica now ?, i ask myself, give her a nice warm fuzzy suprise. I step away from the mirror, still hardly believing what i saw with my own wolf eyes, i leap onto a box, and place my hands, wait, paws, onto the ledge and nose the window open, then i stuggle through, my powerful muscles contracting to push myself through the small gap. Finally im free.
To Jessica, i think, see her parents are away and so yeah, should be fun, i look up and notice the full moon, and notice that its low in the sky, must be about 4 hours after midnight, i say to myself, well not say, but think, then i stop, how the hell do i know that ?, I shake myself and carry on trotting slowly towards the familiar smell of Jessica's house, wait, the familiar smell of Jessicas house ?, i've never been there, god this is gonna take some getting used to.
Anywho the journey goes off without event, and luckily Jessica lives in a bungalow, so no breaking in without hands, i jump the garden gate, by god im powerful, i think to myself, then i trot around to the back of the house, where i know Jessica's room to be. I smile, good old Jessica, keeping her window open.


   It was a warm night, and like usual Jessica trusted the neighbourhood that we lived in, whereas i wouldnt trust it as far as i could throw it. Which is pretty hard concidering its a whole neighbourhood. Anyway.
I clear the window ledge in one leap and land on the middle of the floor, with a slight thud. Jessica, makes no sound. I walk around to the side of the bed, cursing my clicking toenails, and place my paws beside her face on the bed. Then looking over her, i feel the familiar arousal feeling that i get whenever i see her.
She looks so peaceful there, asleep on her bed, topless.
She moves in her sleep, and i freeze, so i dont wake her up. She rolls over onto her stomach, and i feel the deffinate feeling of a massive erection, as i see her bare body, in the moonlight.
Her lips were parted slightly, and her hand lay across her breasts, gently, i nudged the hand away, until it fell back. Her youthful breasts were fully rounded, her nipples were semi erect in the night air, their roundness so beautiful. I lean forward and lick gently one of the nipples, she stirs and mutters to herself in her sleep, but carried on sleeping. I carry on licking, making the nipple rise even more from its surrounding flesh, small moans escape her lips. I jump onto the bed softly, so i dont disturb her, and i carry on licking, now moving to the other nipple, slowly i work downwards, until i find the covers covering her bottom half, then i softly take them in my teeth, and pull them down lower, so her panty line is shown, past her knees, until the cover falls to the floor.

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This is when i get really turned on, she is sleeping in the total nude, not a stitch of clothing on, i stand over her so arounsed that i cannot do anything but stare. I lower slowly again, and start to lick at her mound, my tongue seeking inside its folds, caressing, and the muffled moans come from her lips again, telling me that shes enjoying it as much as i am. I step forward again and start on the nipples, as she arches her back, pressing her breasts lightly into my mouth, i nip them gently, with my sharp teeth, and lower my back end, ready to meet her.
She arches her back again as she feels my manhood on her stomach, and i back slowly until i feel it pressing against her delicious folds. I position myself so she makes the first move, and wait for the thrust upwards.
I dont have long to wait, heaving upwards again with ecstacy, she finds my engorged head, and thrusts it inside herself, she cries out softly in her sleep as i break her hymen, but she carries on sleeping.
I thrust inside her, again and again, filling her up, my thrusts matching hers, her cries out filling the room.
I picture the scene from outside eyes, a wolf fucking a teenage girl and i feel a new burst of arousal pass over me, my balls contract as i feel the ever present orgasm surfacing. I feel her clenching me, pulling me in deeper, as she feels the same thing happening to her, my insides seem to be on fire, the thrusting intensifies, deeper, deeper, she cries out into the dark night, as i thrust inside her one more time, and explode, my seed filling her up, her juices meeting mine in a lovers embrace, as my back legs give way and i collapse on her.
Her eyes flutter open, and she reaches out her hand to my head, stroking my hair, she speaks softly.
"That was amazing Jason"
I look up to her suprised.
"But im a wo. . . .

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  " I say, looking towards the window, a new dawn rising above the trees.
"Your a what ?" she asks looking at me.
"I, uh, i was a virgin" i mutter quickly, hoping it was cover enough.
"Well you could have fooled me" She replied with a smile.
Then laying in eachothers arms we fell asleep, lovers, united in a world of sexual fantasys.

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